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The Purpose of our Life is Consciousness

The Journey to Consciousness



Christmas Light

The process of transforming planet Earth and ourselves is making progress, which only the awakened perceive. The intention is to awaken more people. Meanwhile, the number of awakened people seeking to understand life has increased. It is observable in overall development, unfortunately the noise still drowns out the silent progress in the hearts of many.


Until the vast majority is awakened and stands up against the great injustice their government has done to them, the final breakthrough cannot happen. Remember; to ensure long-term peace, our freedom must be fought for from the bottom up.


Planet Earth is becoming a different world with new reality revealing itself step by step; It is imperative humanity stands up en masse and sets course for the Light visible at the end of the tunnel not to be diverted from its course.


Even though it seems that there is no way out of our current situation, where the Dark Forces seemingly still have the upper hand, the reality is clearly different. Their battle for planet Earth is definitely lost, we have won!


The energy for the final step in the breakthrough is building-up among the people and on a day no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full extent of all the lies will come to light and be seen by the masses. They will discover that they have been grandiosely conned by their own rulers.


The Purpose of our Life is Consciousness

The Deep State’s mission to every government, always and everywhere, is to enable the few to exploit the many. The debt money system is a clever way to achieve this. The modern world of Industry, Trade and Investment, operates on win-win software. Only government with its battles, wars, tax levies, and their ‘don’t do’ orders, and prohibitions, continues to operate on prehistoric programming. Namely; pluck the population bare as much as possible, without them rebelling.


Until the unconscious becomes conscious, that will control your life and you call it your destiny. – Carl Jung


If planet Earth introduces another Matrix system based on four main factors: Environment, Health, Food and Happiness, more jobs will be created to naturally restore and improve our world.


Use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few – Adolf Hitler


When people wake up and realise that the purpose of life is different from the applied government policies, which strip citizens bare to the bone, it is not understood that these policies could ever have produced any positive effect!


Be happy with your healthy life, forget the corrupt government because it soon is removed. Some say money can buy happiness, but money can only buy material things.


Real wealth comes from within e.g. by using real money, making real things and providing services, which is the opposite of debt. This needs no further explanation.

Everyone, accepts a gold coin as is. With no backstory or balance sheet statement. This is how real money works: it closes transactions. You accept payment and the account is settled.


The Deep State that cleverly manipulates us and has enslaved us through the money system cares less and less about whether or not we accept their carefully cultivated 5-senses 3D fake reality that forms the illusion in this world theatre.


The enslavers care less and less about the fact that in this theatre of illusion, the audience discovers the holes in the disintegrating landscape that was once considered real.


The house of cards is crumbling. As a result, more and more of us see the strings directing the government puppets, that is, the supposedly elected politicians: the woke observe how the puppeteers pull the strings, they are no longer hidden in the shadows as before.


Everything that comes to us at the right time and moment; is Cosmic Intelligence directing all movements in the infinite Universe.


From a cloud in our atmosphere to the movement of the Galaxy, is perfect organisation, permanently ordering and harmonising. Otherwise, billions of planets and stars could not follow their orbits without colliding with each other.


It is not yet realised or understood, that the human being is such a tiny being, so that it does not matter within the infinity of divine creation. The human body is a mini-universe. Our origin is in the Source, viz. a divine Seed atom. Thus, we humans are also atomic. But above all, we ourselves are consciousness.


When human consciousness rises; it promotes gradual and relative movement in this quadrant of the Universe. Often someone says they want to change the world. Of course, that world has to be planet Earth. Few know that this is possible, and that it is much easier than is thought.


Few understand; that to change the world, it is enough to change oneself. Others, however, want the world to change, but make no effort themselves.


Some important aspects are clarified at this time of Transition.


You have not incarnated at this time by chance. It has taken many millennia of preparation to be allowed to be here on Earth now, as part of the Transition of planet Earth from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension with the ascension of part of humanity.


You awake are here to perform your own ascension, and soon you will be an Ascended Master, as well as every previous Ascended Master before you.


You need to know this and, above all, believe it! You are much more than you think you are. Whereas before you were a small particle of your own consciousness, now that consciousness is rapidly increasing and new versions of yourself are taking over your material body. You are becoming a new consciousness.


Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi below informs humanity on Earth about the progress in the process of liberation mentioned above.




All the souls who were willing to experience and learn on this Planet Earth knew very well what the Divine Plan was for this Earthly humanity. They knew every situation they would encounter and they also knew all the steps they had to take in each incarnation. And above all, they knew that one day the apprenticeship would be concluded and their return home would be assured.

