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Loans Create Deposits

Money to pay interest is not created

Debt obligation

Secrets of the Money Magicians


Loans Create Deposits

The creation of money, dollars, euros, yen, etc., and the operation of Central Banks is established in two quotes by cabal economist John Kenneth Galbraith;


  • The study of money, above all other areas of economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise or evade the truth, not to reveal it.
  • The process by which banks create money is so simple that it is beyond reason.


The banking system performs a trick that is the key to revealing the financial system. If you remember this, you cannot get lost:


  • Banks do not lend out deposits. – On the contrary – Loans create the deposits.
  • Most people have been taught, that banks first get deposits and then lend out part of them.


“This view is fiction.”  – That is not how banks actually work.


“When banks lend, they create the loan and the deposit at the same time. Suppose the banking system makes $1 billion in mortgage loans. It creates $1 billion in deposits at the same time, at that moment they credit the borrowers’ account. There is no need to have deposits in advance. That is why loans are called “credit creation”. This is because the deposits come from nowhere. With a few keystrokes on a computer, the banking system itself creates the money.”


Remember: Loans create deposits. Not the other way around. Banks don’t lend out deposits. And they don’t lend out reserves. Reserves are the residual set aside against deposits. So banks don’t lend out deposits. They create deposits when they lend. There is nothing banks can do to reduce reserves. The central bank determines – almost entirely – the level of reserves by its actions.  What they do  is not book the loans, so every interest and repayment is 100% profit, and in case of default there is no loss!


So if banks do not lend out reserves, you may ask, what has been the point of “Quantative Easing”?


QE drives down interest rates, so lower rates can attract borrowers on the margin who otherwise might not have borrowed. Thus, lenders can induce weaker borrowers to take out loans and provide them that otherwise would have been impossible. Remember; this Ponzi system can only be kept running if credit is expanded. But once credit growth stops, just like an inkblot. At that point, a new credit money system must take its place.


The cabal thinks it can introduce the new system called SDR, based on debt money again. This will not happen because the new QFS value-backed money system is already operating in parallel and awaits the demise of the existing cabal money system for introduction.


The banking nexus is weaker than many people think. It has nothing to do with reserves. If banks see no way to make a profit from lending, they will not lend. Banks never decide on a loan based on their reserves.


“What the Central Bank’s manipulation of interest rates does is cause a boom in so-called risky assets – like equities. Indeed, lower interest rates create upward pressure on asset prices.”

“You can criticise QE for inflating asset prices by keeping interest rates lower than they would otherwise be. – And it clearly helps borrowers and punishes savers.”

But it is also important to know how banks really create money. QE is not part of this in this credit process.


Central banks are not tightening anything. That is the last thing they want, i.e. they want to put more credit into circulation to keep the money system afloat. But the economy is still not revived, which is also the intention.


Gold and silver investors have well understood that central banks’ policies are not aimed at economic growth. But rather on direct inflation that they can cause. But above all, these policies are aimed at looting savers that in turn cause stagnation, as happened in Japan, among others.


When reality sets in, as it is now, direct monetary stimulus is needed. The day of gold/silver will come, but is not yet tomorrow.


Gold has proven to be a solid long-term store of value, or wealth. There is absolutely no reason this will change.


Money for interest payment is not created

When a loan is taken out from a bank, they do not use money from a customer deposit to lend it out. They create the money on the spot in their accounts. Until the loan is granted and accepted, this money does not exist. Robert B. Anderson, the Treasury secretary under Eisenhower, put it this way:


“When a bank makes a loan, the borrower’s deposit account is replenished with the amount of the loan. The bank does not take this money from someone else’s deposit; it has not been previously deposited with the bank by anyone. It is new money created by the bank for the borrower.”


It sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. You may have to work overtime to pay back the money you borrowed, but no one worked overtime to create that money. The money was just made up on the spot.


Debt obligation

A $1,000 loan, as we know, must eventually be repaid with $1,000 plus additional interest. So every dollar, euro, yen, etc. starts with debt obligation. Money is needed to pay back all that interest. Where does that money come from? One can work hard to repay the $1,000 loan with interest, but every dollar used to pay interest is now re-created with its own interest obligation. Where does this end?


In fact, it can never end – that problem cannot be solved – unless there were debt-free dollars to fill these gaps. And there are none. This means that any money system only works in one direction of more, not less.


