The rule of thermodynamics delivers the proof;

Only wireless power transmission will change the game:


Electric Car is Old Technology:

Electric cars were already developed about 120 years ago, and were abandoned because of the limitation of energy that could be stored. Similarly, this time Electric Cars were dead on re-arrival – unless these cars would have had at least a similar recharging time to that of a gasoline car, which isn’t the case. If the problem of energy storage isn’t solved, Electric Cars will never make money or be a commercial success. Unless Free Energy is admitted into the market place, with wireless recharging facilities, as was envisioned by Nicola Tesla, over hundred-years ago, before he was killed by the Deep State, as his invention could have destroyed their business interests in Big Oil.


Why is it, that suddenly over the last twenty years electric cars are being hyped again? It’s because Electric cars are part of Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030. The Deep State needs to control the populace not only through a cashless society, but also through people’s mobility. By 2030 free travel will belong to the past. If people do travel, then it will be allowed in restricted areas only. If people are not allowed to travel, the Deep State easily can switch off the electricity supply.


When governments start with subsidies for so called ‘innovation’, be suspicious. A better idea would be to innovate the right things. The environment will suffer, from large scale implementation of electric cars. Although much has been written about tailpipe CO2 that should be reduced, which makes gasoline or diesel cars environmentally unfriendly. For that reason, they should be replaced by fully electric-hybrids. Electric cars are the future, is stated everywhere by everyone, whether inside or outside of the car business. But this is pure nonsense.


Electricity is more often than not generated from coal, which in terms of CO2 emission is as bad as, or even worse than the CO2 gasses released by gasoline or diesel engines. Electricity is one of the least efficient ways to power cars yet to be shoved down our throats. Let’s first put engineering and math to paper.


The laws of thermodynamics say: Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it only changes form. The electricity used to power a car has to come from somewhere, at present still in the majority of cases from coal-powered plants. Every time energy changes its form as in the case of battery power – used to spin the wheels of a car – energy is lost, due to inefficiencies in the system through friction, heat loss, drag, etc.  Simply put, all of the available energy stored in a battery does not get used for its intended purpose: some, if not the majority, is lost due to these inefficiencies.


Electric cars, do not have the backup of a gasoline engine and a supply infrastructure of petrol stations over longer distances. If electric cars can only be charged at night, the range of such vehicles would be limited to a round trip of 150 km per day, or only half of that when the cars are driven at high speed. There are some electric cars that have better mileage: 350 Km for the Tesla Roadster and 250 Km for the Mini E – but both have no back seats since that space is taken by the larger battery.

The standard answer to this drawback is that the average commute is only 50 Km, so in most cases the limited range of electric cars is sufficient. However, these cars have to be recharged during the night at home. As the environment is more important. But how green are Plug-Ins? – The carbon impact of millions of electric vehicles will depend on the grids that supply them.


For example, a home charging system for a Tesla requires a 75amp service. The average house is equipped with 100amp service. In a small street, with approximately 25 homes, the electrical infrastructure would be unable to service more than 3 homes of people owning a single Tesla each. For even half the number of homes to have electric vehicles, the system would be wildly over-loaded.


But the standard argument is: Electric motors are more efficient than gasoline engines, but the problem is not total energy consumption, it is peak load.


A complete conversion to plug-in hybrids would, in the USA require 640 extra large power plants, and an even larger number in the EU. The researchers do not specify what they consider to be a “large” power plant, but this must be around 1,000 megawatts, which boils down to the need for another 640 GW of power plants. That is almost a 65 percent increase in the existing US electricity generation capacity.

The Toyota’s Prius is the longest serving hybrid vehicle on the market and in practice it has proved to have critical problems. Likewise, the gas mileage is far more favourably portrayed in the prospectus than consumers have experienced. Most of the hybrid’s big mileage gains occur in stop-and-start city traffic. On an open road, the conventional engine actually gets better gas mileage. When you look at the Prius’ true mileage, there are plenty of conventional vehicles that do as well or even better.

Add in the high extra cost of the hybrid engine, and you have to drive the car for over a hundred of fifty thousand km’s to recoup the extra money you pay for the fancy technology, and most likely you will still come out worse. Frequent stops for refuelling are necessary and a pain in the neck.


Nevertheless, it is stated; Electric Avenues should be developed for ‘all Electric hybrids’. It is just food for policymakers, these cars are too expensive and not green at all! Electricity is mostly generated from coal, which as far as emission goes, is as bad as the CO2 gasses emitted by gasoline or diesel engine tail-pipes.


And here is the elephant in the room with electric vehicles. The residential infrastructure cannot bear the load. So, as our genius elected officials promote this nonsense, not only are we being urged to buy these things and replace our reliable, cheap generating systems with expensive, new windmills and solar cells, but we will also have to renovate our entire delivery system! This latter “investment” will not be revealed until we’re so far down this dead-end road that it will be presented with an ‘OOPS!’ and a corresponding shrug.


Moreover, the manufacturing of batteries and the disposal of these batteries that have an average lifetime of 6 years, are bad for the environment too. Not to mention the extra car weight that has to be carried around.


Furthermore, biofuels do have an excellent future. If not derived from grain, then from algae that is plentifully available and which also during growth absorbs CO2 from the environment. Two important affairs are covered at once. If, Governments want to stimulate anything with their packages, they should spend it here.


