The past tells the future

Many think they are awake. Sadly, they are not really awake! They look longingly into the future for change, but that future lies in the past.

It is true history that tells what lies ahead. And this is exactly what we need to know in order to move forward in the 5D world.


Many of the negative cabal changes are only 80 years old. Amazement and disbelief must give way to knowledge of the facts.


Our world is presented to us as fantasy and fantasy as reality. This world is not what it really is. Everything we know is fake, phony and false, written by artificial intelligence computers programmed to algorithmic instructions.


Our FWC-series of articles on the Tartars tells the true story, now complemented by a 90 minute lucid video that includes images of the deliberately hidden truth. Take a look at the magnificent facades of the majestic buildings that were built a thousand years ago or more, and compare them with the ugly, cheap, simple and inadequate construction of the new buildings of today! Their geopolymer concrete was eternal and grew stronger with time.


Take your time and pay attention to our recent ancestors, who were many times wiser than we are now.


The world’s greatest civilisation wiped from history

The Great Tatar Empire was a developed power with advanced technology and knowledge. It had an abundance of natural resources, including precious stones, gold and silver, and even a well-established industrial production of paper money, silk, paper and gunpowder, which was mainly used in mining.


Its development put this power beyond the reach of the rest of the world. Marco Polo, for example, describes an exchange office where merchants exchanged gold and silver dirhams for paper money. They were using PAPER as early as the thirteenth century!


The destruction of Great Tartary began with a combined natural and magical-technological catastrophe and the use of high-energy weapons, analogous to nuclear and thermonuclear weapons.


A highly advanced civilisation known today as Greater Tartary disappeared from our history books less than a century ago. Its remains can still be seen everywhere. This civilisation mastered technologies that were more advanced than those of today.


Their geopolymer concrete was eternal and grew stronger with time. Their gigantic iron and glass structures, topped by domes and metal needles, were found on every continent.


Combined with mercury, they distributed free atmospheric energy to all. Their towers and stations are still in use today. Unfortunately, the technology of free energy from the ether was destroyed and “imprisoned”, and the old technology was reintroduced, such as cables and wires to distribute energy and make handsome profits.


Hundreds of battles, revolutions and wars were fought throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, orchestrated by Western Europeans under the Anglo-Saxons, with the aim of finally destroying and plundering the heritage of Greater Tartary throughout the world.


This empire was then deliberately and carefully erased from new maps, written sources and even human memory. Instead, countless myths were created about the despotic, narrow-minded Mongols – the Golden Horde.


But there is a time for everything, and the time of Tartary’s damnation and oblivion is now over, and the time of its spectacular rebirth in a whole new form is upon us. We would be honoured to be part of this great renaissance.


Official history hides a great world power that existed as late as the 19th century. Tartary was a country with its own flag, its own government and its own place on the map. Its territory covered most of the modern world as we know it today, yet somehow it was quietly absorbed into Russia and a few other countries.


At one point in the 18th century, Muscovite Tartary was the largest country in the world, covering over 8 million square kilometres! Tartary seems to have been one county, then split into areas such as “Little Tartary”, “Eastern Tartary”, “Russian Tartary/Moscow Tartary”, “Chinese Tartary”, “Mongolian Tartary”.


According to Webster’s 1979 dictionary, there is no such place as Tartary or Tartaria, unless you accept the word Tartarus, which Webster describes as a place in Hades reserved for the worst offenders.


Webster had to admit that tartar sauce was a thing, and also defines the word tartar as ‘a native or inhabitant of Tatary’, but then adds ‘a person of ill or violent temper’, which proves unexpectedly formidable as an alternative definition.


When it comes to tartar on the teeth, which causes decay, it becomes clear that there was a deliberate intention to remove Tartar from all history. In Greek mythology, Tartarus is the deep abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as a prison for the Titans.


Giants were known to exist throughout the Tartar territory. The Tartarians are thought to have been “Breatharians”, a being that does not rely on the digestion and burning of calories from food/water, but rather draws energy directly from the Aether, much like plants draw energy from food.


The ether is thought to be the fabric of the space-time continuum, which some would associate with electrons, the wind, the Holy Spirit, the atmosphere and the gases in the atmosphere such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen.


As the Tartars may have had a very different digestive system to ours, they did not need toilets in their bathrooms. Nor have sewers or waste treatment plants been found. Were they able to make their bodies so efficient that there was no waste?


The Tartarians were masters of masonry, brickwork, steam style technology, universal free energy and grand architecture. Their Roman and Gothic architecture can still be seen today in the form of water canals, town halls, banks, water stations, cathedrals, churches, hospitals and similar public and civic buildings. Their buildings were structurally sound and many are still in excellent condition today. And where did they grow their food, as many of the castles had no gardens and little access to farmland?


Tartaria (originally pronounced “Tataria” without the first “r”) is the name of the pre-Mongolian empire that originated in northern Asia before spreading throughout the northern hemisphere.


Great Tartaria was the largest empire of its time and would still be the largest empire today. The denotation of lost souls spending eternity in Tartarus the underworld is due to the Tartarian Empire having been buried and wiped out during the liquefaction mud flood events, earthquakes, volcanoes and weather manipulation using Directed Energy Devices (DEW) to bury their history along with the elimination of the lunar calendar and replacing it with the Roman Catholic Sun Gregorian calendar in 1582.


