The Pleiadeans have made contact

Message transmission from, Anjos e Luz Terepias,
Received and edited by Peter B. Meyer – 31 October 2021


Many people will be stunned to discover that they are not alone in the Universe. The diversity that exists between us proves amazing to extraterrestrials. From the Pleiadiani side, meeting us is also frightening, because they do not know how we will react to their arrival. Remember, we are the result of universal racial mixing. They will make efforts to meet personally with each one of us who respects them.

They have come because we have asked for help to gain our freedom. Soon they will be here to help us. They will welcome us with a feast. The denouement can begin at any moment. And well, when it is least expected, they will be here.


Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth!

I am Kalighal, commander of the Pleiadean spacecraft. I have been away for a while, but I have not disappeared, nor will I soon. We are reorganising ourselves to receive you. It is as if a big party is being planned on our spaceships, for our introduction, for you to get acquainted with us.


We are slightly different from you. We have a humanoid aspect, yes, but we are not quite the same. We want to make as little impact as possible, and present ourselves in a perfectly groomed and elegant manner. We understand that you still value outward appearances; we understand that this is a lesson that must be learned over time, where you will see so many different, so many different ways; but that in time you will learn to love and respect us; understand that you are just another kind of human in the universe, and you are not the only ones.


The confirmation that you are not alone in the universe will leave many people disappointed, it will bewilder many people, because they will come to realise that they are not as important as their egos think; they will learn in time to accept and respect the difference.


Father/Mother God is wise enough that even among you, where the physical structure is the same for all, the outward appearance is totally different. You will find that we and the other Galactic brothers and sisters are not so different; we may have differences in height, in the appearance of the face, but otherwise we are all the same.


The diversity that exists between you is amazing. Why did it have to be like this? Because this is a great lesson that you have to learn. Unfortunately, the vast majority have not yet understood this. They do see the difference in skin colour, shape, way of life, and see them as strangers, as enemies to be enslaved and slaughtered. There is still a large minority of you who think this way.


Why large minority? Because it is not a small minority, it is a very large proportion of the population. So when you realise that you are just another species in the Universe, the egos will scream, kick, argue, and not accept that your race is not superior, and that you are not the only ones in the Universe.


This will be such a shock to many of you that they may not survive it. No, I am not exaggerating. The sense of superiority is a very serious impediment to the minds of some of you; and losing it is unacceptable, it is not an option. But it was precisely through the wisdom of Father/Mother God that this planet was populated, by a great mixture of different alien races.


And now you are the ones who have emerged from this racial mixture. Has this lesson been learned? I would say no, for you still discriminate, you still do not accept your own brothers and sisters. So you should know how difficult it will be for us to be accepted on your planet, us and all the others. Because we are not all the same, each race that is on this planet has its own characteristics. So if you discriminate against your own kind because they are different, imagine what you will do to us.


Do not think that for many of us this will be easy on this planet. But, you are already living together with us, and already have contact with us; nevertheless, the first physically visible contact will not be easy. And I do not want to be a liar when I say that it will not be easy for us either. To be in contact with you from a distance is safe for us and for you. Being there, face to face, as you put it, so close that we can feel each other’s breath, will be a moment of great energy for you and for us. We have not had contact with the Third Dimension for a long time. So we are doing many exercises so that we can land on the surface of your planet without wasting our energy.


We won’t be able to stay long, because our bodies can’t take it. But let us say that a small team from each race that is here will land on your planet, and they are the ones being prepared so that they can be with you on the surface of the Earth in the Third Dimension, without their energies being affected. It is not easy for us. I can tell you that I will be accompanying a large team, and introducing myself to you.


To say that there is no concern on our part would also be a lie. We are experiencing moments that we have not experienced for a long time, these are feelings, which I can say, are even new to us. It’s a mixture of everything, fear, bewilderment… unease… no one can threaten our safety. We will know where and when and how to land on your planet. We will never come down in the middle of a city because we might get killed.


No, do not think otherwise. Everything you have learned in your films, in your stories. we are invaders, we are the ones who have come to destroy your planet. That is why we would never want to land in a city; only to receive, at the most, a few commanders chosen for this operation. We are not naive, we know what to expect from you. And rest assured, we will not be unprotected, but we will never do anything to hurt you, we will only protect ourselves, until the first shock has been absorbed by the population of the planet.


If everyone knows for sure that we exist and that we have been here for a long time, yes, we can appear anywhere; taking you with us on our spaceships. And I am sure that many of you will be queuing up to visit us on our spaceships. But all this will take a while. Until all this new knowledge is processed by you.


Soon, very soon; we will be with you. To present ourselves to you physically is an honour for us, it is a moment of great joy, because we are aware of the kind hearts we have created on this planet. We will endeavour to meet personally with each one of you who respects us now. We do not know the way yet, but be assured that we will do it somewhere. Your planet is very big, we will need a guidebook so that we can get to know everyone. But it will take time, there is no rush, we have no date to leave, we will stay here for a long time.


Then we will have enough time to visit every point on planet Earth, if only to meet one single being who has accepted and loved us in that place. We will then pay our visit to this one being. No problem for us. We do not want a large audience, we want friends; with each one of you trying to contact us now, we know exactly who and where you are. So wait for our visit.


Unfortunately we cannot say that we will come to your house, that would be too risky for us. But we will certainly be in a place where you can visit us in person and we will be there, waiting as long as necessary.


Be assured. Our love for you is immense and we want to preserve this friendship, which has come from this great process, for ever and ever. Of course, you will continue to find out and guess when this will happen. We can say that there is no definite date, because it depends on certain actions on the Earth’s surface. But we can say that if right now the great Commander Sananda were to say to us, “Come down,” we would be ready. It will not be an unbridled rush to comply with his request. We are ready, just in time to put on our shoes. A little humour won’t hurt, and we would be there almost immediately. So we are just waiting for an order, or rather a request, from Sananda, our great commander.


I tell you that we will act as beautifully and elegantly as possible. Our house, which is now our spaceship, is decorated, adorned, clean, fragrant, to welcome you there; at least those who have the courage to enter. But I believe that we will be able to receive you…. I can’t say with a nicely set table full of sweets, as you are used to, but certainly, we will welcome you with a feast. And what we are going to serve you to eat will be something unforgettable. It will have a very special taste, it will have the taste of friendship, the taste of love and the taste of your great victory in this huge process.


You asked for it, the human race asked for help, for freedom, and Sananda listened to you. And now you are one step closer to the realisation of another totally free race in this universe. Wait a little longer. Effectively, a long time ago this would have been a long time, but now, I can say that…. no, I can’t give any predictions, because it’s not up to us; but it is certain, that everything is moving forward with great strides, and the denouement can happen at any moment. And well, at the moment least expected, we will be with you. Trust in us. Everyone who wants it, keep trying to get in touch with us. We are responsible for the light reaching this planet.


Your consciousness is opening, most of the blockages have already been removed. So just ask us wholeheartedly: “Pleiadeans Brothers, make contact with me!” And rest assured, we will do it.


By way of a complete explanation: our liberation process has already progressed so far that a return to the old way is no longer possible. Everything has been done to seal the turnaround once and for all. Be patient and trustful, support this process with positive thoughts. Attached is a video with the very last details of this operation. The big moment is in November.



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