The importance of consciousness

What should really frighten people is not the fear of dying from a non-existent Covid-19 infection, but the terror of those who rule the world and who frighten all people into submission with the aim of achieving total tyrannical power in a once free world.

The fake Covid-19 or Corona has changed the world, although it is nothing more than science fiction. It is a Deep State manipulation using Corona as a pretext to change the world into its penultimate stage for the final implementation of the New World Order.

They have discovered that health statistics have an even greater impact on their despotism and deception than all the indicators of economic statistics.

The origins of life on Earth go back much further in time than is generally known, and are even less known than the episodes of human history.

Most people can sense deep down that something isn’t quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is.

Gone are the days when a family could survive on one pay cheque, everyday things seem to be spinning further and further out of control, but only one in a million understands why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the economic problems and inequality in our society today.

The Deep State doesn’t want you to know this because it is the system that has kept them at the top of the financial food chain for at least the last 200 years. Learning this will change your life because it will change the choices you make.

If enough people learn this, it will change the world because it will change the system. For this is the greatest hidden secret of money.

Never in the history of mankind has so much been looted by so few, and it’s all been achieved through this; the ‘greatest swindle in the history of mankind’. Your counterfeit worthless money system.

The Importance of Human History

There have been many cataclysms in Earth’s history and many, many different species have been genetically engineered, manipulated and abandoned. Some of them, when they didn’t get support from their creator gods, moved underground and into inaccessible areas of the world, like jungles and mountains, where many of them still live today. If people really knew about the many different species that live inside the Earth, they would be astonished, and some of them look very different to us.


It’s very important that people know their true past, including how they are being manipulated, to better understand the present and make the right decisions for the future.


The present alien agendas cannot be understood if the true past is not known, leading to the present situation which has everything to do with the alien agendas. This is why history is so important and why it is the most changed subject in the educational curriculum.


The manipulators know that if people know next to nothing about their origins, it’s easier to control the crowd. So if they can create amnesia between lives and alter the true history, they can do almost anything they want us to believe.


It was in Atlantis that the Sirian experiment went horribly wrong. To understand what really happened, people need to understand the legend of Atlantis and what really happened there.


There is a lot of destiny involved when it comes to the Atlantean era, and that’s why people still can’t let go of it. The ‘New Atlantis’ has been planned for a long time, and in recorded history we know that these plans and dreams were common in the work of such prominent people as Sir Francis Bacon, who was a high initiate in the Rosicrucian Order.


Freemasonry in general has also promoted these plans, and Atlantean symbolism is found throughout this particular secret society.


The founding fathers of the United States were those chosen to realise this dream in America, and many of them were either Freemasons or otherwise closely associated with them.


In many ways history is now repeating itself as we approach the end of 2024 and beyond so that our karma can be played out and hopefully resolved. But it’s up to us whether that happens or whether we build up additional negative energies.


If we allow history to repeat itself out of ignorance, we’ll end up with another catastrophe; this time even bigger than the last, because now our very souls are at stake – literally.


We may think that nuclear power and weapons of mass destruction are something new, but remnants of ancient nuclear wars can be found in many places around the globe, even in Scotland, the north-eastern part of Atlantis, which remained above sea level after the Flood.


  • Why are so many abductions being reported?
  • What is in our DNA that they want?
  • Did the genetic ‘upgrading’ of humanity ever stop, or is it still going on in places like Area 51 and off planet?


These are all important questions that will be explained in the following issues on this subject, where Atlantis is key.


It’s important to realise that Atlantis, like the Lemurian civilisation, was not confined to a continent in the Atlantic Ocean, but was more of an era than a place.


Atlantis was the part of the population that eventually chose technology over spirituality and nature, while Mu was the opposite. The similarities between Atlantis and Mu and today’s world are sometimes striking.


Today we have to make the same choices as they did, but hopefully this time we have a better chance of maintaining and building on the positive energies that many of us have worked hard to create.


This time we have some advantages that they didn’t have then; one is the number of 8 billion people and the other is the intense gamma ray bombardment from the Sun and the Galactic Centre.


The Flood happened about 13,500 earth years ago and we are now completing a ‘full year’ circle around the Zodiac.


Although the energies were strong at the time of the Atlantean, they are much stronger now. That won’t stop those who wish to destroy us if we allow them to do so again. So it’s up to us.


Atlantis and the Orion legacy

There is much confusion about who was in charge of Atlantis. Some say it was the Sirians; the Pleiadians say that the karma they work on when they are in contact with us humans in the present time is from Atlantis, and others say that Orion ruled in Atlantis. So who is right?


Strange as it may sound, it was both the above. The island of Atlantis had been sparsely populated long before the focus of our story, but not in the sense that it would become. When EA decided to divide the tribes and many of them went east and ended up in Mu, EA and many improved human races with the fire of the goddess went west and settled on the Atlantic island where they eventually built cities with the special structure we are so used to seeing in images from that time. Later cities, such as Babylon, were built based on similar architecture..


