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Tesla Technology History and Future

‘Off’- world’ Technology Nicola Tesla is the greatest inventor in human history Nikola Tesla Patents    ‘Off – world’ Technology The veil holding our souls captive on this planet, through the reincarnation process, will be lifted to free humanity, and… Continue Reading →

The Breakthrough Arrives

All Ruling Powers Removed Perpetual Public Debt Anunnaki’s Material Evolution Change of Course A new financial system awaits us    All Ruling Powers Removed Planet Earth has arrived at the most important crossroad in civilisation. With the aim of enriching… Continue Reading →

The Origin of Man

Need for New Reliable Model of Origin Why don’t we know anything more about our Past? The Antediluvian World Extraterrestrial Oppressors The Anunnaki and their planet Nibiru The Creation of Man   Need for New Reliable Model of Origin The… Continue Reading →

Biggest Change of All Time

Alien Spaceships around planet Earth 2023 Removal of World Leaders Medium for frequency healing Perpetual Fountain of Youth   Alien Spaceships around planet Earth 2023 will be the year of our liberation from debt bondage. Behind the scenes, we are… Continue Reading →

How the Earth is Changing

How Earth’s Exiles Leave The Disclosure The relationship with the invisible world is very complex, because the Gnostics consider the idea of the Son of God to be a delusion, insinuated into the human mind by an alien species of… Continue Reading →

The true history of humanity – Part 1/3

Galactic Federation of Dark Powers Golden Age of Atlantis Pleiadeans’ true story of humanity     Cosmological facts About 450,000 years ago, a group of humanoid aliens arrived on planet Earth by spaceship. They came from a planet about three… Continue Reading →

Global Mafia Ring is broken up

The great solar flare is coming   Message from the Supreme Council of Pléiadiens Final Wakeup Call articles are thoroughly researched, and written in understandable language, but not promoted. The truth presented is only recognised, understood and disseminated by the… Continue Reading →

High Treason

Politics has free rein Bush/Clinton family criminal syndicate The world undergoes a gigantic change Time Capsule Found   Government tells what is allowed Fortunately, by now, more people are waking up and realising that enough insight is being gained regarding… Continue Reading →

Planet Earth is a Round Ball

Encounter with a lost civilisation in Antarctica The Dark Era Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Earth Hypothesis   Historical Truth Readers who still believe the Earth is flat are advised to read this article, which presents scientific and historical truth.  … Continue Reading →

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