Money out of Thin Air

Ancient Khazar Empire

On history

Money scam enslaves population

Deep State in Control

Money fraud

Khazar controlled society

Control matrix


Money fout of Thin Air

The report of what will happen in 2023 will be the biggest news story in human history on planet Earth. The Khazarian robbers, with their criminal deceptions of debt-banking, inside jobs, mass murders, mass surveillance, terror attacks, downing of planes, and religious deception, are falling apart. Thirteen centuries of elite-led misinformation will soon come to an end.


The modern “magic” of creating money out of nothing had its roots in the ancient city of Babylon, some 600 years before the birth of the Messiah – Yeshua, better known as Jesus Christ.


It is time for the world to work together to eradicate these crimes now. once and for all, by whatever means necessary. The real goal of the ruling Cabal is far more “disturbing” and “sinister” than most people can ever imagine.


Old Khazar Empire

is time to expose the corruption of our money; it is the greatest evil the world has ever witnessed. Nowhere in recorded history was the art of making money out of nothing more developed than in the ancient Khazar Empire, which grew out of nomadic robber clans, operating on the western caravan routes in the Caucasus Mountains, north of Iraq and between the Black and Caspian Seas. By the 10th century, the Khazars had built a prosperous empire stretching north from the Black Sea to the Urals and west from the Caspian Sea to the Dnieper River.


Kazakhstan, the cradle of global financial mafia, recently experienced a wave of unrest that began with mass protests officially triggered by a doubling of liquefied petroleum gas prices.


The beginning of a domino effect; riots collapsed Kazakhstan’s corrupt government. Soon, other dominoes will also fall. Then people will flee to safety in precious metals such as gold and silver, as they start rising exponentially. People will become overstrained by their infinite debts. Soon they will express their anger in street protests over the toxic Covid vaccines they have been injected with, for a non-existent Covid pandemic.


On history

The Khazarian warlords decided that exchanging and lending money would be more profitable and less dangerous than raiding caravans. There was one problem. The Khazarian Empire was almost equally divided between Christians, Muslims and Jews. Both Christians and Muslims believed that charging interest on a loan, formerly called usury, was a sin.


Only Jews were allowed to openly charge interest on loans. Whether they did it for practical reasons, or out of actual religiosity, either way, the Khazarian aristocrats professed a conversion to Judaism.


“Some scholars believe that the Khazars are the ancestors of many Eastern European Jews.”


This includes the Rothschilds, formerly called Bauer, who have financially ruled and plundered Europe for more than two centuries, as they still do with their world financial system. They are the financial sponsors of the Rockefellers and other rich Archon bloodline families.


It is important to note that none of these converted Khazars had any connection with Judaism, and claim to be Zionist Jews. More to the point, Jews are not Zionists, and Zionists are not Jews.


Money scam enslaves population

Most people do not know that their money has no value, and that Central Banks, the banking system and governments are completely corrupt. Be aware, that we, the people and our respective countries together are just one nation under God.


Unfortunately, most people have lost their illuminating light as a beacon of self-esteem. To address this shortcoming, every citizen should take note of this prescience to understand how and why people have been manipulated into perpetual debt slavery.


The Rothschild bankers, led by the Deep State cabal, decided to take over our civilisation and exterminate up to 90% of humanity through a multitude of covert actions, including Covid poisoning injection, wars, poisoning of our water, food, air and medicine. Further, through a variety of vaccination programmes, nowadays turned into the Covid 19 pandemic to wipe out the rest of the population


Moreover; hired well-paid Islamic and African mercenaries should take over the EU and the US.


Deep State in Control

The “Deep State” runs this whole secret Black Magic operation, via negative Draco Reptiles, Black Nobility, the Vatican, Jesuits, Monarchies, along with the Khazarian Mafia. Run by cabal puppets the likes of Biden, Bush, Clinton Nazis, CIA factions, and corrupted FBI factions. In fact, the entire system of agencies like, judicial administrators, judges, lawyers and pretend courts are all part of this grand façade, which have violated unquestionable human rights given to us by our Creator.


Money fraud

The fraud is; by legally equating money created by ordinary citizens who trust each other – “trust money” with money created by central banks, which is “debt money”, so that the latter acquires the trust of the former.


This results in inflation, which in itself is outright theft; Whence the increase in the money supply goes far beyond what social trust allows. The conflict between the two types of money – trust versus debt money – is obvious; because a dollar/euro/Yen can only be spent once – basically only for private transactions between citizens, but that same dollar is once again exploited to pay off the national debt, through constructions that governments use, without the consent, nor the knowledge of the citizens.


In fact, it is psychopathic elites who rule the world! A relatively small group of satanically narcissistic psychopaths, organised through sectarian ideology like Freemasonry, who have unlimited influence and resources at their disposal. These people have no empathy whatsoever, and they pursue their agenda based on unsubstantiated logic infused with lies. This agenda takes us straight into the swamp of the Archon Bloodline and Anunnaki and Draco Reptilian Control Matrix respectively!


