Anunnaki’s Gold Rush and Colonisation of Earth

The creation of man

Traditional genesis is nonsense



Cosmological Facts

Approximately 450,000 years ago, a group of humanoid aliens arrived by spacecraft on planet Earth. They came from a planet about three times the size of the Earth, which was called Nibiru by the Sumerians. Nibiru was described in ancient Sumerian literature as the twelfth planet of our solar system. The Sumerians were far ahead of modern man in the field of astronomy, declares the Detroit News in an article. The Sumerians also counted the Moon and the Sun as planetary bodies, thus reaching the total of twelve, the same number that the assembly of Anunnaki sovereigns consists of.

It is striking that the Sumerians of ancient times, who are said to have been engaged in the development of writing; accurately described and schematised the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, while these three planets can only be observed today with the use of a telescope. Modern-day man only discovered Uranus in 1781, Neptune in 1846 and Pluto in 1930.


Zechariah Sitchin writes, “The epic of creation” is a very plausible explanation for the current composition of our solar system. Why shouldn’t we accept this as a gift in and of itself, as nothing more and nothing less than the exposition of cosmological facts as the Sumerians knew it, as it was told to them by the extraterrestrial beings of the Nephilim?


The Sumerian texts describe how Nibiru, a solitary planet, came into our solar system more than four billion years ago and, and narrowly escaped a collusion with a large planet named Tiamat, which became fractured by the pressure of gravity. Later on, Niburu, which was referred to as Maldek at that time, its Babylonian name, had another close-shave encounter with Tiamat. The two celestial bodies were thrown off-balance by gravity and collided. Tiamat was subsequently bombarded by its own accompanying moons and half of Tiamat exploded into billions of small pieces, which now form our asteroid belt, while the other half eventually morphed into planet Earth after being forced into a new orbit closer to the sun.


Nibiru, which is called the planet of intersection because it orbits the solar system between Mars and Jupiter, continues her elliptical orbit that brings her far beyond the solar system, before being retrieved to this part of our galaxy by gravity.


Life on earth developed on the basis of its one-year orbit around the sun, called the solar year. Life on Nibiru developed on the basis of its orbit around the sun, which is equivalent to 3600 earth years for earth’s inhabitants. Life on Nibiru evolved long before it evolved on earth.


The Anunnaki and the Colonisation of Earth

About four hundred and fifty thousand years ago, during the second ice age on earth, the highly-developed inhabitants of Nibiru, named Anunnaki in Sumerian texts, meaning “those who came to earth from the heavens”, travelled to the Earth at the time the two planets were close to each other in orbit. According to the Sumerian description, their first landings took place in the waters of which today is called the Persian Gulf.

It is obvious that these astronauts were looking for a base camp, with sufficient water and fuel. There was only one option that met this requirement. Which was Mesopotamia, in the southern part of what is now Iraq.


The highest Nibiru god was named ‘Anu’, depending on the source, also known as ‘An’. Two of the Anunnaki leaders and sons of Anu, Enki and Enlil, were half-brothers and they guided the operation of the systematic colonisation of planet Earth by the Anunnaki.


All Anunnaki leaders would later assume the role of “gods” or Nephilim, as perceived by their human subjects. Curiously, one of these Nephilim was called Nazi. The question arises whether the German occultists of the twentieth century were aware of this connection?


Enlil was the commander of the mission, while Enki was in charge of the practical execution and science. There was a long-standing animosity between the two half-brothers because, following Nibiruan protocol; Enki had to settle for a second-rate status as his mother was not the official wife of Anu. Due to this fact, he was excluded from the claim to the throne, while Enki was the one who headed the first expedition to earth.


In a well-preserved text, Enki described his landing in the Persian Gulf. He was both a scientist and a technician. Under his leadership, the marshes on the northern coast of the Persian Gulf were drained, using dykes and irrigation systems through newly dug out channels that connect the Tigris and the Euphrates.


