Admiration for ancient writers

It is amazing that so much information is available today. Zacharias Sitchin expresses his admiration for the countless people who never received credit for recording ancient knowledge:


“When we consider that these ancient texts come to us over a period of millennia, we must have admiration for the ancient writers who recorded, copied and translated the earliest texts, probably often without knowing what certain terms and expressions originally meant, while always stubbornly sticking to the relevant traditions to ensure an accurate account.


He also demonstrates the internal consistency of their accounts, stating:


“That the first settlements on Earth were founded by astronauts from another planet, as dramatically described by the Sumerians. Numerous texts refer consistently to the starting point, which is always as follows: 432,000 years ago, before the Flood, i.e. the Great Deluge, “the Respected” came to Earth “from their own planet with” rocket ships.


Although it may sound exaggerated, many people will be convinced once they’ve been given this version of our history, which will become popular and widespread in the 5D world, and will eventually be studied and taught in schools, universities and scientific institutions.


Already breakthroughs in astronomy, anthropology, archaeology and Egyptology tend to support the theses of Sitchin and others, based mainly on translations of Sumerian writings.


The knowledge of the existence of the One God who must have created the Anunnaki creators, together with the realisation that life encompasses more than a mere material plane of existence in which we now find ourselves, is all covertly protected by the secret societies.


The Sumerian explanation of the origin and creation of man is extremely fascinating. Whichever way you look at it, it is much more rational and appropriate than many of the known theories of science today and in the past.


Anyway, mankind exists in solitude in the universe.


Before the invention of the automobile in 1885 and the aeroplane in 1903, animal power was the main form of transport. Horses, donkeys and oxen pulled carts, coaches and buggies that lasted just over 300 years, from the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth century!


It is said that horses and carts were the main means of transporting stones and bricks from the quarries to build the incredible structures seen in the photographs. And that towers as high as 47 storeys were built without any found engineering plans, with statues, lighting and elegant details, by ordinary workers, in many cases newly arrived in those western cities.


Think about the illogic of this nonsense!


The Architecture of Energy Extraction

The world architecture for the extraction of electromagnetic energy comes entirely from the Tartar-Aryan High Civilisation. It is characterised by the use of arched openings, columns, domes and towers. In addition to details such as rose windows and muqarnas – – a three-dimensional architectural decorative element, symbols of the vibration of electromagnetic energy that acts on molecules and changes the behaviour of cells. In the past, these waves could be used to heal, levitate, transport and create feelings of harmony and euphoria.


This energy can now be used in a different way. The architecture of Tartaria undergoes slight modifications and influences according to local characteristics of climate, culture and material resources, but the basic principles remain the same throughout the world.


You will notice that pyramids, theatres and coliseums all had water channels running underneath them, directly where the sound energy was directed. The star forts seem to have been designed to create micro-domes that protected the inhabitants and resonated in harmony.


This was described in detail in Tesla’s 3-dimensional shell, created by scattering two Fourier-coupled 3-dimensional scalar semi-circular patterns in space so that they pair up to form a dome-shaped shell of intense, ordinary electromagnetic energy.


The air molecules and atoms in the shell are fully ionised and therefore highly excited, emitting intense, glowing light. Anything that touches the shell receives a huge discharge of electrical energy and is instantly vaporised – it sounds like pfft! As an insect being hit by one of the electric bug killers now in vogue.


The elite survived by harnessing this massive discharge of electrical energy during resets. Look at the ancient images of star fortresses surrounded by mud walls that are largely undamaged. Imagine a society that creates free energy, lives with classical art and whose work is inherently musical.


On the Solfège scale, the frequency 528 Hz is important. These sound frequencies they created made plants, people and animals grow bigger and maintained a temperate climate. All cities at strategic points on earth along canals, rivers, seas, lakes and oceans were star forts and drew electromagnetic energy from the ether. This energy was then captured by towers and obelisks and stored in the red and white striped power stations of this high developed civilisation.


The One World Tartarians Great Tartaria

The Tartars always had a source nearby. Electromagnetic energy was extracted and stored in copper-clad toroidal coils at the top of the power stations, below the towers. The Star Fortresses co-ordinated the distribution of water, gas and electromagnetic energy across the Earth, managed the world’s food and transport systems, and were responsible for all communications, health, education, culture and welfare. Underground tunnels, magnificent transfer ships with platforms and palaces, connected all the world’s cities and ran without interruption. Billions of people, luggage, goods, correspondence passed through the system.


On the surface, well-planned cities, magnificent buildings, huge parks, power stations, music, culture, art. In the sky, giant airships for those who prefer to see the world from a bird’s eye view.


A now inaccessible world, lost forever, whose traces can only be found in yellowed photographs, in the contemplation of buildings whose architecture seems unfathomable by today’s standards, by our understanding of ‘modern’ civilisation.


Greater Tatar had no colonies. It was a one-world civilisation, united in a common understanding and speaking the same language – Tartar (Arabic) and Sanskrit.


A one-world civilisation without borders, with independent nations ruled by qualified princes, chosen by a local council of wise men, but advised by women.


The ‘colonies’ were an invention of the British-Jesuit Empire, which defeated this once beautiful civilisation, enslaved its white and black people, addicted them to opium and other drugs, turned the fragile nations into colonies to rob and destroy, and wiped out all the white cities worldwide. Then they installed their puppets in every government and rewrote history. Sounds familiar to us!


The Tartar-Aryans are the cradle of civilisation

The public school system set up by the Rockefeller and Rothschild “Court Jews” successfully reprogrammed our historical narrative once the children were separated from their parents. It is said that once one generation believes something to be true, the next generation assumes it to be true.


The Tartar-Aryans are the cradle of civilisation as the survivors and descendants of the Hyperboreans. The Hyperboreans were the first inhabitants of Earth. The Scythian-Tartar-Aryans are the survivors of the Hyperboreans. They taught their advanced technologies to the world, always respecting local culture and religion, and encouraged interracial alliances through marriage – miscegenation being one of the hallmarks of their ancient golden civilisation.


That is why the Tartar-Aryan DNA is present in all the peoples of the world. That is why the roots of the Russian language are in all the artificial languages created in the 19th and 20th centuries by the Jesuit parasite “scholars” led by Joseph Scalager.


In exchange for low taxes, Tartary would offer the protection of its armies – the fearsome Golden Horde. But we were defeated by DEW and chemical weapons, which the Tartarians used only for benevolent purposes.


The elimination of the Tartarians happened less than 150 years ago! Look at present-day Russia – officially called the Russian Federation – and you will understand how the world used to be. Now, within Russia’s present borders, more than 150 different ethnic groups coexist with varying degrees of knowledge and development – and their people speak 200 different languages and dialects.


The literacy rate in Russia is 98 per cent. The remnants of the once great Tartar Empire can still be seen. In the days of the Tartars, technologies and understanding of the use of frequency, vibration and energy, the keys to the universe, were far more advanced than we understand today.


Nikola Tesla was said to have discovered “free energy”, but the Tartars had mastered these universal energies. How did they build and expand their incredible cathedrals and introductory buildings? Did they have gigantic machines for printing exquisite ornaments on buildings and others, or building canals to connect the oceans?


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