Khazar controlled society

The real power in the world is not the elected government serving the people, but it is the Illuminati controlled banking world that manipulates each and every one of us.

Politicians, backed by party funds, contributions from big corporations, campaign funds, etc, are owned and controlled by these criminals. They are hired and brainwashed, motivated to support new legal rules that make it easier for the Khazarians to penetrate their network even deeper into society, and ensure the continuation of their fraud.


Their fake money represents priority; short-changing revenue, ensuring that laws are “revised” and money flows from the middle class to the rich.


Real money, on the other hand, must have value of its own because it is used as a medium of exchange for other things of value. This kind of money cannot be manipulated.


Most Khazarian crimes of the past centuries are ingrained in humanity and are considered business as usual. These crimes are so incredibly deceitful and corrupt that they need additional explanation to waken everyone up. We are all victims of this large-scale fraud, every day. Fraud initiated so long ago that no one recognises it as a crime anymore.


Unimaginable amounts of fraud have engulfed the world over the past hundreds of years, especially through criminal banks and state-owned enterprises, with their vast tentacles reaching into the farthest corners of the globe. This enormous crime cannot be overcome by the efforts of one or even 30 countries, as these crimes have been repeated in almost all countries of the world, with the same results, which need to be addressed as a global issue and solved for the benefit of the humanity. These criminal activities, are caused and coordinated by the Central Banksters with their affiliates. All the people around the world have become victims of these criminal acts and frauds based on the fiduciary trust, on an unimaginably large scale.


Control matrix

For thousands of years, all religions have hidden the real answers to who and what we really are in order to increase their control over us, plunder and exploit us for the sake of their wealth and power.


As if this were not enough, they themselves commit heinous crimes on members of our society, especially the weak and young, as has been extensively exposed recently by independent investigations into PizzaGate and PedoGate.


The money-controlling methods of the Rothschild banking dynasty have been copied by Globalist financiers for many decades. A key part of this control is total secrecy.


By using the tactics on bribed politicians or those compromised by blackmail, who act as stooges and are the object of the public’s anger and scrutiny, the big globalists can operate almost with impunity out of thpublic eye.


Moreover, they deprive the working class of their real wealth through their fake money and fake wars, to divert trillions from the Main Stream economy into their own pockets. And then, after committing the single greatest theft in all history, they lecture their poor victims on global warming, racism and gender issues.


Note; these Globalist Parasitecrats are described and qualified by names like; Jesuits, Illuminati, insiders, the Deep State, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Khazarian Mafia, Cabal, Elite, Establishment, or Powers That Be – PTB. These people own and run the -masonic fake Jewish central banking cartel, the CIA, MI-6, and Mossad; to destabilise government, corporations, law enforcement, education and the media in a plot to rob and enslave humanity.


The fact is not “incompetence” that has brought the global economy to its knees, requires imposed tax increases or economic austerity policies, in which countries facing catastrophe must be saved by contributions from the people in other countries.


If the problem were only “incompetence”, the solution would be much simpler and the focus would be on replacing the “incompetent” with competent people. It is not like that. These people are highly “competent” in following the agenda of calculated incompetence with the aim of creating a big problem in search of a solution. It is their conspiracy to turn the world into a totalitarian dictatorship run from Israel by the Rothschild Khazarian mafia.


All western leaders are significant insiders following the script of the Khazarian mafia. The previously artificial economic implosion of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain has created a huge problem that ass looking for a solution and what was proposed is to remove what is left of national sovereignty to “solve” the created problem.


It is the familiar Problem-Reaction-Solution idea leading to another giant step towards a totalitarian state of Europe and the rest of the world. The euro was never intended as an end in itself. The plan is an electronic single currency for the whole world. The euro was the secret weapon to remove all the individual currencies that existed before. The plan is to eventually consign the euro – and the US dollar – to the dustbin, and move to a world currency with all the implications of global control.


The obstruction of huge amounts of debt makes it impossible for the global economy to recover. Which is precisely the intention of the Khazarian mafia, who have instructed their puppet governments accordingly.


Worse than uncontrollable debt, is mounting debt. EU and US debt runs into the hundreds of trillions, at artificially low interest rates because of the zero interest rate policy.


If interest rates rise, as they are doing now, this debt will grow at a faster pace, increasing the total debt by hundreds of billions of euros and dollars in a short period of time. Without a doubt, this means: Default, bankruptcy, ultimate collapse and the biggest bear market in history.


The prevailing trend in the world now is deleveraging and deflation, ultimately leading to default and bankruptcy. The current trend of increasing debt is unsustainable. And if it is unsustainable, it will lead to total collapse, and the biggest bear market in history.


Debt destroys wealth. Silver and gold are not symbols of wealth, they are wealth. All the gold ever mined in world history is still among us, some of it disguised as jewellery. Unlike gold, silver is used up in industry. Billions of ounces of silver were held by the US Treasury. That silver has been used up by industry and/or hoarded by investors.