The End of Khazarian-controlled Central Bank debt monetary system

The Advantages of a gold-backed Monetary System

Gold and Silver rigging will end

Restoration of the American Republic and EU-dismantling


The Return of the Gold Standard

Think about it; Gold has always been valuable, while debt is someone else’s burden with unreliable promises attached, which could end up not being honoured. Money backed by debt is a crime against humanity. It is the Rothschild’s invention which regards money as a flow of energy generated from raw materials, goods and services, whereas labour is the key to all activity on Earth. In order to achieve a monopoly over all the energy, they instituted a world system of slave labour by issuing debt money through their privately owned central banking system that has permeated the whole world. This creates for themselves a first strike opportunity in the field of economics. By bribing governments, they are able to fleece the outsiders of their valuable energy output, filling the pockets of a few insiders. Nonetheless, money created out of nothing, backed by debt should not be allowed to purchase valuables, as it is plain fraud. But as long the illusion is kept alive that debt-money has value, and we the sheeple believe in this fantasy, this fraud will continue.


Consider the following, we all live in a world of lies and deception, we eat poisoned food, that makes us sick, go to a doctor to receive dangerous medication making us even sicker, falling ever deeper into the hands of the medical mafia and remaining there till we die in utter poverty, totally fleeced from A to Z by the Deep State insiders.


Retired people are seen as useless eaters so, on purpose, they are infected with diseases, such as amongst others, Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc. turning them into more profitable vehicles for the elite. Wake up folks, put on your yellow vests symbolically and share this message with everyone you know. We all together are able to remove these criminals out of our society, and will be able to live in Paradise as the Creator had originally envisioned for us.


This Global Paradigm Shift must come into full swing. The Global Currency Reset will arrive, better defined as the Return to the Gold Standard. Worldwide, people have to wake up to the fact that the current economic system of fiat debt-money is criminal and unsustainable. Fortunately, already many have quietly and secretly begun preparing for the worst.


Governments will do what they always do in a financial crisis: protect the insiders and those close to the Deep State, by ripping off the outsiders i.e. the populace; ripping off their savings.


The poor and average middle-class citizens, are already suffering from the corrupt monetary system. The ones left with some savings are scrambling to find the best way to protect their wealth and ensure their financial security in these challenging times. The unwinding of world history’s largest scandalous financial fraud is now upon us.


The End of Khazarian-controlled Central Bank debt monetary system

President Trump with his magic wand will delay the economic collapse for a while, until officially the new QFS with gold-backed money is in operation worldwide. That will be the new global network for the transfer of gold or asset-backed money, to replace the Rothschild-Khazarian controlled Central Bank debt monetary system. The waiting is for the completion of GESARA compliance by Iran, Britain with the Brexit, and Venezuela when the cabal remnants, including Juan Guaido are kicked out.


With the QFS, the world is easily being changed into one with gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the SWIFT-transfer facility of the Cabal central banking system. The advanced QFS-structure, makes the system unique without any equivalent, comparable technology existing anywhere on the planet.


Physical gold is money. In general, gold isn’t being bought for speculation, expecting a huge appreciation to subsequently sell it. Physical gold – whether it’s bullion or coins – is money that is owned and traded for whatever is needed. It’s the very best form of money one can personally own because it’s not someone else’s promise to be honoured. Every deal done with gold or silver is a one hundred percent done deal.


For now, governments around the world are bankrupting their country by destroying their own currency. While at the same time, they will never provide for the economic needs of their populace. Any promise made that they intend to do so, should not be believed. Likewise, a bankrupt government, cannot provide physical safety. All government efforts are focussed on clinging to power, by the further expansion of the money supply. However, this may soon be coming to an end.


Meanwhile, the precious metal markets are going to be freed from cabal rigging and slowly the real value pricing is going to be decided on the basis of demand and supply. As more people are waking up and are discovering the inflation of their fiat currency, by losing out on their purchasing power, they will move one by one and later en masse into precious metals to conserve their hard-earned money.


Why Gold is Money

Money is simply a medium of exchange and must have the function of a medium of exchange, by unit measure, and of a store of value. This should be based on natural characteristics, such as the fact that it is intrinsically valuable, durable, divisible, uniform, portable, scarce, and broadly accepted; these characteristics are essential for a medium of exchange to become a standard of widely accepted payment.


A workable currency must convey confidence, because that’s critically important to the average person. A guarantee that the monetary unit can be easily and reliably exchanged for something of real value is crucial. And that is steadfastly becoming the new paradigm worldwide, guaranteeing equality amongst everyone on the planet. No poverty and no crooked super rich anymore. People that want to work will do so, others may be more interested in pursuing their hobbies or the like. But everyone will be enjoying their liberty, not being a debt-slave any longer.


Gold-backed monetary systems accomplish other things too, which are of equal importance to an economy and society. Most people don’t realise that a gold-backed currency is one of their birth rights. Traditionally, the financial system has always been backed by gold.


The Advantages of a gold-backed Monetary System

What are the advantages of gold-backed monetary systems? The first little-understood advantage is that gold-backed financial systems are almost completely immune from any large-scale booms or busts. That’s because the supply of credit is strictly regulated by the size of the economy. Bankers are limited by their gold reserves from granting too many loans.


A stable credit environment over the long-term isn’t the only poorly understood benefit. There’s one more big advantage to gold that’s almost been completely forgotten. Paper currency systems – with their inevitable booms, busts, inflation, and devaluation – discourage the public from saving. Instead, they inspire consumption and speculation. One of the main reasons they got so bad was because people learned from previous inflationary periods in the 1970s and 1980s that buying a home by using a fixed-rate mortgage was a great investment.


