Your destiny is not in the future, but in the past

Most people look in the wrong direction; our future lies in the past, not the future!

Nonetheless how you look at it, it is much more rational and appropriate than many of the known theories of science.

Look at the ancient architecture and notice the devices for extracting electromagnetic energy that were already in use over 700 years ago during the Tartar-Aryan High Civilisation. In addition to details such as rose windows and muqarnas; all three-dimensional architectural decorative elements are symbols of the vibration of electromagnetic energy that acts on molecules and changes the behaviour of cells.

In our recent past, just over eighty years ago, these waves were used to heal, levitate, transport and create feelings of harmony and euphoria.

Religions have been used to hide the real answers to who and what we really are, to tighten their control over us, to plunder and exploit us, to steal our wealth and increase their power.

Open your eyes, roll up your sleeves and ask everyone you know if they want free energy delivered the moment two thirds of the population is awake.



A golden age of wisdom, love and peace is upon us

If the collective consciousness of humanity does not evolve sufficiently to accommodate the frequencies of the fifth density, it would implode in a self-inflicted global catastrophe.


However, if humanity’s consciousness were to evolve, a golden age of wisdom, love and peace would begin.


Our solar system has entered a region of space that has a galactic anomaly that greatly affects third density space.


In 2014, scientists confirmed that our solar system was about to enter a large interstellar cloud called ‘the local fluff’, which is about 30 light years wide and held together by a very large magnetic field.


The movement of our solar system into the ‘photon belt’ is not something that heralds physical destruction, but rather an acceleration of consciousness.


Those who are emotionally and mentally prepared will be able to surf the coming galactic waves and manifest a new reality; the proverbial kingdom of heaven on earth.


Those who are unprepared will do the opposite and experience more great stress and turmoil in their personal and collective lives.


Agreements were signed at the Antarctic meetings that were held. One provision of the agreements was the capitulation of the global elite. This was confirmed by Christine Lagarde’s tweet in July that the Antarctic meetings would be held in December. Her tweet is compelling evidence that the cabal has indeed been given some time to prepare to relinquish power without collapsing the world financial system as a condition for leaving Earth through the Antarctic intergalactic portal.


The few chosen global elites are Claus Schwab, ex-chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB, who attended a secret meeting in Antarctica last July.


Two other participants were Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz, respectively president and chief technical officer of Ripple Labs, a computer software company specialising in online payment systems.


They will be spared because they are helping to dismantle the existing Deep State money system to allow a smooth transition to the new QFS money system, which will be run by the people themselves.


This negotiated surrender and departure of the cabal signals that an incredible new time is upon us as the world transitions to a new financial, political, health and energy system that will revolutionise life.


Sadly, it is noticeable that few readers write a well-edited and to the point comment, while others, when they do, are often negative. This seems to confirm how humanity has been degraded by the cabal-run education system.



Tartaria was originally called both Macedonia and India

When the Tartar era began on all 5 continents around 1300 AD, there was only


  • one light-white skinned people in the world,
  • one written and spoken language
  • one culture, one tradition, etc.


The reason everything was one was because they were all brothers and sisters from the same family, and they were all Breatharians who did not eat or drink and had no kitchens or toilets in their houses!


The language they spoke on all 5 continents was Macedonian, the script they wrote with was syllabic runes, and their country was called Macedonia.


The word ‘Macedonia’ is not a noun, but a descriptive term for something mysterious hidden within that word. In fact, words in the runic script of that time were not words at all, but a descriptive representation of the properties of abstract meanings.


Another name by which Macedonia was known at that time was ‘India’, which again is not a noun, but a descriptive term written in runes, meaning: ‘Our First Holly Macedonian Land’.


So originally Tartaria was called both Macedonia and India, and it was only when the Macedonian kingdom began to decline and split that it became known as Tartaria.


This is the real reason why history books write that Alexander the Great went to India at a time when India as we know it today did not exist, but the real story is that Alexander did not go to where India is today, but to Siberia in Russia, which was then called India.


So the term ‘Austral-India’ shown on the map refers to the real Macedonian World Power in decline, which was also called India, and because the Australian continent was part of the Macedonian World Kingdom, after the Great Flood of 1802 it was divided between England and Macedonia, called India.


How did England emerge as a world superpower to challenge the Macedonian Empire?