Figure 7-1. A reconstruction of Plato’s Atlantis.

EA chose his ten favourite human hybrids and made them kings of ten different kingdoms, roughly spread across the island territory. Unlike the Lemurians, who were left without an alien commander, the Atlanteans were ruled by kings, not queens or shamans.


The shamans, however, were instructed to build their own priesthoods, female ‘priesthoods’ to be precise, where they could devote themselves to shamanism.


In Atlantis, EA was later known as Poseidon in Greece and Neptune in Rome. The Sirians drew lots and EA was given the great island to rule as king; this was his domain and he was the first and last of the kings of Atlantis.


According to Plato’s story, Poseidon (EA) took an additional wife, Cleito, who was a mortal human woman. She gave birth to 5 twins, of whom Atlas was the oldest and most powerful. The term Atlantis comes from the name Atlas.


Poseidon promised Cleito to make Atlantis a royal paradise. So he built a city by the sea and put a temple in the middle of it. In addition, the legend goes, Poseidon threw down a gift from the sky; a huge, beautiful crystal that he ‘gave to the people’.


Because this crystal came from ‘God’, the people worshipped it and it gave them longevity. But not in the way the legend tells us. The genetic engineering team used crystals and quartz in huge quantities as they created and manipulated life forms in their labs, and there were certainly labs in Atlantis.


Nevertheless, Poseidon gave mankind longevity; in fact, he gave them longer lives than humans had ever had and would ever have to this day. They became semi-gods after eating from both the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.


Plato said that according to the Egyptians, the northern parts of the island of Atlantis were mostly mountains, as were the northern shores. In the south there was a large oblong plain. The central island, where the main city and a palace were built, was the home of Poseidon and his human wife.


Atlas, the eldest son, became king of the region around the present-day Atlas Mountains in the east, present-day north and north-west Africa, where he was born. His other sons were all to “rule over many men and a large territory”.


Poseidon carved the mountain where his love lived into a palace and surrounded it with three circular moats of increasing width from one to three stadia, separated by rings of land of proportional size.


The Atlanteans then built bridges from the mountain to the north, providing a route to the rest of the island. They dug a great canal to the sea, and alongside the bridges they dug tunnels into the rings of rock so that ships could enter the city around the mountain; they carved docks out of the rock walls of the moats. Each entrance to the city was guarded by gates and towers, and each of the city rings was surrounded by a wall. The walls were made of red, white and black stone quarried from the moats and covered with brass, tin and the precious metal orichalcum.


So it seems that Poseidon chose to build his palace in a mountain, which was not unfamiliar to the Sirians, from whose culture EA had borrowed much. The city was built around it, with canals leading to the ocean, which was Poseidon’s true element.


Today we hear a lot about UFOs coming out of water, either large lakes or the ocean. This makes a lot of sense as there are many alien bases under the ocean floor; protected and safe from prying eyes.

Figure 7-2. EA/ENKI as Poseidon /Neptun

It seems that Poseidon was quick to adopt patriarchal rule, choosing males rather than females to rule the 10 kingdoms of Atlantis. The story goes that once the firstborn of the ruling elite, those with the purest Aryan bloodline, was a female and was supposed to inherit the throne in one of the kingdoms. However, before she had the chance, her parents gave birth to a male child who automatically became the heir to the throne. So, despite being Aryan and born to the Queen of the Stars, EA/ENKI/Poseidon had become a true Sirian in more ways than one.


Poseidon was very strict about keeping the Aryan/Namlú’u bloodline as intact as possible when it came to the ruling elite. Only the descendants of his own ten hybrid sons were to rule Atlantis.


Poseidon himself deliberately took a human wife of the Aryan/Lú bloodline and created a hybrid; mostly Aryan blood, the rest with a lot of Lú DNA and a little Sirian. But it was the dominant Aryan blood that ran through the veins of the manipulated, shorter Neanderthals, who had the most powerful fire of all the humans in the Atlantean kingdoms.


So his sons, who were the first generation of super-enhanced humans with much more Aryan blood, then took mates from among the most capable of the existing human hybrids. In this way, Poseidon hoped to achieve his goal of creating a global event in the distant future where he and his Sirian allies could feed off the KHAA energy of all the enhanced humans in the world and use it to gain power in the KHAA realm, the universe of the Mother Goddess.


This is also why Poseidon, the ‘God of the Sea’, spent so much time under the ocean floor, continuing his genetic experiments there.


Many researchers get it right and attribute Atlantis to the reptilian, Aryan bloodline, but without understanding the dynamics behind it all. It becomes confusing for most people who try to research this, as long as they don’t realise that EA was not a Sirian, but was born in Orion, and therefore an Aryan.


They see references to the Aryan Reptilian bloodline when they trace this back, and blame the entire Orion Empire for something that one Aryan, Prince EA, did. There were other Aryans involved, such as ENLIL’s consort NINLIL, but EA was the one Orion being who did all the work that eventually led to the scenario we face today.


To conclude, remember that the Aryan lineage is the purest of the reptilian hybrids.



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