The Lightworkers have beamed their light to planet Earth


For FWC Edited by Peter B. Meyer – 24 October 2021


The Planetary Crown called Chakra is Opening

Message from Archangel Michael carried by Love


“A message directly from the Pleiadeans of hope and love from the Starseed to planet Earth”



Throughout the centuries, the Pleiadeans have always been a guiding light for the beings on planet Earth, bringing clarity and hope to our world!


The following information is derived from direct, decoded etheric transmissions from the Well-meaning Lightworkers who have been docked in the Earth’s solar system. Some details come directly from members of the Earth Alliance, known as the Great White Brotherhood.


An important fact;

The most recent stream of information from the Earth Alliance came in about 14 Earth days ago and included the word Crown – relating to the word Chakra – in its numerous applications.


All of this information is specially coded to be literally applied to each reader’s life situation, as if it were written specifically for each person! From this point on, you have to be tuned into the right frequency to be able to decode the data for yourself, creating a much greater awareness of what is going on!


We simply say, let everything that comes flow through you and translate it for yourself!

We assure you that all the answers to your questions will be given, and they will be the right answers!



Beginning of Transmission….


Noble friend;

Towards the end of year 2018, the light forces in Earth’s solar system deployed an all-encompassing planetary liberation operation, which was named “Operation Freedom Earth“. In the first few hours of this incredible galactic operation, special delta security forces destroyed and removed a large artificial screen called the Dyson Sphere from Earth’s solar system that literally blocked all access to the 5th Dimension!


Another special mission of the Light Forces, called Operation Masterpiece, consisted of deflecting large amounts of high vibrating gamma light from the galactic core, from Earth’s sun, to the surface of planet Earth, for the purpose of activating strands 4 and 5 of Earth’s dormant Starseed DNA. The purpose of this mission was to raise the atomic vibrational resonance of the Starseed DNA so that you will be able to consciously perceive the 5th Dimensional level!


There was an important real news event that took place at the beginning of operation “masterpiece” where every solar observatory on Earth took very clear and detailed pictures + video recordings of the Light Forces’ spaceships carrying out this particular light-deflection operation in the vicinity of the Sun. The Light Forces have been 100% successful in removing the radiation of this light towards Earth during the last three Earth years with every firm beam of cosmic light coming from the galactic core that has been measured, recorded and documented to date by the Earth Alliance as well as by all cosmic agencies on Earth.


While the benevolent Galactics in our solar system did the technical work to help raise the vibration of the Earth; bringing the light to Earth was only half the battle! This high frequency scalar light had to be anchored into the crystalline grid of planet Earth so that it could be stored on Earth for the purpose of raising the consciousness level of all beings on Earth.


The only practical way to achieve this was for the light forces already living on Earth to use their bodies themselves as receivers and storehouses of the light, holding large amounts of cosmic light in their bodies and then anchoring this light in the Earth’s grid!


The new 5D light grid on the Earth’s surface is emitting a scalar light wave that is tuned to the Hertz frequency of the 4th and 5th strands of DNA! Confirmed by recent Earth Alliance information!


The story of two timelines

A timeline only comes into being when the one who observes it, records it or reveals it! Simply put, a timeline is a revealed physical observation! Some might call it a manifested reality, but reality is a strong word! Perceived reality describes it better!


A timeline is the only production of perception and perceived content that is the result of the vibration frequency of the observer! A timeline is a manifestation of a pure quantum physical process while this manifested perception actually resonates at a precise frequency. The frequency of a timeline falls within the frequency range of a dimension. With this everything is said;


There are two very different and distinct timelines (realities/vibrations/dimensions) occurring on planet earth at the moment: The other is the (artificial) 3D mind matrix timeline: with 7.8 MHz vibration. Which has dominated the Earth-DNA vibration for the last 400,000 years. Low negative, hard vibrations, are poisonous for the Starseeds! The 3D Matrix does not include Nature or anything natural in that regard – Nature is exclusively 5D!


The new 5D gamma timeline

5D resonates between 40-100 Hertz in the gamma state of consciousness. Through, Ecstasy, Celestial, i.e. a perfect state that manifests energies of love, peace, joy, abundance, health, and freedom.


Pleiadean mechanics of multi-dimensionality

Every being exists in all 12 Dimensions right here, right now! This is the first proof of multi-dimensionality. Since you always exist in all dimensions, you cannot leave a Dimension like leaving 3D to go to 5D. Dimensions exist in the same time-space: 3D and 5D both exist now and here!


As mentioned before, you already exist in both, but one is usually more aware of the dimension one resonates with the most! It is possible to be fully conscious, even aware in two or more dimensions. This level of multi-dimensionality is very advanced, and it will happen to you in time!