Until about 350 years ago there was only one Macedonian human race on Earth, but then another cloned soulless slave race was created on Earth, and because they were genetically altered to be obedient servants to their creators, they were given the power to rule the world and serve their masters in disguise.


They set up their future World Ruling Headquarters in London-England and established a private army with a large number of Marine soldiers ready to be sent all over the world to conquer, colonise, pillage and enslave.


It was after the Great Flood that the Macedonian electrically-powered naval fleet, such as the Titanic, stationed in secure locations around the world, fell into the hands of this cloned race, immediately providing them with electrically-powered super-fast ships and electrically-powered cannons and weapons.


England was then able to challenge the Macedonian Empire and conquer much of the world.


They did this in disguise through a company called the ‘East Indian Trading Company’, which was not a trading company at all, but a private army of over 200,000 highly trained soldiers and marines, equipped with energy weapons, with the mission to conquer, plunder and enslave as much of the Old World as possible.


This is why the British Empire was the largest in the history of the New World after the Flood.


So, back to the original question, who was the Australindian world power that ruled half of Australia, along with Anglicania, soon after Tartaria was decimated by the Great Flood of 1802?


Australindia was the Macedonian World Power of Alexander the Great, and when the Great Tsunami of 600m high waves devastated the Macedonian World Empire, the Australian continent was split in two by the Great Inland Sea, as shown,


When England became a super power soon after, it conquered the southern part of the Australian continent, as shown, but northern Australia still remained under Tartar-Macedonian-Australian rule until 1901, as shown in this image.


It is in this Austral Indian region that the previous civilisation before the Flood, left the greatest Australian art treasure of cave paintings known as Kimberley.…/posts/4735692563149766


It wasn’t just in Australia that Alexander the Great’s Macedonian world empire was attacked after the Flood, but all over the world at the same time.


In North America, the so-called Civil War was actually a war against Macedonia, simultaneously destroying and burning cities all over the country, now known as America’s Great Fires.


The attack on the Macedonian Kingdom in America was carried out by combined English, French, German and Russian forces.


In Central and South America, the so-called war against the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans was actually a war against the Macedonian World Kingdom, which was attacked by combined Spanish and Portuguese forces.


After the war, they established their colonies and divided the cake between them, with the Brazilian territory under Portuguese rule and the rest of the Central and South American continent under Spanish rule.


In Africa, the Macedonian World Kingdom was attacked by a combined force of Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy and the Ottoman Empire.


The Asian continent was attacked by a combined force of Russia, Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and later the United States.


The Asian continent suffered the greatest attack on the Macedonian Kingdom by the largest European military force ever assembled, with all European countries taking part in the war, including the huge army of Tsar Alexander I of Russia.


In history books this war is known as Napoleon’s War against Russia, but in fact Russian and Napoleonic forces were allies against the Macedonian World Kingdom.


The so-called ‘Tunguska meteorite” was in fact a high-powered Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) that obliterated the wasteland in Siberia, killing millions of Macedonian civilians, women and children, where the stronghold of central defence was located.


The heart of the Macedonian kingdom on the Balkan peninsula, known as the Byzantine Empire, was attacked by the Ottoman Empire with huge support from Russia, England, France and Germany.


During this period of perpetual war against the Macedonian Kingdom of the World by the combined forces of the rest of the world, the world experienced the largest ever crisis of refugees and homeless children, and most cities were flooded with orphaned children, numbering in the millions.


These children are now known as the ‘Orphan Train Movement’, when children as young as two years old were sold and transported by train. See previous FWC article.



References; The One World Tartarians The largest civilisation ever wiped from history, by James W. Lee


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The New Age is finally here! Gold is up and the Cabal is down! It is clear to see that governments are obsolete. It is pointless to continue with the current cryptically bankrupt system that oppresses and contributes nothing. Stay tuned daily for new developments on our Telegram page.

Many will ask: when will change come? Know that it is happening now, slowly but surely! There is no going back, the speed of change depends on the awakening of the masses. Spread the word!


To be continued as time will tell us more …


AETHER – by Marcia Ramalho

People with aspirations to enter the 5D world are advised to watch this video. The views of the many ancient buildings from all over the world are a delight and worth watching this video.


Brilliant architecture, impossible to build today, compared to the ugly and aesthetically poorly designed constructions. It confirms how backward we are today relative to our ancestors less than 100 years ago!