Symptom of the frequency shift

Insinuated Anunnaki Delusions

Manipulated in ‘Belief Systems’

Past knowledge


The transition from 3D to the 5D world

The Dark Anunnaki Forces, which have enjoyed unrestricted freedom on the surface of planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, are now facing the Light Forces, Digital Soldiers and Patriots, who, thanks to great effort, are making progress to remove these negative forces from planet Earth as quickly as possible.


Negative forces made it impossible to break the isolation with positive initiatives. But that is now definitely over.


The sooner people wake up to the lies and deception, the better it is for all of us. Do not be modest; let it be a challenge for everyone to help each other reach our maximum potential. Our world is filled with an enormous amount of filth, lies, deceit, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, false images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.


The awakened who have now accumulated enough higher frequency energy, can further prepare themselves for the transition from the 3D to the 5D world, during the course of this year. If people think that this is a natural and automatic right, they are wrong. Not only is a positive attitude required, but the body must first be thoroughly cleansed of all the toxins that have accumulated over the years.

It is not easy for anyone to participate in this process, which has no end in sight for the time being. When liberation comes, it brings the long-awaited relief: in itself it cannot last too long. The wait is for the collapse of the debt system, which makes the cabal knights on foot. It is important to have faith in this Divine Plan! Don’t give up now, the worst is over.


Symptom of the frequency shift

The energetic adjustment, mainly of the physical body, has to be carried out, to change the carbon-based body into a crystalline one. Many souls have already made the plan for the necessary incarnation and have chosen not to go through this process, so that they dis-incarnate before the change takes place.


Others, however, have chosen to complete the transformation from material life to spiritual life; now that every symptom of the frequency shift is taking place, not only in themselves, but also in everything else on our Planet.


It does not make you sick. It is a series of symptoms that are actually closely related to the adjustment to the higher frequency that each person is experiencing. And that is what is happening now.


Everyone is undergoing this change, there is no escaping it. Even those who have not chosen to let their souls ascend during this incarnation. For them too, the day will come when they will feel the energetic vibrations contrary to their own.


Extraterrestrial Anunnaki beings have aided in the genetic manipulation of humanity, by detaching 10 of our 12 strands of DNA to limit our potential, which enslaved humanity for the elite. These disconnected chains, fortunately still present and intact, are qualified by scientists as junk DNA.


The energy that will be generated in the coming period for the opening of the 5D Portal will modify and cleanse the DNA of the physical body through thorough detoxification.


Various symptoms are already being experienced, such as pain and discomfort in the stomach and intestines; swollen belly; burning sensation in the stomach after meals; liver, gallbladder and bile problems; some kidney discomfort; transient diarrhoea; nausea and vomiting; extreme fatigue; sleep irregularities; and a few others, too numerous to mention here.


Most of these symptoms are related to digestion. Many people cannot eat certain foods that used to be pleasing to the palate. They arouse a certain aversion because the body does not accept them. The amount of food eaten, compared to before, is now beginning to weigh much heavier, so less is eaten.


The moment of the turning point is about to happen! Everything becomes more intense and lively. This process cannot wait! Those who are ready cannot wait either! From above and below, energies are penetrating the earth and coming together now. This is, for many centuries, the long-awaited moment. And with it, we are on our way to the new Earth!


Insinuated Anunnaki Delusions

The relationship with the invisible world is very complex, Gnostics consider the idea of Son of God as a delusion, insinuated into the human mind by an alien species of non-human entity or mental parasites called Archons, who apply the concept of Good versus Evil to ordinary people.


The point here is that the Anunnaki are not our creators, as the Illuminati would have us believe. They have manipulated us to use us as their slaves.


The true Hidden Masters, contrary to what is said in popular culture, are benevolent aliens, not those from the dark side. The good ones have no need to direct and control our lives. That goes against the universal laws.


However, the dark elites try to rise above these laws, they act as the guardians of the material world, that is, they are the Archons, who are the most dangerous intra-psychic mind-parasites, just like most of their Islamic counterparts, who are used by the occult upper class and the intelligence services to deceive and influence us humans.


These aliens would love to have our DNA arsenal for our creative ability and versatility. They envy us our creativity, which makes us immortal. As the Bible says, we are created in the image of our Creator. When Jesus performed miracles He said,


“and you can do these things too”.



Manipulated in ‘Belief Systems’

In short, we live in a world of lies and deception, manipulated in fake ‘belief systems’. But, now we are migrating to the ‘Knowledge System‘ that will become our revelation.


The satanic Vatican created over 6000 false religions to control peoples through fear of death and hell among other things, which are pertinent lies. There is no hell, except the one we are living in now.


Extraterrestrials are hyper-dimensional beings. They are hidden behind the veil of our perception. They can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to Earth, they have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, protected by their interdimensional reality that we cannot perceive because of our manipulated DNA.


The veil that imprisons our souls on this planet is being lifted through the process of reincarnation, to free humanity, and to develop as the Creator has always intended for us.


‘Alien technology’ is coming to us, which will repair all that is wrong on earth and keep us young and healthy. Then we learn about technologies, like healing machines that are already in use. Of which it is said: “that they can keep us young and alive as long as we want. That could be up to about 1000 years before a new race reaches the next level”.


In their obsession with questions such as “When will the unveiling come”, most people rarely ask more useful questions about what might happen next. Some of the most fascinating developments to come relate to science and technology. What scientific knowledge might aliens possess, what technology might develop from this knowledge, and what might happen when we gain access to such technologies? Nick Pope uses his insider knowledge to explore some real-world changing possibilities.


Knowledge from the past

When consciousness has reached its highest levels, which will not be long now, every incarnated soul that is ready for ascension will gradually be able to remember every past life. And remember that in each of those lives, a different character lived. In one life it was a murderer, and in another it was a victim. In one life it was a thief, in another it was robbed.


At one time you were rich, at another time you were a miserable poor creature. You were wise in one existence, and a fool in the next. In short, everything of which we can have any notion has in fact been experienced in the past.


When everything is understood, there are no more lessons to be learned, and this school of learning belongs to the past. However, it is not enough just to have experienced it, it is necessary to have learned the lessons and to understand the duality of it, that is, both in the condition of the Good Guy and the Bad Guy. That is what is called duality, or polarity.


Clearly understanding how the rules are in this School of Duality on a Third Dimension Planet will lessen the impact or shock that many will feel when cardinal events lift the veils. The memory of our actions in what we consider evil may not be pleasant at all to those who have not understood that it is all a re-awakening, so that the incarnated soul fractal can learn the lessons taught in this Earth School.


A consciousness that is ready to reach 5D will remember the past. It will have remembered every detail and every lesson. It will have understood that they were not mistakes, but that every situation was a lesson. There will be no regrets and no guilt. Instead, in a sense, a certain pride in yourself will arise because you will appreciate the achievement and the performance in each incarnation, even in the case where you played the role of the bad element.


The end of the teaching programme in this Soul School is in sight. It is the end of a Cycle that is being closed, to begin a New Age. The world of reconciliation and trials is closing; a world of rebirth is about to begin. The long-awaited Golden Age is already announcing its dawn. The announced New Age, finally appears on the horizon.


This is a moment of joy and glory; it is the reward for those who have earned it.

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