Most didn’t account for the fact that much of the rise in home prices during these periods and thereafter were attributable to inflation. People just thought that if they had kept the money in the bank, they wouldn’t have done so well. This kind of steady inflation leads people to prefer spending over saving. It also leads to more speculation. People realise that paper money can’t be trusted, so they’re willing to take greater financial risks, consuming and borrowing more.


Now imagine if our money was sound. If, instead of feeling you had better buy something or make an investment into something right away, you would hold onto your money for decades and it would be worth at least as much as it was in the beginning, or perhaps even more when adding the accrued interest. Once retired, you can comfortably live from the generated interest on your savings. Wouldn’t that be great? People’s perspective on risk and investment would change overnight. They would be more willing to save and more cautious with their investment choices. Wisely growing and preparing their savings for their retirement, having not to worry about inflation which results in people ending up with almost nothing for retirement.


As our current monetary system collapses from taking on too much debt and printing trillions of currency units, the solution has been found in the Quantum Financial System QSF, away from interference by central banksters and government corruption.


Everyone on the planet will receive his own QFS-account with sufficient gold-backed digital money, that will make larger dominations on paper slips unnecessary. Only a few gold and/or silver coins will be sufficient for small purchases, for larger payments a type of debit card is envisioned. Transfers will be instantly processed and executed on the QFS with the highest security ever experienced.


Until now, governments and the bankers purposely oppose and reject gold with all their might, while in secret they hoard it vehemently. Under a gold-backed system, they would lose their tremendous power and control over the populace. Eventually, it would end our debt slavery. Moreover, they wouldn’t be able to create credit with a computer or a printing press and control the money supply. Not being able to secretly tax with unlimited power through inflation. To maintain the status quo: they will lie, they will steal, they will declare wars, they will bankrupt their people with hyperinflation or whatever it takes.


Gold and Silver rigging will end

Many of us, have not fully realised Gold and Silver’s future due to the decade-long computer-controlled price rigging. Gold and Silver will have their day in the sun once again. Buying gold now, is a great start, but there is more that you can do. Prepare for the storm by creating a solid emergency backup plan. Making sure that everything you’ve worked for won’t vanish in an instant when the financial storm breaks lose. And in the event the storm subsides before it hits, be happy you have prepared for the worst, while it turned out to be less devastating.


Gold and silver are the historical backups for economic and financial collapses. And, collapses are coming as debt-based moneylending builds up around the world, which means that the debt load can only accelerate to the point at which the financial system and currencies break down completely, with the US dollar, Euro and Yen being at the centre stage for the most catastrophic of disasters to unfold.


It is envisioned that it will not go that far, due to the new QFS operational and in common use before things get out of hand, although one never knows for sure at this point in time, as the Deep State will most likely keep fighting till the bitter end, meaning that they will eventually most likely have to be taken out through force by the Alliance. Be assured that everything will be undertaken to avoid catastrophes for the populace at large.


Most of the gold ever produced in the world still exists in purified form in various vaults around the planet. Gold doesn’t get used up like silver does, so there’s plenty of supply. Accordingly, the physical need for gold in its role as money, influences the price of gold and related equities, and cannot be used as a tool of governments to further debase their currencies!


Given what’s happening around the world; monetary chaos, debt crises, rigged commodity prices, etc., it’s critical to understand the advantages of a gold-backed monetary system. People that don’t understand gold, don’t understand what’s happening in the central bank monetary system and the world economy as a result.


Free-market libertarians, wealthy people, and a few conspiracy theorists spend much time talking about gold. While government and mainstream economists hate gold, because, people who favour more personal freedom and self-responsibility, want less government power, and more free markets, which tends to favour gold over paper currencies, for the simple reason that gold can’t be printed and its supply can’t be easily manipulated by the government.


What the gold standard really does is it ensures a level playing field for all economic actors – the borrowers, lenders, and even governments. That’s why bankers – who are always highly leveraged, and governments that can never balance their budgets, do hate gold. To maintain their power, politicians and bankers need paper money. For sure, the ones who profit most from it in the current system are the elites, but they will not survive this transition back to the gold standard. They will all be drained from the swamp by President Trump, the patriots and the Alliance.


Restoration of the American Republic, and EU-dismantling

The restoration of the American Republic, and the dismantling of the European Union, structured like the Soviet Union, with a bribed, rubber-stamp parliament and unelected puppets in top positions, is happening in real time before our very eyes. Once Brexit is completed, the EU in its current form will be gone. A gentle transition is being carried out for the masses to gradually become accustomed to the letting go of the central banking system and the corresponding way of life, designed for us by the Deep State in order to keep us in perpetual debt slavery. We are moving away from our enslavement, to a free-market, a peoples’ economy founded on honest money.


For now, the waiting is on Brexit whether it is passed or not. The No Deal Brexit on the 29th of March next will mark the end of the remaining Deep State structure. The Fed central bank is expected to be removed from power shortly after Brexit is materialised. Liberating the City of London from Cabal control, means the end of their funding.


If Brexit is not passed, the Earth Alliance is prepared to temporarily crash European markets to force the downfall of the EU. Because Brexit is inevitable and will happen anyhow, whether through a democratic process or the total collapse of the EU. This is removing the last obstacles for the implementation of GESERA-law and carrying out the RV.


The Khazarian controlled Cabal is still in power in the EU with the Deep State as its extension in the US. Brexit is the tool to eliminate the cabal hold on the EU. Once Brexit or the Earth Alliance has wiped out the cabal for good, the EU citizens will be going to live in freedom and peace.


What we now are beginning to witness is really a unique once-in-a-lifetime historical turnaround. Helping everyone to better understand and apprehend what actually is happening, my book THE GREAT AWAKENING part 1 and part 2 are relevant guides. These have been written specifically for this historical transformation, while they are also very helpful for future orientation.


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