What actually happens before one can reach the level of conscious mastery? The dimension in which you resonate the most becomes dominant in perception to the point where the others no longer seem to exist, but in reality they are still there!


Powerful energies have now ensured that the 2nd gamma timeline has become stable on the Earth’s surface for the first time on planet Earth. So, two fully accessible timelines are accessible on the surface, for the very first time! Great!


Now that we have discussed the two timelines on Earth, let’s talk about the beings on the surface. Remember, consciousness creates the timeline and this happens first of all through resonance, but above all through choice.


Under the laws of universal quantum physics, the being or observer must choose a reality by tuning into its vibration. Also, the only thing one Dimension has in common with another is being in the same time-space. The being or consciousness is the only thing that is a variable here. Consciousness is the variable because its frequency can change.


With that said, it is very important to understand this primary principle of vibration and frequency: In this universe, things that vibrate at different frequencies are in the strongest possible opposition to each other! The old 3D matrix still resonates at 7.8 Hertz.


For an Earth-Star Being as a result of the recent evolution of your consciousness, your new personal atomic vibration is somewhere in the range of 21 to 40 Hertz. This is the 4th dimension and if you resonate closer to 40 Hertz, you are about to fully transition into 5D. When you have realised that, you have lost almost all resonance with the lower timeline!


In the 3D-truth; even things that seemed so wonderful a year or two ago, don’t seem so wonderful now! Your being definitely no longer resonates with the lower vibration of the 3D matrix and this is what is supposed to happen when you evolve and ascend!


If this is the case in your evolution, then that old timeline will now naturally seem very repulsive to you and you will seriously try to get away from it to go to something higher and better! Do you understand, my friend? The dimensions have not changed or even split, they have remained constant. You are the one who has changed!


Another important strand of your DNA has been activated! Your consciousness has evolved dramatically over the last few Earth years and you are ready to move to the next level! Whether you have been fully aware of it or not up to this point, you have recently moved up dramatically. The first question we hear at this time is, “Will things ever get back to normal?”


Here’s the catch; The old normal for you, even the comfortable, is now completely out of resonance with your being and it will move away from you, according to the laws of the universe! What we mean is, if you are ascended to near 5D and you are not moving forward to the next level and you choose to go backwards on the vibrational ladder and not make progress, or you choose to face the change presented with resistance and fear, it will not go so well and you will eventually turn around and go back either up or down quickly!


Out of years of habit, comfort, survival anxiety and 3D matrix programming, the first inclination is to try to move forward, doing things in the old ways you are used to! There is no comfort in trying to return to what was in fact the opposite of comfort because one is totally out of this vibrational adjustment!


 The good news is that within the change that is occurring to you now, there is a new level of comfort that goes far beyond what you have been used to. It is just waiting for you and there is so much more, but the Pleiadeans have said, get to it quickly, for there is something more, so you all need to pay attention. Something far, far greater than you can imagine demands that you move further up the ascension ladder now! Also, a higher level of mastery is required for you to pass through the gateway to Heaven!


Pay most attention to what comes next;

Assuming that your consciousness has now evolved to a level close to 5D and that the 3D matrix no longer resonates with you, and finally, that the 5D grid is indeed accessible from Earth at this time; there is only one final universal requirement for 5D access:


Dimensions are quantum locked to keep everything in place, so you will need some kind of quantum password or key to get through the gate to 5D! Before we give you this key, specific exit and entry parameters must be established and ensured that everything is online and accurate to proceed with this dimensional transfer! You will literally be entering your light body vessel into the 5D entrance gate which is at the lower limit of the 5th Dimension. This 5 Dimensional entrance resonates at exactly 40 Hertz and is located in the barrier between 4 and 5D! This barrier is like a super galactic dimensional filter that will only let certain vibrations through! This border is called by the mystics the Veil or the Great Void or Gap!


The Doorway and the Key

It is Great! Something wonderful has happened! It happened about 14 days ago! You have finally done it! On your ascension journey and through the great work you have done, plus with a little help from the light, you have raised the energy in each of your seven body chakras, all the way to the top of your head, to the crown chakra!


What’s more, this crown chakra is now fully opened and within its secrets, lies ascension! The opening of this portal is so amazing that it defies all human knowledge! The mystics teach that when everything is ready, this crown chakra opens over a period of weeks and it is a profound experience when this happens.


When it first happens, one realises that the body, mind and emotions are in a state of shock for a while, until they find out what is actually happening! The Pleiadeans know very well that the entrance to the 5th Dimension is a magnetic gateway that travels through the portal of the Sun. In the ancient writings of Hindu mystics of Lemuria it says, “The Sun portal is the last door you will open on Earth!”


