End of Covid Genocide

Own government greatest enemy of the people

Popular awakening erupts

The duty of awakening

Divide and rule, deception by reverse name change

Secrets of the United Nations


End of Covid Genocide

Millions worldwide are discovering the truth. An illuminating video below explains the details, at least listen to the last 12 minutes. Meanwhile, a network of retired police officers and investigators, who fight child trafficking in Europe, said they received the film from their international connections. And said:


“This film is doing a world marathon!”


We must adopt the mindset of a warrior, to hit the enemy not once, not twice, but hit the giant of deceit permanently, until it collapses. For the end of the Covid Genocide, lies in the awakening of the mob!


The world has and had to deal with the likes of Kissinger, Bushes, Clintons, and Soros. Highly visible proponents of the New World Order. In particular, Soros using his dishonestly obtained wealth to subsidise many organisations around the world, set up to disrupt societies, through his non-profit ‘Open Society Foundations’.


By following Soros’ money trail, it becomes clear that he is one of the main sources, providing funds to groups that disrupt societies around the world to create distraction, chaos and polarisation.


Kissinger uses his political power to promote the NWO agenda, which is no less dangerous and disruptive.


It is believed that Soros as the biggest backer, is responsible for instigating large-scale migration of Islamic immigrants flooding Europe to create huge problems for European citizens.


Even more disgusting, the leaders of many European countries, especially and specifically chief lieutenant former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are forcing other countries to take in displaced Muslims. Muslims who have no interest in integrating into polarised Western cultures.


Even more terrible and tragic are the false flag terror attacks including in France Paris, Nice, Rouen, and in Germany Würzburg, Munich, Ansbach and Reutlingen, four terror attacks in one week! In all the attacks, the police immediately killed the perpetrators to avoid later conviction, thus revealing the truth.


Own government greatest enemy of the people

All these attacks have been carried out with the knowledge of their own government in order to create more fear among the people to take away more of their freedoms. People need to understand that their own government is involved in this and is therefore literally their greatest enemy of all. This is the truth, until it becomes widely known, multiple attacks will follow. Each time with higher frequency and more innocent victims.


Connecting the dots offers a powerful effect to show the cabal how much and what is known about them. Connecting to what others know creates an extremely sinister pattern as representation of reality.


The walls of compartmentalisation are breaking down, which is why the Deep State Mafia is now panicking. Frightened insiders are breaking ranks several follows, as they see that silence is not an option, given the direction the world is now developing and to what extent.


Popular awakening erupts

People see their world changing and want to understand what is happening, and why. They want to be informed and prepared. They want the freedom to make informed choices, instead of being told what to do, by the same individuals and institutions that constantly lie and deceive them. Who have deliberately thrown today’s economy into terrible chaos.


The popular awakening erupts. Awakening comes at a price; it can be difficult to work on. Especially convincing others, opening their eyes and minds, is even more difficult. It is a fight against time. What is important is seeing all these injustices that could easily have been prevented.


It is sad to see how unawakened people are tossed back and forth, with no idea of what is really going on. But even that is a “manipulated” swell designed by the Deep State, but it can help everyone come to their senses and understand the false reality of today.


Millions of people go to alternative news sources and try to understand what is going on, and stumble upon realities they had never considered or could have imagined before.


The duty of waking up

When truth becomes known, the awakened are responsible to share it fervently, but also to enjoy it. Not always easy, but a duty that must be performed. The hour is late, the time frame we live in is embarrassing, it requires optimal awareness and quick actions. There is no other alternative.


The awake must roll up their sleeves now. It is;


us or them, life or death, truth or lies, freedom or slavery …


not only for our loved ones, but also for our posterity, the entire human race.


The Camp, Pt. 5

Truth has a price – it is the end of lies and illusions on which people had based their lives. And that is an ongoing process. Many now feel lost and frightened. The deliberately caused chaos is for exactly that purpose.


But in parallel and at the same time as their psychotic designs, it is a huge stimulus to the human spirit, spurred by an emerging consciousness and a deep sense of growing personal empowerment.


Many may not recognise these emerging, seemingly confusing energetic changes, as the creative process now at work. Awakening is first of all a destructive process, eliminating everything unreal and inhibitory to personal development and progress. These two dynamics work simultaneously.


Divide and rule, deception by reverse name change

Control over humanity is carried out in various ways by secret societies to achieve their goals. History shows that e.g. Freemason George Washington and his group, oppressed humanity. At that point, one begins to understand that the long-term goal is to get the world into cabal hands, using America as the military arm of the London/Washington/Vatican triumvirate for the purpose of a silent takeover of the world.


Divide and rule, deception, reverse name changes of subjects and players, fraudulent taxation, advanced technologies; positive means negative, freedom means war, etc.


Globally, Deep State Reptiles are being dismantled and condemned. After JFK was assassinated, a new cabal king took over in the name of Satan. His name is John D. Rothschild, who lived in Tucson Arizona.


Oswald and Ruby who staged the JFK assassination were both CIA agents.


As humanity awakens, civil unrest is expected over the genocidal effects of toxic Covid injections, directed by its own government.


The Paris Agreement on carbon emissions is their plan for taking over the planet by blaming man’s CO2 emissions and requiring them to be reduced in numbers, but without any substantiated evidence.


Institutes, like the NIH, CDC, WHO are staffed by reptiles playing along in the Covid plan. As in Nazi Germany where IBM (I’m BEING MARDUK) collaborated with Hitler to use digital technology to identify and exterminate less desirable populations. Set up to destroy GODS people.


The US, Canada and Mexico are working on an agreement to eliminate all corrupt companies, by force if necessary.


The security wall on the US-Mexican border of the US allows for the identification and elimination of Reptilians entering the country fraudulently.


Underwater gadgets were placed on both US shores to track and store information for future human monitoring.


A senior Pfizer scientist who is “in the know” tells the truth, saying among other things in an interview with Project Veritas that viruses can do no harm, they are part of the cellular waste mechanism.


Awareness is the answer, fear is the ultimate means of control.


Covid and climate change were invented to scare people and keep them in better control. When people are kept in fear and/or poverty, they are easier to control.


Conversations and games via mobile phone is the transformation process to the human robot.


Globally, 8 million children disappear every year to be abused by the cabal.


Unite yourself with nature; don’t believe any authority, be yourself and know who you are.


Only the non-poisoned honest and sincere souls have the chance to pass the exam to the 5D world.


Secrets of the United Nations

The United Nations is currently rolling out Agenda 2030, with its infamous “sustainability doctrines”. This global project wants to completely change every aspect of human existence; food, sexuality, family, work, finance, health, education, everything!


This will supposedly end poverty, hunger, inequality, disease and other bad things, but the opposite is the goal.


A former executive director who worked at the UN for two decades tells a different story. He explains that the UN is controlled by criminals who use the UN to enrich themselves and enslave humanity.



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