Energy controls everything

Don’t take people’s money away

The takedown of the corrupt International banking cabal

Is the U.S. economy “booming”?

On the Brink of catastrophe

The only reform that makes a difference

The fault line of change

Feasible change through Debt Free Money

Our current money is an illusion



The financial world has become a fantasy

Forgotten is the axiom that people and nations should first earn their money, before spending it.


Attempting to live by the means of the great lie of fiat money will never work. On the contrary, reality, through acceptance of Truth; is the realisation that Gold is money, and if you refuse to contemplate that fact, you are being dishonest with yourself.


Our leaders refuse to acknowledge this fact and lack the courage to take the necessary steps of cutting costs and reducing expenditures. Repairing what has transpired, is the only approach they appear to envision, which will never effectively address the underlying problems. The financial world has become a fantasy. Without rational thinking, leaders are rendered unable to face the truth and act accordingly. What should be undertaken won’t be done.


Energy controls everything

The most obvious problem is the fact that the glorified pseudo-recovery has been spurred solely through borrowed money. An economy with too much debt eventually implodes upon itself. The physics of finance doesn’t care much for distorted values of the physical economy. It cares about energy – input and output – supply and demand. It goes by the golden rule; ‘something for something and not something for nothing.


Energy controls everything. Energy permits you to work, breathe, live, and play. Energy wins wars. Energy determines a country’s global dominance and status. Nonetheless, many experts assert that the world has been in a peak energy environment since about 2005.


So how can the government keep issuing all these paper assets that are supposed to represent wealth if there’s not enough real energy to back it up? How can our “wealth” keep expanding when there’s nothing backing it up but an empty promise, based on the illusion that we have a healthy, growing global energy supply? Gold, oil, silver and other precious metals and minerals are the batteries of our economic energy. As a matter of fact, the inevitable rise in the price of gold and silver is directly correlated to energy costs.


Don’t take people’s money away

If the goal is to bring about a real recovery, then put more real money into the hands of the people who can make it happen; families, entrepreneurs and businessmen. – And not into the hands of greedy government cronies! The government is a wealth consumer, not a wealth producer. For a genuine recovery, and not a phony government-propagated recovery, let people keep their money, so they can pay their bills, save, invest, and spend; whatever they see fit to do. Don’t continue to take their money away, and waste it on government boondoggles.


The current fiat financial system is a debt-based system designed to keep the world in perpetual poverty. The collapse of the fiat financial system has already begun as the debt bubble increases steadily to the point of bursting. Currency has switched between fiat and gold standard throughout history. Now, the implementation of the QFS will bring back the gold-standard to all nations and reset the global economy. Everything needed for the RV/GCR has been completed.


The fiat financial system is on the verge of imploding as the global debt bubble is about to burst. Once the fiat financial system implodes, the new quantum financial system (QFS) will replace the fiat financial system. The QFS will return all currencies to a gold-standard.

A sudden and major blow up in the global economy is expected to occur. It is said; the US holds over 8,000 tonnes of unaudited gold that would account for over 75 percent of total central bank gold reserves. Zimbabwe unofficially sits on potentially 13 million tonnes of unexcavated gold.


The takedown of the corrupt International banking cabal

GESARA and a new Flat Tax system is to be implemented following the RV/GCR, expected to happen after the blow up. It is rumoured that the American Republic will be restored thereafter. This has all has all been prepared in advance and the meeting of President Trump and Queen Elizabeth in England earlier this month, was allegedly part of this. The purpose of his visit appeared to be to break the American ties with US Inc., the Queen and the Vatican’s reign over the US and the US dollar. It was agreed upon that the gold fringe would be removed from the US Flag, a symbol of US, Inc. The Republic would be put back in place and so would Common Law – which would herald the end of Bar Attorneys, whom after retraining, would be considered Counsellors of Law.

Economic and political chaos is likely to occur in the upcoming period as the world adjusts to the Restored American Republic. A gold standard, and no longer the US dollar, will be widely accepted as the world’s reserve currency, which would be the takedown of the corrupt cabal; the Rothschild international banking system. Violence from left leaning groups is expected during their planned civil unrest incidents, mass arrests of global and political elites will start, followed by military tribunals, which are already taking place and also by litigation in federal courts across the united states of America. Local military of multiple nations have been briefed and are preparing for the imminent takedown of Deep State Cabal elements across the globe.



Is the U.S. economy “booming”?