Under the leadership of Enki’s eldest son, Marduk, additional strength was provided. For thousands of Earth’s years, but only a few years for the Anunnaki, a flourishing colony was founded by these visitors. They focused their attention on their main purpose, i.e. the mining of gold.


Gold mining

The Anunnaki had been mining gold for more than 100,000 years on Earth when the working class Anunnaki, who performed this exhausting work in the mines, revolted. – In his book, the 12th Planet, Sitchin wrote; Anu, the father of Enki and Enlil, saw that the mining work of the miners was very heavy. He wondered if the gold could not be mined in any other way, to which Enki proposed the development of a primitive worker for this task, workers which were later named Adamu who could take over this heavy work. Enki knew that in Africa, in the past named Abzu, many primitive, human-like beings existed, whom he called Homo Erectus. Enki’s plan was to create workers from this species, a plan which was approved by the assembly of Anunnaki leaders.


The creation of man, in likeness to the image of the Anunnaki must not be confused with the creation of a totally new human being, but only a genetically manipulated version of the existing species. The existing beings of Africa were in essence given a genetic upgrade, sufficient to effectively and efficiently perform the desired tasks, while putting in place genetic barriers to prevent them from evolving into self-conscious beings, explains Sitchin.


According to the Sumerian writings, the medical supervision of this mission on Earth was in the hands of a woman named Ninharsag, also known as Ninti, who carried out the genetic experiments, together with Enki.



The creation of the first man

In a Sumerian inscription, Enki and Ninharsag are depicted together, surrounded by bottles, tubes, a table, shelves, a plant and a helper, a scene that is strongly reminiscent of a laboratory. What the Sumerians describe with regard to the creation of the first human being is perfectly understandable in the light of our contemporary knowledge about cloning, which would have been completely incomprehensible to us around 50 years ago. They took the reproductive cell or the egg of a primitive African, human-like woman and fertilised it with the sperm of a young Anunnaki man. The fertilised egg was then placed in an Anunnaki woman, who carried the child until birth.


Although a caesarean section was necessary for its birth, a healthy young male Adamu-Anunnaki bastard was produced for the first time on Earth. The natural evolution of the primitive beings on earth of millions of years, which would otherwise have occurred at a significantly slower pace, was skipped. The old Sumerian texts read: “When people were first created, they knew nothing about eating bread and wearing clothes.”


And so, Adamu was created, or as stated in the Bible, Adam. He was the first test tube baby, writes Sitchin in 1978. In his eyes, this modern birth meant support for his Sumerian translations, especially because of the fact that modern science only just started to form a concept about manipulation of our genetic structure.


Traditional genesis is nonsense

It is clear that the revision of the history of Ancient times will have a far-reaching influence and lasting effects, because with this new understanding, it would seem that the conventional statements about the origin of man and the Earth are nonsense. It is clear that extra-terrestrials have played a complex role regarding the evolution of man.


But unfortunately, in the world of science, there is still a ‘knowledge filter’ that selects unwelcome evidence. This process has been going on for more than a century and continues to this day. An irritated researcher recently wrote: ‘Remember that scientific institutions such as the Smithsonian and the National Geographic Society have been set up primarily by global elite factions to denounce all scientific data that tend to inform people about their true origins, they would rather twist or simply ignore it.”


People are slaves

According to Sitchin; “The early biblical man” did not worship his god, he worked for him. “The Sumerian texts clearly show that the Anunnaki treated the slaves they had created poorly by simply exploiting them as cattle. Slavery in human society was then and is still today the norm.


It is not so surprising that the Anunnaki were arrogant, narrow-minded, cruel, incestuous and hateful. Any negative adjective that can be imagined, applies to them. There is evidence that they made their slaves work very hard and had little compassion for the plight of the people.

Eventually, they decided to allow humanity to have its first civilisation, i.e. the Sumerian civilisation. But that civilisation came only after the human genetic code had been even further manipulated in an attempt to drastically eradicate human life.