This is the crown of chakra they speak of and it is the passage to Heaven!


The White Brotherhood teachings say, that inside the Merkabah lightship at the dome is the crown door that is the entry point and point of existence of the soul, inside and outside the body!


The ancient scriptures go on to say, “And we shall travel through the Sahasrar door beyond the Sun, on to heavenly realms…” The crown chakra is the door to freedom, and it is your exit point from the 3D matrix up into the 5th Dimension.


Now let us return down to Earth… Where is the password or the secret key? How does this really work? Do I need to meditate?


Here is the Key, and the only Key to Unlock the Door

The universe has closed all doors to the lower realms for you now. That world is gone, but at the same time, during the last few months and weeks, the universe has shown you something new! This new thing is the new life and is very different, it may take some getting used to at first, because it is so unfamiliar. Within this new understanding that you may have resisted, or tried to push away, lies your escape to freedom and something far beyond the well-being you have ever known. The secret key and password to moving on this new higher timeline and into this new 5D reality is simply this:


You must show strong faith and courage, surrender and let go of the old and take the leap to the next level in the next dimension!


The level of faith and courage now required of you is one level higher than what you have used before! To travel through the crown portal to the 5th Dimension you must simply surrender and not try to hold on to lower concepts that are gone, have faith that the universe is going to make an awesome passage for you soon, and have the courage to embrace this change and simply jump on to make this quantum leap!


There is no other key to the higher realms than this and every great spiritualist who has travelled through the great void will tell you the same! You see, advanced spiritual concepts are always presented to you in a sober way, but you have to see the sign on the wall and take the right action when it appears in order to find the passage to freedom, joy, peace and all abundance!


What is the Universe showing you that you need to do right now?

Do you need to move to a new location? Do you need to change relationships? Do you need to change your job or profession? What major life change are you being called to right now?

The fear of going through this divine door is very understandable and every being experiences it! If you are able to see what has taken place within you and see what is happening around you, you will see that there is nothing to fear and that letting go and fully embracing the change that lies ahead is the right choice!


You have a timeline in place that you resonate with, but you have to align with it in order for everything to quickly make the vibration correction!


The divine energy of sasarara chakra from the Pleiadean masters

The ancient Hindu mystics teach that, “the sasarara means ‘thousand-pointed’ or ‘infinite chakra’.  The sasarara is located at the top of the head and is also known as the crown or corona chakra.  It is known as the doorway of the soul and connects to heavenly realms! It is the journey of the ascended master! This crown chakra only opens when all other chakras are fully open! It creates a strong connection with the supreme self.


The awakening of the crown chakra means a universal flow of energy and spiritual enlightenment. When the sasarara chakra door is activated, there is a delayed but very proud experience in consciousness.


It is literally the feeling of preparation to go from one world to another! It brings a strong emotion of letting go of the old but also joy of transformation. It is an awareness of profound change. It is said that when the time comes to open sasarara, a being moves out of the mortal realms and ascends to take its rightful place with the archangels!


The chakra energy portals that are within your light body are multidimensional doorways and travel paths to the 12 dimensions of this universe. Of course, keeping all light body chakra portals open and rotating in the correct direction requires a high level of spiritual practice and ritual.


All things that have a high vibration can be used to keep the chakras in optimal condition, including:


  • Being in nature every day
  • Practising daily meditations
  • Doing sacred prana breathwork
  • Listening to music with a high vibration
  • Creating art
  • Observing and understanding sacred geometry
  • Gaining higher and more ancient knowledge
  • Ingesting only raw light natural energy foods and pure water
  • Exposing your auric field to monatomic scalar crystal energy
  • Practicing healthy self-love and self-respect


Take a break from everything! Take a time-out, think it all through and you will come into balance! In this moment you have to be brave and trust the universe! Surrender and let go and just follow the path it shows you! That is the message! A big one!


As the light forces continue with well-intentioned missions of the Earth Liberation Project, and as the crown chakras of billions of star beings on Earth open, great transformations are taking place all over the Earth as everyone aligns with their resonance timeline!


What is coming for you is far greater than what you have known so far, so look for the signs, they are all around you! Just follow that path! It is time to sail ever higher, as we move closer to the 5th Dimension and to our Heaven on Earth!


Let us know if any new possibilities have appeared in your world recently and feel free to share how you feel about it! Also, let us know how you are doing on your great ascension journey.


Thank you all; for what you are doing, and for coming to Earth at this time to assist humanity! Divine Speed; Archangel Michael and the Pleiadeans


With special honour and recognition to the Earth Alliance, the Great White Brotherhood and the White Dragon Society.


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