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5th Dimension

The birth of the Galactic Federation part 1/3

The Pleiadiani Great Journey to Planet Earth! Royals of the combined would-be unified kingdom settled on the planet Nibiru     The Pleiadeans have made contact to return our freedom Many people will be stunned to discover that they are… Continue Reading →

Planet Earth Horrific Shape needs Purification

Our mother Earth is the most beautiful planet in the Universe Inspired by: Anjos e Luz Terapias for Exterrestrial Support   Originally, Planet Earth was created to be the most beautiful planet in the Universe, highly diverse and natural; as… Continue Reading →

Operation Liberation of Planet Earth by Pleiadean Light Forces

The Lightworkers have beamed their light to planet Earth   For FWC Edited by Peter B. Meyer – 24 October 2021   The Planetary Crown called Chakra is Opening Message from Archangel Michael carried by Love   “A message directly… Continue Reading →

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