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October 2021

The Pleiadeans come to planet Earth

The Pleiadeans have made contact Message transmission from, Anjos e Luz Terepias, Received and edited by Peter B. Meyer – 31 October 2021   Many people will be stunned to discover that they are not alone in the Universe. The… Continue Reading →


A New Era Begins Written by Vital Frosi, edited by Peter B. Meyer – 28 October 2021     The last phase of the Transition into the New Age. Everything is following the Higher Plan. There will be no pain… Continue Reading →

Stunning Truth about the Assassination of JFK

The 1963 assassination of President Kennedy Almost from the beginning, it was thought by many that the assassination of the popular young president was the result of a conspiracy, rather than an act by one individual, despite findings to the… Continue Reading →


For FWC-Channel, written by Vital Frosi edited by Peter B. Meyer – 25th of October, 2021     Angel Vital Frosi, tells us what is about to happen. How, terror and fear is caused in the consciousness. The 3D-mind cannot… Continue Reading →

Operation Liberation of Planet Earth by Pleiadean Light Forces

The Lightworkers have beamed their light to planet Earth   For FWC Edited by Peter B. Meyer – 24 October 2021   The Planetary Crown called Chakra is Opening Message from Archangel Michael carried by Love   “A message directly… Continue Reading →

Mind Boggling Historical Truth

The Papal Hierarchy Jesuitism is the most absolute kind of despotism The Knights of Malta and the Jesuits work together! Hegelian synthesis of Communism versus Capitalism The One Thing That Truly Matters The Jesuits are in control of most of the multinationals… Continue Reading →


Written by Antonella Renzullo and Werner Krcivoj Translated and edited by Peter B. Meyer   THE ELEMENT NEWTONIUM Let’s start by explaining Ether, because soon we will all benefit from Ether-based technologies.   Ether in its original version was present… Continue Reading →

The Banking system, is a gigantic criminal enterprise

No Survival of the US-Dollar Nature Always Wins to Let Gold and Silver be Money The upcoming economic Collapse The Global Reset   Only, the Free Market Defines the Value of Everything Today’s economy is a central bank economy and… Continue Reading →

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