If more and more money is created, it can function smoothly, but not if the system shrinks, because then a currency (dollar) shortage occurs. And that leads to all sorts of problems, as explained above with the ink blot that cannot get bigger.


Globally, the monetary system runs on credit money. As markets shrink, so does the money supply. But imagine what happens to credit money. Money doesn’t just stop circulating. It disappears!


Secrets of the Money Magicians

Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The secrets of the money magicians are revealed here, showing the mirrors and smokescreens, the levers and wheels that show the great illusion of ‘money creation’.


It is an age-old scam by charging interest on money that does not exist, and came out of nowhere the moment a loan is made, costing no more than the ink or pulses on a keyboard.


New money goes into the economy and that by definition lowers the purchasing value/power of the money previously created, thus inflation is. Consequently, the value of the currency already in circulation decreases with each new money issue.


This way, in its hundred and ten years, money has lost 98% of its 1913 value.


In a true and fair monetary system, purchasing power remains constant for a long time. Central banking as it is today is the most blatant scam in history, in which the government is always a partner. This is all around us; the cause of wars; boom-bust cycles; inflation; depression and prosperity.


Through the “invention” of private Central Banks, the crime cabal created for itself a wide river of wealth. The people will wonder what they are doing with all that money?


The main concept is usury, commonly known as money-lending, by charging interest on a loan – actually, interest on a loan could be charged as compensation for using someone else’s hard-earned money. But a payment of interest in return for the use of money created out of nothing and costing nothing is excessive usury.

For a 70,000 loan with a 30-year term, the borrower pays a total of 172. 000. Compared to the original 70,000, that is 2.5 times more being paid back to the bank! It is time value for money, but not the bank’s money created out of thin air, which is an unnecessary interest charge. So just a scam!


The global monetary system is deliberately designed to hide the biggest scam from humanity, the biggest robbery, and obstacle to our Freedom.


Fully intertwined with governments, there is no difference between banksters and politicians. That is the reason governments don’t want to change anything, because they are partners in this biggest money grab of humanity. It is political power economics, in which politicians are bought to eliminate competitors.


This happens daily in thousands of banks. This example is like a grain of sand in the desert. Look at all the financing of factories, hotels, equipment, high-rise buildings, cars, student loans, credit cards, aircraft leasing, and so on, in total a dizzyingly wide river of wealth flows to the banking cartel, generated by money created out of nothing and created as debt; in short this money, should go to the people producing products and services.


Notice, what our standard of living could be, and for everyone on this planet. And even meaner; All this money is spent to buy power. This money is spent to give the crime cartel power and control over other people, institutions and countries.


To gain influence over all power centres in the world, they bought and buy control in all Big Business Enterprises like Exxon. Shell, P&G, MSM, news agencies, politicians, film studios, trade unions, you name it.


This river of wealth is used to gain control, especially over oppositions to the existing regime. The cabal owns all transactions it does not matter to them who wins. As the owner of the game, they always win!


So, they have bought all countries through the World Bank and IMF, contrary to what is told, that money does not go to the people but to politicians creating an efficient dictatorship.


There is no ideology, just getting money is what they want. Welfare governments have been bought, to put these countries in their place, for the introduction of the NWO. They don’t want a strong nation, but dependent nations with welfare-dependent populations, which are candidates for political unrest, and ultimately remain more open to the introduction of the NWO, to end the cabal-created anarchy, to ultimately create so-called ‘peace’.


A clear P-R-S case, create the Problem, wait for the Reaction – to introduce their Solution. The plan is to weaken every nation through unemployment, the bigger the better, as is already the case in America and the EU; without wealth of their own – the name of the game is power.


Our leaders do not want to solve this crisis, they are tasked with lowering the standard of living of all peoples, making people dependent on the benefits of their government, so that they are more willing to accept the introduction of the New World Order. All this was already described in George Orwell’s book ‘’1984’, published in 1948 and read by me in 1952.


Unfortunately, most people are no longer able to read and understand an article like this. Otherwise, they would know how mankind has been enslaved and have been led by the nose for it. With a little sense, they can understand how they are being conned… and then they are awake.


There is not one saviour of this world.

There are many saviours, if many people wake up, we will prevail.

Start working now for your country’s freedom!