Lightworkers liberate planet Earth              

On Earth, we Lightworkers have received the help of our extraterrestrial Palladian brothers and sisters with their crucial ability to activate spiritual and mental powers in the world. They are intimately connected to our community of Lightworkers.


The Dark Powers, who have enjoyed unlimited freedom on planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, now face the Light Forces aided by our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, the Patriots and Digital Soldiers, who have made progress in removing these negative forces from planet Earth for good through great effort.


It was the negative forces that sabotaged positive initiatives and made it impossible to break the negative isolation. But we have now succeeded once and for all.


The Palladians live and come from the constellation of stars known as the Pleiades. There are seven stars in the Pleiades. They come from the star called Taygete, whose home is planet Erra.


The Palladians encourage on our world valuable actions, such as joy, light and unconditional love, to promote ascension for entering the new 5D world. Extraterrestrials are able to bring great progress in the mental and spiritual consciousness of humans on Earth. Remember, Palladians and Earthlings are similar in many ways.


The Sleepers have to convince themselves to believe and see who their real enemy and tyrants are. In short; all government measures are propaganda lies to exterminate humanity on planet Earth.


The sooner humanity wakes up en masse to the lies and deceit, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be modest; Let this be a challenge to every waking person to participate in this very last rally in order to reach our maximum potential for the necessary liberation of our planet. A battle that must be fought from below to ensure long-lasting peace on Earth!


Earthly humanity is divided into two very different groups: the one who are the awakeners and have overcome fear, and the other who are the sleepers and are not yet ready to overcome their misery.


Besides drinking pure water and eating pure food, education is the next most important human need. Education should be an asset for every individual and then for society, right? Wrong.


 Education is of benefit only if in freedom conditions and prices determine what it is worth. Real education stands in stark contrast to indoctrination, which, as the word suggests, amounts to pumping dogmas, belief systems or doctrines into one’s mind. In other words, mind control.


Our existing education system is therefore fake education or indoctrination, set up by the elite in the early 20th century. They in turn based it on the Prussian industrial school model, which was designed to produce obedient citizens, workers and soldiers – not creative free thinkers who can challenge the system. It is essentially a model of compulsory education, requiring all members of a society to attend school up to a certain level and/or age.


The young have no idea nor appreciation of the work involved in learning a profession and earning money. The old know the deeper truth: It hardly matters. – Since the 1960s, spending on education, per capita and adjusted for inflation, has skyrocketed.


From the 1930s, when the first detailed data were collected, to the 1990s, real per-pupil spending on education has increased fivefold. It more than doubled from the 1990s. This will surely also determine the fate of each one.  Remember; teachers cannot interfere with the answers of tests applied to their students, resulting in more zombies and less educated people.


In this area, Maria Montessori was a great improver, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition enhancement, seeing children as naturally eager for more knowledge and able to initiate learning in a sufficiently supportive but individual and well-prepared learning environment.


This mode of learning discourages the conventional follower attitude. Montessori developed her theories in the early 1900s through scientific experiments with her students; the method has since been used in many parts of the world, both in public and public schools.


The one-third awakened who will pass the exams for the 5th dimension are the ones who will clean up planet Earth under the guidance of our alien brothers and sisters. They are only available for advice, the groundwork we have to do ourselves.


At a later date, the Master Lightworkers guiding this operation should be able to receive a kind of honorary doctorate in recognition of their long and much done work. After all, over the past decades, these Masters have become true experts in a wide range of subjects. With the help of a reader, the most common aspects on which knowledge and expertise have been accumulated have been collected below;


Hidden government, viruses, pathogens, parasites, cells, vaccines, drugs, nanotechnology, blood clots, immunity system, bio-weapons, DNA modification, mRNA technologies, control over functionality, food additives, water treatments, weather modification techniques, chemtrails geoengineering, riot control, common law, the “straw man” concept, the hidden meaning of frequently used words such as, anarchy for riot that actually means self-government, democracy for freedom that actually means oppression, global mafia organisational structures, fraudulent nature of the financial system, debt slavery, secret tactics, banksters, fraudsters, secret societies, cults, Satanism, rituals, paedophilia, abortion industry, human trafficking, organ trafficking, border control, immigration, false flag events, crisis actors, wars for profit, unthinkable corruption, control systems, surveillance, censorship, electoral interference, CBDC, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, fractional reserve banking, gold-silver manipulations, Big Tech, Big Pharma, meddling health care, many executive branches of evil are: WEF, IMF, IBS, UN, EU, WHO, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, The Tavistock Institute, The Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Committee of 300, Jesuits, Zionists, Freemasons, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta;


In addition; positive advances in;

faith, spirituality, health, natural healing, meditation, Med beds, pineal gland, Chakras, Karma, quantum energy, vibration, quantum computing, frequencies, frequency therapies, ascension, transcendence, mortality, morality, principles, justice, values, family, friendship, unconditional love, longevity, etc.


Qualified active Master Lightworkers in these fields, in appreciation of their intensive efforts, deserve the highest academic grade*, applause and congratulations for their perseverance during this intense, painful, shocking, exhilarating, incredibly sobering, yet enlightening course in truth and reality.


Sometime in the not too distant future; all contributing Lightworkers will come together at the graduation ceremony! We await the invitation of a non- cabal-affiliated and controlled university to complete this all-important graduation ceremony.



*An honorary doctorate or degree honoris causa (Latin: “for the sake of honour”) is an academic degree for which a university (or other degree-granting institution) has waived the usual requirements, such as enrolment, residency, study and taking exams. The degree is usually a doctorate or, less commonly, a master’s degree.