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Illusion Deceives

Waiting for the Awakening of the Masses Feelings in the Fifth Dimension The Highest Vibrational Object on Earth     Waiting for the Awakening of the Masses Even though it seems that no solution is coming in the current situation,… Continue Reading →

Shocking Facts Exposed

Personal Ascension Examination Beyond the Horizon Unconditional Love, Harmony and Respect     The True Truth is Being Told Reports of what is about to happen become the biggest news story of all time, the history of humanity on planet… Continue Reading →

No Deep State Criminal will Escape

The last lesson of the ancient third dimension Extraterrestrials are thousands of years ahead of us in knowledge and technologies   Mass awakening will bring the reversal The foundation of the new 5D world is based on gratitude, joy and… Continue Reading →

Planet Earth requires restructuring and new way of thinking

The Great Milestone for Humanity is the Year 2022     Ability is the only limit If your question is, what is wrong on Earth right now? Is the answer, everything, from food, agriculture, language, education, health, technology, science, sports,… Continue Reading →

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