Our transformation has now begun


Message from Vital Frosi

Received and edited by Peter B. Meyer – 3 November 2021


For this final stage of Change, we have entered an unchanging timeline; The ancient Armageddon prophecies will not happen! We are going to experience incredible times. However, there is still one major obstacle that undoubtedly concerns the fate of mankind itself; The most decisive moment for humanity on planet Earth is nowadays. There will be two well-defined Timelines: one will lead part of humanity to the New Earth; and the other timeline will lead the other part into exile.


Only one third of humanity will be able to make and complete the ascension necessary for this transition; the other part will not. In the end we will have a New Cycle and a New Earth. No authority is superior to our free will and choices. Everyone will be his own judge. No one will interfere with another’s individual preferences.


The Light has won where everyone creates their own reality. The fate of mankind is now decided. Because of the separation of the wheat from the chaff, only 5 Dimensional beings will go on to this New Earth. It is expected that everything will be completed, cleared and settled between 2025 and 2030.



Loved ones!


The long-awaited times have finally arrived! Although it is not yet as visible as everyone would like, everything is sealed in the Earth Timeline. Many millennia have passed! Likewise many eras have passed aw well! Hundreds of successive incarnations! And you are now here to be part of this great phenomenon; the conversion of Planet Earth! Apart from this great event, which is the most important one in the Galaxy, it will still stand or fall with the ascension of a part of humanity. Glorious times are ahead, and nothing can stop what is coming!


Earth is the planetary home of billions of Spirits, who have become accustomed to live in a world of duality, and at the furthest point away from the Source of Life. That negative experiment is ending now. At least 1/3 of the currently incarnated humanity is able to make their ascension. This means for them that all the lessons have been learned. The Plans from Above are infallible, although, as a collective, humanity can still determine part of the programme and part of the lessons they wish to learn.


These are in fact individual and collective choices within the rules determined by each person’s free will. Such choices are respected by the Divine Laws, since learning is always individual. The time required and the manner in which each will undertake this journey is a one-off event, and is therefore respected.


Although, each embodied soul can choose the paths in the third dimensional world, on this long journey, some rules cannot be crossed, especially when they affect the free will of others. And that is what we will talk about in this article.


As a planetary destination, Project Earth Command has determined the timeline for this final leg of the Transition. The Timeline that predicted the most terrible thing, the Armageddon, has been scrapped. A New Timeline was been created in 2010 and the Transition will be as light and fluid as possible. This timeline is final! Nothing and no one within the delimitation of the Galaxy can change this timeline.


That will make everything much simpler! The old Armageddon predictions will not happen! Animals, plants, and nature in general will undergo little to no necessary changes. Certainly there will be some timely weather events, but that has always been the case.


The great obstacle that remains is undoubtedly the fate of mankind. As the Earth transits from a world of trials and penances to a world of regeneration, most of the incarnated souls are not yet ready to inhabit the New Earth. They have not yet reached the higher frequency of the Fifth Dimension, so they must be exiled to Worlds that match their vibration.


From now on, everything will happen very quickly and intensely! There is no more time to lose. As some Angelic Helpers say, “the time is short”! And this is true! Ashtar Sheran himself told us already in 2019 that we would experience incredible times, because what used to take centuries can now be achieved only in months or weeks. It will not be long before everyone will be able to confirm these statements.


Within the current timeline of the Earth Change, you are experiencing all of the final events that will determine the fate of humanity. Therefore, two new timelines have been created, each of which affects only the embodied souls. They will not interfere with the rest of nature. They will each accommodate that part of humanity that ascends and the other part that prefers not to do.


The incarnates who are on Earth today have therefore their individual choices. No outside interference can influence the choice. Indeed, today the most decisive moment for humanity on Earth has arrived. In a short period of time, everything here will surely be well-arranged. We will finally have a New Cycle and a New Earth. Your heirs will then be able to know the true Garden of Eden.


Each incarnate has a last chance to make or break his/her ascension. Remember that no one is dependent on something that is not in the human being. It is simple enough that you desire and possess the vibration and frequency of the New Earth. This is wonderful! We are not dependent on governments, judges, religions, in short, no authority is superior to our free will and choices. No one can claim that there is an obstacle. No excuse will serve to justify anyone’s failure.


Choose the Ascension line in which you can vibrate with energies that uplift you. Where you begin to feel truly whole. Where cooperation is more important than competition. Where you care for others, understand them, help them, respect them and see them as an extension of yourself. Where you care for every element in nature, do your duty to preserve it, have care and responsibility. This includes everything from the water you use, to the waste you produce, to the street you live on, the land around your house, to the garden you maintain, the road you use, the food you consume, to the many ways of life. If you always seek the necessary harmony within, you are building your New Earth timeline.


If you do not follow these principles, you are clearly joining the Timeline that will lead you into exile, i.e. the World without Atonement with Tribulation. There will be no third way! Not now! But there is still a little time! Little, admittedly, but there is no reason to despair, it all depends on yourself.


Take care of your vibration, based on the love you have for life! You will create your Timeline, even if you do not want to. It is not the will that will do this, but the frequency that you generate. This goes automatically and neither I nor anyone else can stop you from following it, because your vibration will make sure that you achieve this.


Take care of your thoughts, beliefs and attitude. When you want something for others, that is exactly what draws you to yourself. The desire for social chaos for personal gain will inevitably lead you to the Timeline that will bring you into a reality where chaos will envelop you.


Whatever you choose, whether it is a promising future or a difficult time, what awaits you will inevitably be what awaits you. When someone says that evil is winning, it is this reality that they will experience. But when someone says that the Light has won, that is exactly what will present itself in the days ahead.


Everyone is now in the time and position to co-create. It does not matter whether it is good or bad, but everyone is creating their own reality. This is what justifies the separation of the chaff from the wheat, because the chaff creates more chaff and again. And that can no longer co-exist with the wheat, as these energies will be in conflict in 5D.


The fate of humanity will be decided now. No more waiting! Everything will be very intense! We expect everything to be settled between 2025 and 2030. But, there will be no judges; and no courts. We will see that yes, everyone is his own judge. No one will interfere with the individual choices of others.


There will be two well-defined Timelines: one will lead a part of humanity to the New Earth; and the second will lead the other part into exile, because the untapped potential is still there.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is to bring the Light!



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