The Adamu DNA process

It was Enki who did not want the creation of man to be destroyed, which he saw as his own project and which he had grown attached to and in retaliation, he secretly set up a laboratory for human reproduction to manipulate the genetic code which made sexual reproduction possible between two humans.


Although Sumerian texts describing the details of this process have been lost, or have not yet been discovered? Researchers are convinced that the process was the newest methodology, for the life-producing Adamu DNA process, made possible by removing a rib while the victim was under anaesthesia. This time the DNA of the male Adamu was probably combined with a female Adamu instead of an Anunnaki; it was possibly complemented with the necessary manipulating and splicing of DNA, a process that nowadays is within our technical capabilities.


The result was that a male Adamu could reproduce through sexual intercourse with a female Adamu. In order, to prevent man from competing with the Anunnaki, the human life cycle was drastically reduced through manipulation of their DNA-string, as well limitations on the ability to fully utilise all powers of the human brain.


The number of people on earth increased greatly and they started to spread across planet Earth. The gods’ sons saw how beautiful their daughters were and they married these earthly women. At that time and even later on, extraordinarily tall people lived on earth, giants, which were the offspring of the Anunnaki “god sons”; their biological fathers, after impregnating human women. Throughout the centuries, experiments with the Adamu race were continually carried out, in addition to the above mixing of two races. This ultimately resulted in the transformation of the Neanderthal into the Cro-Magnon and finally into today’s human.

Thanks to their Anunnaki genes, descendants of the early Adamu reached lifespans of thousands of earth years. This lifespan became shorter and shorter as the cross over progressed and the effects of life on Earth took their toll. However, due to their extremely long lives, the pure Anunnaki rulers almost seemed immortal.


Several researchers believe that the life of the Anunnaki was extended by chemicals and/or enzymes that slowed down the aging-process.


The Timeline

On the basis of documented fossils and Sumerian writings, the arrival of man on earth can be dated back to more than four hundred and fifty thousand years ago. According to the Sitchin timeline, the first human man as we know him today, the Adamu, was DNA-upgraded or enhanced approximately three hundred thousand years ago. After further genetic manipulation, Anunnaki men began cross-breeding approximately 100,000 years ago with human women. Not long after that, a new ice age began which decimated the population. The Neanderthal disappeared, while only the Cro-Magnon survived in the Middle East.


Fifteen thousand years ago, people who had an Anunnaki as a father were allowed to rule in selected cities; This caused even more irritation for Enlil, who was angry because some Anunnaki had too much sexual contact with human women. Enlil took the decision counter this.

To be continued.


Timeline of previous civilisations

Sumer (ca.4500-2300 B.C.) – 

Phoenicia (ca.1500 – 300 B.C.)

Egypt (ca. 3000-526 B.C)

Assyria (ca.2500-612 B.C.)

The Indus Valley in Northwest India (ca.2600-1900 B.C.)

Persia (ca.2000-331 B.C.)

Greece (ca.776-168 B.C.)

Parthia (ca.500 B.C.- 225 A.D)

Rome (ca. 800 B.C.- 500 A.D)


Post Scriptum

We are all victims of de Globalist’s socio-economic experiment to oppress and control us, their goal being that we serve submissively, as total slaves, to they who think they can continue to exploit us for their own personal financial gain, their personal lust through sexual abuse and their personal addiction to power due to their god-complex.


Imposing something on others can never be defined as freedom, but it is rather the basis for conflict and revolution. It would be wise to understand that money, religion and politics are all instruments of the dark forces, which achieve everything through corruption, coercion, manipulation and deception, in short; crimes against humanity. These people are Satanists, who have assumed new names and titles and have set up various groups and institutions which propagate false objectives, such as the Zionists, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the EU, to name but a few.


If, ‘true will’ emerges, grassroots from the people to build a new future of equality, respect and oneness; then this will ultimately be looked back upon as the starting point in history of a golden future for all of us with peace and happiness.