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Beginning of Mass Awakening

The Deep State Power is Broken The Great Danger The Great Awakening Itself The cause is the loss of meaning   From Dark to Light Planet Earth moves from ancient negative third to the positive fifth dimension that will reshape… Continue Reading →

Unlimited Wireless Free Energy

Pandora’s Box Many Nikola Tesla Inventions Never Built Supersonic airships wirelessly powered by energy towers Fly eight miles high at 1,000 miles an hour Tesla’s top ten inventions Incredible Inventions to Blow your Mind – video    Pandora’s Box Nikola… Continue Reading →

The Oppression

Swiss OCTOGON Templars The Deep State Headquarters Satanic Hierarchy The real change lies in consciousness and thought The new 5D-World is waiting for us Incredible New Era   Greatest Fraud in Human History Finally, after 500,000 years of oppression, planet… Continue Reading →

Free Energy and Frequency Healing

Unlimited Energy Vibration Healing through Frequency Therapy Pythagoras’ discovery of sound healing 40,000 years ago vibration healing was applied through 111 Hz   Free energy available throughout the atmosphere Of all Tesla’s inventions, there was one that never saw the… Continue Reading →

Antigravity Technology Cabal Suppressed

Flying machine Powerful Electromagnetic Propulsion Waves Everything Needed is in Space Hitler’s secret anti-gravity UFO, was stolen by the US   Anti-gravity is a Technology to overcome Gravity Anti-gravity, also known as non-gravitational field, is a phenomenon of creating a place or… Continue Reading →

GESARA Global Welfare Programme

The Collapse of the 3D-World   Prosperity Programme After the now existing debt-based financial system, soon to be finally defunct, the quantum hosted exchange system QFS, will come online. The general public will be informed when this happens, with the… Continue Reading →

Antarctica and Agenda 2030

The Satanic Hierarchy The real change lies in the shift of consciousness and thinking A New 5D-World is waiting for us Incredible New Timeline Respect will transform society     Smooth Transition to new QFS money system Antarctica contains a… Continue Reading →


Written by Antonella Renzullo and Werner Krcivoj Translated and edited by Peter B. Meyer   THE ELEMENT NEWTONIUM Let’s start by explaining Ether, because soon we will all benefit from Ether-based technologies.   Ether in its original version was present… Continue Reading →

Our Future Revealed

Some History The Role of the Vatican A House of Cards GESARA – global prosperity programme on the verge being announced   Explain your grandchildren we allowed this evil to continue We live in a time that is not in… Continue Reading →

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