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Light, Change and Healing for planet Earth and Humanity

Money out of Thin Air Ancient Khazar Empire On history Money scam enslaves population Deep State in Control Money fraud Khazar controlled society Control matrix   Money fout of Thin Air The report of what will happen in 2023 will… Continue Reading →

Planet Earth moves in 5D New Era

The new Earth is born History Lies and Deception Turnaround has begun   The new earth is born Current events that many can already observe are converging towards the completion of the planetary cycle. Every day more and more information… Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

A Peek into the Future   The great awakening History Global Collateral Accounts World history is being rewritten Planet Earth needs new system and way of thinking The bottom Line A Peek into the Future   The Great Awakening We… Continue Reading →

Our Future Revealed

Some History The Role of the Vatican A House of Cards GESARA – global prosperity programme on the verge being announced   Explain your grandchildren we allowed this evil to continue We live in a time that is not in… Continue Reading →

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