The world of the Tartarians is literally the world beneath our world. The Tartarians (or Tartars) were the indigenous people, possibly founded by Noah’s sons, who made up the world famous Tartar Empire. The Tartars were tall people, averaging about 2.40 – 3.60 metres in height.


They would have been considered giants compared to today’s average height of only about 1.80 metres, but the average length then was 3.00 metres. Just like the civilisations before them, whose average length was 12 feet or 3.60 metres or more. These lengths decreased after each flood and with each new astrological age that began.


Heights decrease after each deluge and with each new astrological age we enter. Moscow Tartary was conquered by the Romanovs in the middle of the 19th century. Samarkand, the capital of independent Tartary, was conquered by the Romanov army in 1868.


According to 18th century maps, the border of Moscow Tartary was very close to Moscow. This dangerous proximity worried the Romanovs. It may have been the reason for Peter the Great’s decision to move the capital of St Petersburg to the marshy shores of the Gulf of Finland. Here the new capital of the New World Order was built – St Petersburg.


This location suited the Romanovs. The capital was far from the Hordian Tartar, known as the ‘Great Horde’…and the later term ‘hoarding’, meaning to take more than one needs, which was completely against the Tartar mantra of ‘just give back more than you take’. In the event of an invasion by the Siberian-American Horde, it would be easier to flee west from St Petersburg than from Moscow.


Only after defeating ‘Pugachev’ did the Romanovs get the chance to exile the convicts further – to cold Siberia. And even further – to the Far East, to the Pacific coast, to the island of Sakhalin.


Moscow-Tartary covered the Urals, Siberia, Central Asia, the Far East, Alaska and North America. The conflict between Moscow Tartary and Romanov Russia (originally small) ended in the second half of the 18th century with the famous, supposedly ‘peasant’ war against the ‘Pugachevs’.


The Romanovs managed to make a separate peace with Turkey and defeat the Great Tatars. It was only after this that the European emigrants who had settled on the Atlantic coast of North America ventured westwards, into the interior of the continent.


For decades they occupied the North American territories of Moscow, leaving Tartary without any governmental authority. Today, this has been beautifully but inaccurately told in Hollywood films about the ‘very noble’ white frontiersmen and the ‘very bad’ Indians. In fact, the Native Americans were Mongol descendants of Tartar!


From Wiki: The Pugachev Rebellion, also known as the Peasant War of 1773-75 or the Cossack Rebellion, of 1773-75 was the most important of a series of popular uprisings that took place in the Russian Empire after Catherine II seized power in 1762.


The story of the war against ‘Pugachev’, as it is known today, is a pure invention of the victors – the Romanovs. The ‘Pugachev Rebellion’ was a brutal war between Romanov Russia and the Siberian-American Russian state. This kingdom retained the old Russian Horde customs and had its own tsar with his capital in Tobolsk.


The Siberian tsar was hostile to the Romanovs, seeing them as illegitimate rulers of the western part of Russia. The Romanovs wanted Siberian Muscovy at all costs. They were well aware that the Russian people as a whole did not support them, and that many preferred the Tobolsk regime to the Romanovs’ St Petersburg. So the Romanovs made the very existence of their Siberian neighbours a national secret.


To keep this secret, the notorious secret police was created, whose executioners tortured and hanged those who ‘knew too much’. As a result, in 1776, immediately after the defeat of ‘Pugachev’, the United States of America was born on 1 May 1776, where Freemason Adam Weishaupt established their territorial claims.


The Romanovs set about voraciously rewriting their history and carving up the vast territories of Moscow-Tartary, including Russia, the Urals, Siberia, the Far East. In America – Alaska. Washington and Oregon were ceded to the Romanovs in 1819 and the rest of North America – to the USA.


To this day, the indigenous Russian population of America is being persistently forced to forget their language and their past.


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To be continued as time will tell us more …


Golden Age of Tartaria

Tartaria existed for several thousand years until the 1940s. Most of Tartarias history was an era of light!


To this day, the period of Tartarias civilisation in Earth’s history is not known, as the literature on the subject has been destroyed in the archives of libraries. The hidden rulers didn’t want humanity to know about this far superior civilisation. This was the reason for the Second World War, to destroy as much of their brilliant architecture as possible.


A highly advanced civilisation known as Great Tartaria disappeared from our history books less than a century ago. Its remnants can still be seen everywhere. This civilisation mastered technologies more advanced than ours today.


For example, their geopolymer concrete was eternal and grew stronger with time. Their gigantic iron and glass structures, topped by domes and metal needles, were found on every continent.


They distributed free wireless energy around the globe, even to the most remote areas.


Their towers and stations are still in use today. Unfortunately, the cabal ‘locked up’ the free energy from the ether and replaced it with the very old technology of cables and wires in order to make handsome profits.


This free energy, generated from the magnetic fields around planet Earth, would have eliminated carbon emissions and global warming!


Take your time to watch this very interesting video here;


The Second World War served only as a cover for the final destruction of the Aryan-Tartar civilisation and the complete establishment of a new world power,

What if the Flood took place 150 years ago, and the world of the past was far more advanced culturally and technologically than it is today? Unknown parasites created a cataclysm and used it and the resulting chaos to seize power. Apparently, between 1865 and 1876, our ancient civilisation was destroyed by waves over 1,000 feet (300m) high that swept across much of the planet, washing away the inhabitants of Australia and depopulating vast areas. Today, buildings in many places have their first floor buried under metres of sand and mud, and remnants of this action can still be seen in cities around the world.