The action radius per charge from a Hybrid is only about 100 KM – 150 KMs, which is not sufficient for daily common use. At least 500 KM or approx. 300 Miles is as a minimum requirement. So, in addition to all this, a conventional engine, albeit smaller, has to be added. That is extra weight and makes hybrids far more expensive than conventional cars. In an economic downturn not many people are willing to pay this extra price. In the past decennia when the majority lived and spent beyond their means, it could have made some sense, but not anymore today or in the foreseeable future.


The battery manufacturing technology is highly specialised and the major producers, located in SE Asia, are keen to keep that knowledge to themselves with the result that heavy batteries have to be transported half way around the globe before these are mounted in a hybrid car. One of the components of batteries is found and produced in Canada and is also sent half way around the world to Asia. And what about that extra environmental charge from ocean steamers and lorries, needed for transport?


Additionally, a country-wide infrastructure will have to be set-up worldwide, as a distribution chain for quick reloading of the batteries, which, in the most positive scenario is more time-consuming than filling up with ordinary fuel. Confirming the title of this essay and this should not be subsidised by tax payers’ money.


There are far better innovative ideas and applications in this field for financial support as the rest of this essay will cover.


A MIT study envisages the diesel hybrid that will outperform a hydrogen fuel cell engine on both fuel mileage and carbon emissions, within 10 years. In other words, the hydrogen fuel cell car may never get to market.


The auto industry is well on its way to becoming a replay of the airline industry. The competition is already cutthroat, with razor-thin margins. Now we’re going to see General Motors and Ford file for bankruptcy. When that happens, they’ll walk away from the pension and health care obligations that are killing them. Their plants are in political battleground states so the politicians will help them stay afloat. They’re “too big to fail.”


Once they’re operating under Chapter 11, like the airlines, the automakers will launch profit-killing price wars that may last for decades, in which emissions will be the key to their profits.


The best way forward from the diesel revolution will be a filter technology that’s going to remove the final pollutants, the last obstacle that stands in the way of zero emissions.

Europeans have been quite successful in removing the last bit of filth from diesel exhausts, for the sake of fuel economy and lower carbon emissions. Whoever now comes first with the best exhaust filter to filter the particulate matter out of the tailpipe fumes, will become King in the automotive industry. But there is an even better plan:


Free Energy and wireless energy distribution:

But of all of Nicola Tesla’s inventions, there was one that never saw the light of day. It was a revolutionary idea that had the potential to reshape our world in profound ways.

It was also an idea that was more than a century ahead of its time. But now, Tesla’s unfinished masterpiece is on the verge of becoming a reality.


If, about 120 years ago, Nicola Tesla was not obstructed by the Deep State-cabal with his invention of free energy generated from the magnetic fields around planet Earth, there wouldn’t have been any carbon emission at all!


Nikola Tesla is remembered for transformational inventions such as the induction motor, electrical power distribution, fluorescent lights, wireless communications, and the remote control of mechanical devices.


Wireless power transmission:

Conventional power lines are expensive, ugly and wasteful, they can lose up to 14 percent of their energy from the resistance of the copper cables. A major aspect of Tesla’s wireless energy grid is the distribution of electricity to remote areas, as well to densely populated urban locations.

Tesla constructed a quite unusual-looking tower for his time. Originally and officially he intended to use the facility to develop the technology to transmit wireless communications across the ocean to Europe. He also wanted to secretly use the tower to demonstrate wireless power distribution on a very large scale. Tesla’s vision incorporated many of his towers emitting energy throughout the atmosphere. This energy would be utilised by airplanes, automobiles, and even ships designed with special receiving devices to collect the wireless power.

On a large scale, this technology would have allowed ships to travel the seas without ever stopping to refuel. Planes could have stayed airborne indefinitely, constantly being supplied with power from Tesla’s towers. 

When the cabal’s JP Morgan discovered Tesla’s hidden motives, the funding stopped.

Tesla’s original idea of wireless communications has been with us for years. The mobile phone in your pocket is proof hereof. And while we may not yet be transmitting energy across the Atlantic Ocean, Tesla’s vision of wireless power distribution is happening now at a much closer range.

Today, behind the complex technology of wireless power distribution, something quite simple is happening: the ability to charge electronic devices without the need for a power cable for each device.

Once the Deep State cabal is defeated; Tesla’s unfinished masterpiece will be on the verge of becoming a reality.


The bottom line is that Tesla’s original idea of wireless power distribution may have been more than a century ahead of its time, but it’s quickly becoming a reality, not in the next few decades, but much sooner.



The ex-terrestrials Live | Based on a True Story

This movie debuted on November 4, 1988 and grossed at the box office $ 4,827,000 during its opening weekend. However, the film’s audience quickly dwindled and it spent only two weeks in the top ten. The film had a total domestic gross of 13 million only. Conclusion:


“Those that go to the movies in vast numbers these days don’t want to be enlightened”.


But, this is an awesome video! People now can understand what this world is really like. Once you wake up, everything clicks. You realise in hindsight that while you were asleep, you were still absorbing the things that aren’t right with this world, but you just didn’t care. When fully awake, you are feeling unease with the way the world is going. Seeing indications everywhere that you never noticed before.


The elite that rule this world, have actually been ruling it for a very long time. In Jesus’ days, it was the Sadducees, and the Pharisees, and those people stem from the same bloodline as the elites that exist today.


The world is like a song, it starts off slow, and gradually builds momentum. We are at the climax right now. The elites have more power now than ever before. More people need to wake up, and if they don’t we are toast.