So, you who have incarnated here on this Planet are part of this group of souls who were given the unique opportunity to be here. It has been said before that only the brave souls accept such an experience, because Earth is one of the hardest soul schools in this Universe.


The divine plans are perfect. The consciousness of a soul incarnated here is so limited that there is no way to grasp the magnitude of such Plans. Only when the veils are fully lifted will it be able to see the dimension and proportion of everything. And that time of revelation has already begun.


Your consciousness is expanding rapidly now. You understand things today that you didn’t understand a year or more ago. The process of expansion has accelerated to such an extent that what used to take centuries now takes a few years or even a few months.


The process of consciousness expansion is not the same for everyone. It has also been said here that we are all on a ladder, and each is on the step that suits his frequency, that is, his ability to absorb the changes that are happening now. No one gets the chance for new knowledge if he is unable to assimilate this information.


The Creator Source is the origin of everything that exists in the infinite Omniverse. It can also be called the Cosmic Central Sun. Everything there is just pure Light! It is a loving consciousness so vast that it cannot be understood, so we say this consciousness is GOD. Everything is created there because everything comes from there, i.e. from the SOURCE.


God, Source, Cosmic Central Sun, Light, Love, Energy, in short a package summed up in a consciousness. You are a Divine Spark emanating from this SOURCE. Through this divine atomic seed, you became a monad. You fragmented into many selves until you came to this Soul-fractal that was so small that you almost lost consciousness of who you really are.


But that was necessary, otherwise you could not be on this Third Dimensional Planet. The Divine Spark or the Seed Atom is in fact a powerful atomic force, so great is its energy. That is why it can create planets, stars and galaxies. And to inhabit these worlds beyond Source, it has to decompose itself into less atomic parts. So it splits into 12 Super Souls. Each into 12 more, and yet they remain in the state of Super Souls.


Only then does each Super Soul split into souls. And to inhabit Third Dimensional Worlds like Earth, souls have to divide themselves into pieces of their own consciousness, that is, into Fractals. You all, incarnated here, are one of these Fractals.


Remember: you are a fractal consciousness. Therefore, you don’t know about other, higher versions of yourself. You feel you are cut off from Source, but that is not true. You just can’t remember it yet. But the time of awakening is now.


Gradually, you will remember things you never thought you knew. This happens as your consciousness expands and integrates with your higher versions.


The ascension process is always based on the integration of a lower consciousness by its higher version. We can compare a baby’s trousers to an adult’s. As a baby, you could put several of them in those trousers. As they grow, however, fewer and fewer babies fit in, until, in the form of an adult body, there is always only one body inside.


This integration of previously fragmented versions of the same consciousness is such a natural process that it causes no discomfort whatsoever. You will always be yourself, just with a broader consciousness. You will never see yourself as two people, as many think. You will be an enhanced self; more evolved.


Right now, many are in the traverse between dimensions. It is necessary to make that dimensional passage. The gates are open, and to pass through them you just need to have the necessary frequency. The secret is to know how to achieve the necessary vibration. No one can do this process for the other. Guide, yes, but not intervene. Each soul-fractal will decide when it wants to make this crossing. In fact, if it is willing to make the necessary effort.


Yes, an effort, because the crossing requires willpower, determination and preparation. No one is carried on the lap or on the back. Therefore, it is a moment of decision. You will challenge yourself in courage, determination, wisdom and, above all, confidence. Yes, in confidence, for you have been prepared over hundreds of incarnations to be here and now ready to face the final hurdles.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks and the first part of next year. There will be immense challenges and so many trials that will rock you. The clamour of those who will not make the crossing to the Fifth Dimension will be deafening, so you will feel fear and want to give up.


You will be tested often, but know that you will never lack support. Everything around you may shake, but nothing will harm you if you keep trusting in the Plan.


Remember that the Divine Plan is not threatened by any human being, no matter how powerful. Powers of man never cancel out the powers of the Creator, and that includes your own power, because you are a free soul. You are a consciousness and not a body as has been assumed so far. Nothing and no one can hold a consciousness captive, because consciousness has no material form.


You are free as long as you understand who you are. The illusion of the Third Dimension made you believe otherwise, but now the veils are beginning to disappear and you are slowly discovering the truth.


The truth sets you free! Truth is the passport to this crossroads. That is why so many attacks and attempts are happening to destroy the truth. But the Creator has already given His stop!


The times are near and there will be bleating and gnashing of teeth by those who cannot make the dimensional crossing.


Wonderful times for all who have or are making merit!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


Something big is happening this week!

The awakened have a duty to wake up the sleepers

Frequencies are raised to wake them up

Be co-operative, everyone who is awake must help!