Point of mutation

Planet Earth has entered an octave higher in the Galactic Spiral and this is changing its vibration and frequency. These frequencies will pierce the veils and release consciousness. A new age is dawning. Nothing will ever be the same again. All earthly souls who have not completed their learning process will have to move to other schools, to other third dimensional planets. This mutation point is also the beginning of our homecoming. The awareness that the frequency level of 5D has been reached. Our liberation has finally arrived!

Once connected to Source, the soul has achieved Ascension. To ascend means to go up and forward. Firstly, the steps of consciousness have been climbed to the point where you realise that you are here to learn and that it is all temporary, just like going to a normal school. At the moment of climbing the soul takes what it has learned and integrates it into a higher version of itself and step by step the soul reaches the level of the Super Soul. It integrates with Spirit, which is actually our Higher Self, also called the Divine Seed Atom.

The heroics begin beyond the borders of this planet, originating in star kingdoms and alien civilisations such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and more recently the ancient civilisation of Tartaria.

Many people will be convinced once they have read and understood all the relevant FWC versions of our history. This will become popular and widespread in the not too distant future, and will eventually be studied and taught in schools, universities and scientific institutions.

The Divine Plans for every planet, star or galaxy are so extraordinary that a 3D mind cannot imagine what it will have to understand. But the soul follows the plan in its entirety and nothing and no one can change it.


History of Mu

EA, the serpent son of Enki, is not the only god represented by a bull, which is also the symbol for the constellation of Taurus, where the Pleiades are located. It is known, and has been mentioned in many places, that EA spent some time in the Pleiades, and this may well be the reason why he is sometimes associated with the Bull. Otherwise, here on Earth, the bull is a Pleiadian symbol.


The Mother Goddess religion was not only practised almost everywhere during the Lemurian era, but then spread further west into what is now Asia Minor and Europe, which is now Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Crete.


There temples were built to worship the Queen of the Stars. The most famous is the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in Turkey, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Looking at the structure of this temple, we can clearly see that humans, no matter how skilled and hardworking, would never be able to build with such precision.


This was a temple built by the gods, who had the technology to do it. That’s a pretty safe observation. At that time there was a secret society, built in the normal Sirian hierarchical structure, away from the Aryan principle of non-hierarchy.


This society was called the ‘Sisterhood of Daughters’, dedicated to the worship of the goddess Hecate. Interestingly, dogs were sacred animals sacrificed to Hecate. Dogs, of course, are symbolically linked to Sirius, and by sacrificing these animals to the Queen of the Stars, the Sirian overlords sarcastically paid tribute to the goddess they once served but now despised.


In Mu 35,000 BC however, the shamans, high priests/priestesses and the rest of the tribes lived fairly isolated from the influence of the Sirians and EA, the Aryan prince; Prince ENLIL was busy digging for precious metals and building smaller cities for his slave masters, his Sirian brothers, so that they could live more comfortably and be served by human slaves who had to obey their every wish.


ENLIL, on the other hand, devoted himself to further genetic engineering, both of humans and of plants and animals. By this time, well-programmed humans, more intelligent than the miners, had spread all over the world. Until things were settled and the new humans had built up the right energies for the Dark Lords to really take advantage of, many humans were quite free to build their own tribes and societies.


However, lurking in the background was always the Aryan/Sirian agenda, unbeknownst to even the most highly initiated shaman, to build up divine energies and create a control structure that would work to rule humanity under one roof and gather enough divine energies to challenge the Queen of the Stars. This proves that the principle of divide and rule was applied even then.


Multidimensional Lemurians

With much more of their DNA active than the average human being today, the Lemurian people soon learned to become quite multidimensional. Free from stress and major outside influences, they developed quite extraordinary psychic abilities. Although the Sirians had set up the Grid and closed the Stargates, the Lemurian priesthood could still astral travel, at first only far enough to reach the outer limits of the Grid system, as they progressed over time.


If it weren’t for the Grid and the confinement of planet Earth, the early Lemurians would probably have reached the same or similar level of multidimensional abilities as their ancestors, the Namlú’u.


What scientific knowledge might they possess; what technology and experience might they have developed; and what might happen if we gained access to such technologies?


Rest assured that people on Earth today know only a thousandth of what will soon be available to us.


For example: Less than 500 years ago, our world was culturally and technologically far more advanced than it is today! Unknown cabal agents caused a cataclysm and used the chaos to seize power.


Between 1865 and 1876, our last ancient civilisation, the Tartarians, were destroyed under the waves of more than 300 metres of mud, and today the first floors of these buildings are buried under metres of sand and mud, traces of which can still be seen in cities around the world.


Soon we will have back the free energy that the cabal did not want us to have. Prepare for many shocking realities to manifest. The likes of which you have never seen.


However, after perhaps thousands of years of shamanic practice, the female shamans (sometimes in conjunction with a male) were able to break through the boundaries and access the 96%, albeit without the full potential. This was noticed by the Sirians in the Astral and they fed on the energies that prevented humans from reaching their true potential.


The Lemurian people were quite telepathic and used this ability to communicate with each other, which limited their need for vehicles to travel between tribes; they discovered they could simply nano-travel.


Advanced technology was therefore in many ways obsolete and not even something the Lemurians were particularly interested in. Instead, they lived close to the nature from which they were born, and understood that Mother Earth and the Sun were sentient beings to whom they at first respected and showed gratitude, but as societies declined, they began to worship.


The same happened when they practised the sacred rituals of Goddess religion; over time, ritual worship of the Goddess, including sacrifices, decayed rather than connecting with her and realising that they were one with her. This decay created a disconnection with both the elements and the Sun itself, which over time diminished psychic and multidimensional abilities.


However, this process had external influences, as we shall see. As Churchward said in ‘The Children of Mu’, from the back cover of one of the editions, ‘socially they were primarily a vegetarian, agricultural, outdoor, organic culture, working in harmony with nature and the land, with little use for scientific technology. ‘He also says that at the time of the cataclysm there were about 63 million people living in Mu.


For a very long time they lived in a society of relative equality. Although the shamans had more psychic powers due to their training in the sacred rituals and their bloodline, they did not use them to control others, but for the survival of the tribe.


Therefore, everyone had what they needed in terms of food, clothing and other necessities. There were no wars or conflicts that got out of hand; if there were disputes, they were resolved within the tribe, where everyone’s opinion and version of the conflict was heard, and they could discuss and resolve any conflict that might be long lasting.


The fact that they lived a life relatively free of negative stress, rich in love and understanding, meant that they could live for several hundred years. However, their DNA was constructed differently to that of modern humans, which was probably the main factor in their long lives?


To be continued


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To be continued, time will tell…