Unlimited energy

A highly advanced civilisation known today as Great Tartaria disappeared from our history books less than a century ago. Its remnants can still be seen everywhere. This civilisation mastered technologies more advanced than ours of today.


For example, their geopolymer concrete was eternal and grew stronger with time. Their gigantic iron and glass structures, topped by domes and metal needles, were found on every continent.


Combined with mercury, they distributed free wireless energy around the globe, even to the most remote areas. Their towers and stations are still in use today. Unfortunately, the cabal ‘locked up’ the free energy from the ether and replaced it with the very old technology of cables and wires in order to make handsome profits.


The story goes that Nikola Tesla ‘discovered’ the technology to connect to the ether and provide unlimited power to anyone, anywhere, at any time. You could travel by boat, car or plane for free, simply by tapping into nature’s omnipresent magnetic energy.


This free energy, generated from the magnetic fields around planet Earth, would have eliminated carbon emissions and global warming!


Tesla understood God’s limitless energy, the complex system of creation and the creation of man’s energy in relation to God. The cabal knew and feared that this could awaken humanity, so they hid his inventions along with other knowledge secretly buried away from public view. In other words, criminal censorship!


Anyway, Nikola Tesla’s genius is our roadmap of what the cabal has hidden from us and turned around to destroy God’s physics.


Their arrows are aimed at the destruction of the family unit, the mind of the youth, education that serves to lower the intellect, the mass embargo on what exists, specifically the abolition of creative thinking and the expansion of the intellect by learning to think outside the box of normal thought patterns.


In fact, opening this box becomes a Pandora’s trap. For opening it reveals all the lies, deceptions, thefts and evil manipulations to enslave humanity in the meanest and worst way ever known.


What can be done about it? Open the box of deception wide and sideways. Follow the money trail that leads to the evil cabal and their utopian desires, which can only continue if the box is kept firmly closed.


Once the cabal is defeated, all these technologies will be available to humanity. Today’s circumstances are not yesterday’s results, and radical change cannot be brought about overnight.


In fact, it is doubtful whether people who are unwilling to fight for a high principle are good for anything at all. It is not the mind that makes a man, nor the body; it is mind and body together.


Other sources of energy may be tapped and new methods of extracting energy from the sun may be discovered, but none of these or similar achievements is as important as the medium of transmitting energy to and at any remote point on the globe.


It is impossible to conceive of any technical advance that can unite the various elements of humanity more effectively than this very thing that can increase human energy and save the environment.



Tartary power stations

Skyscrapers like Petronas, Taipei, Burj Khalifa, Ostankino, Oriental Pearl, Jin Mao, Shanghai or Tianjin in Moscow all have towers on their roofs, like radio and television “towers”, to harvest energy from the ether.


But this energy is no longer free or clean, not to mention inexpensive. In fact, skyscrapers are modern power stations, working in conjunction with the metal structures of bridges, whose iron is in contact with water, and whose tops may contain spheres containing mini-coils and mercury.


The Empire State Building and Manhattan bridges were built by the Tatars long before 1900. So was the Eiffel Tower.


In 1953, the invading Romanovs, who had built nothing in the cities of the world, destroyed all the buildings of the Tatar civilisation built up to the 1950s. It was not until the 1960s that the poor and ugly buildings of the new civilisation began to be erected. Photographs purporting to show the construction of the Empire State Building are fakes, nothing more than photomontages in which high-quality glass negatives are superimposed on photos of some wooden scaffolding and fake workers in the foreground.


Skyscrapers are modern powerhouses. When the plans for the Empire State Building were first drawn up, the aim was to capture enough energy to light up Lake Ontario, Vermont, Buffalo, Albany, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut. This goal is inscribed on the aluminium plaque in the hall of the building built by the Tartarian civilisation.


Buildings constructed by the Tartars around the world continue to draw energy from the atmosphere to this day.


The Tartarian power stations and other buildings were built of granite and geopolymer concrete, as it becomes more resistant over time and has the superconducting quartz crystal in its composition.


Some of the domes of the power stations work in conjunction with obelisks, minarets and pinnacles of granite and geopolymer concrete, with columns and ornaments of iron, for the extraction of electromagnetic energy.


Electromagnetism produces gigantic invisible “waves” of energy. The transmission towers receive and transmit the electric field over considerable distances. In order to transmit electricity wirelessly, as in the past, over very large areas and to more and more users, the towers became taller and taller.


Such towers can extract energy from the atmosphere to power entire countries. An electromagnetic coil is an electrical conductor such as a wire in the form of a coil, spiral or helix. Either an electric current is passed through the wire of the coil to create a magnetic field or, conversely, an external time-varying magnetic field is passed through the interior of the coil to create a current in the conductor.


The architecture of Tartaria used the red colour of bricks and clear stripes to identify power stations and associated structures. For example, St Pancras Station in London was built by the Tartarians. In some regions they may also have black, green or brown stripes. And have a bronze griffin on the roof, the animal symbol of Tartaria.


Civilisation of Tartaria

The great civilisation of Tartaria was destroyed with the help and planning of inhuman shadow forces. The history taught in schools is a gigantic hoax, presented as a soap opera with phantom dynasties, time-shifted events and millennia-old creations that did not exist. The “Middle Ages” were actually the Golden Age of the Tartars, which ended only 100 years ago. Was the Colossus of Rhodes the Statue of Liberty? Everything we “know” is a big lie.


The Second World War served only as a cover for the final destruction of the Aryan-Tartar civilisation and the complete establishment of a new world power,


What if the Flood took place 150 years ago, and the world of the past was far more advanced culturally and technologically than it is today?

Unknown cabal created a cataclysm and used it and the resulting chaos to seize power. Apparently, between 1865 and 1876, this Tartarian civilisation was destroyed by waves over 1,000 feet (300m) high that swept across much of the planet, washing away the inhabitants of Australia and depopulating vast areas.

Today, buildings in many places have their first floor buried under metres of sand and mud, and remnants of this action can still be seen in cities around the world.

Below, the new edition of the Aether 2018 video presents the technology related to electromagnetic field, ions, fusion reactor, resonator, capacitor, frequencies, sound waves, tuned circuits, torus, tokamak, vortex and coils used in the construction of star fortresses, airships, stargates, teleportation and white star cities by our former civilisation or White Federation. A confederation of states destroyed by plasma weapons and floods carefully engineered by the global elite.


The text discusses their advanced technology, advanced architecture and lost White Star Cities. The video contains over 1000 images.


Terms like ether, Tartaria, star fortresses, ‘healing pipe organ sounds’, power plants, free energy, antennas or ‘glorious architecture’ immediately became recurring topics on newly created channels. A number of Facebook groups also sprang up. Suddenly, everyone was looking at the architecture of their cities and realising that the magnificent structures could have been built long ago by a far more advanced civilisation – known to many as the Great Tartaria.


Take your time to watch this 2.5 hour video. You will be amazed at the skill and architecture of our predecessors. Compared to them, we are little more than animals that can feed themselves. As a significant example, our present architecture is a sad mockery!



Stay tuned, there is more to come…


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