Taking into account that President Trump applies the same fake numbers as all Presidents before him, we can conclude that it is a fantasy that the U.S. economy is “booming. How anyone can possibly believe this claim is an enigma. This time, however, President Trump is using these figures to his advantage, to demonstrate how the fake- economy has improved; however, an objective examination at the facts suggests the exact opposite. The most recent real numbers are clearly showing that the U.S. economy is not even moving in the right direction.


Economic conditions are getting worse by the day, and they weren’t that great to begin with.  According to the calculations that John Williams has made over at, the U.S. economy is already in a recession, but of course the Federal Reserve will continue to tell us that everything is just fine for as long as they possibly can. Which should be after the 2020 elections have occurred and President Trump has been re-elected.


In any event, the truth is that the U.S. economy is really slowing down, and no trade deal is going to magically change that. Also other experts are pointing out that a substantial economic slowdown has begun.


China’s President Xi Jinxing has stated that there is no end in sight for the Trade War in the near future. This is correct as the US-China Trade War is a plan being orchestrated by the Earth Alliance. The Trade War will continue until it brings the fiat financial system down to make way for the QFS. As without any monetary gold or asset backing no fair trade will be possible. Because the Quantum Financial System will require all countries to have a gold-standard thus resetting the value of all currencies.


The world is in a structural depression and will remain so. QE didn’t help to end the crisis, although it didn’t hurt the economy either, it only affected real estate and asset prices. No credit-based money has ever survived an entire credit cycle, and this one will be no exception. The bubble created by this generation’s unprecedented surge in spending, cannot be sustained because the people who first drove the spending are now saving. Even worse, they’re no longer borrowing for big-ticket items either; the action that influenced spending the most. Like all bubbles do, this one has to eventually burst!


This is the very simple reason for that: The financial credit cycle now has turned! The economic cycle has turned too. The backwind that was working for the markets from 2009 through mid-2015, has turned into a headwind and is now working against them. The most significant collateral damage inflicted on the cabal by President Trump and the patriots is that they will eventually destroy the ability of the western Central Banks to manipulate the market price of gold, silver, or any other natural resources.


The bottom line is; the next crash has already begun. It started at the end of 2018.


So far, from the period after WW2 until today, is the longest run that a fiat currency has ever made in all of human history. It is inevitable, that the reset happens, probably sooner than later after the 2020 elections. Because world trade is fading and not growing, which only can be readdressed under an implemented gold standard. Consequently, the economy of tomorrow has to return to real value earlier to avoid the greatest catastrophe in human history. The President and the patriots are also planning any bottom-up stimulus that will directly help the American people. This stimulus will certainly come from the RV and GCR, when the QFS goes live.



On the Brink of Catastrophe

American Corporate debt is at an all-time high, it totals about $10 trillion. That’s more than 60% higher than during the financial crisis of 2008/9.  Measured against U.S. gross domestic product –GDP– the total value of goods produced and services provided in a single year puts corporate debt at the highest it has ever been. Corporate debt is currently at 47% of U.S. GDP. In 2012, it equalled 40% of GDP.


Companies gorged themselves on debt by taking advantage of the Federal Reserve’s low interest rates after the last financial crisis. And many companies have allowed their debt loads to grow to unsustainable levels. But this worrying trend can’t go on for much longer. As, many companies simply can no longer afford their debt. While, corporate debt keeps churning higher, the quality thereof is deteriorating.


In the meantime, the velocity of money – the rate at which each unit in circulation is exchanged from one transaction to another, a key indicator of boom conditions – started going down in the late 1990s. And it’s still going down today. The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the US, is nearing the end of its ability to manipulate the US economy without producing consequences worse than those it set out to avoid in 2008. They have no good exits from over ten years of market manipulation. These facts mean that when the next crash comes, the economy will be less resilient. Already weak, the economy will sink still lower. As a result; what are the central bankers going to do, if they have any choice at all?



The only reform that makes a difference

As explained earlier on, the world is in a central bank economy, and a transition will have to be made to a peoples’ economy. Talk about reform! Money should be spent by the people, instead of by governments. And that is the only viable solution; a reform that will make a big difference for everyone – worldwide. Remember that all governments are bribed puppets of the Khazarian mafia, led by the Rothschild clan, who want to totally enslave the people, after exterminating 90% of the world’s population.


Ever since the Rothschild Khazarian Banking Mafia invaded America in 1913, America and all countries of the western hemisphere have functioned as Khazarian Mafia Vassal States. Israel attacked America with nukes on 9-11-01 and used nuclear blackmail to create Homeland Security and transform America into Israeli Khazarian occupied territory for the Khazarian Mafia.


Jesus Christ was the first one who drove the moneychangers from the temple. We should now do the same. The banksters, for their crimes committed, are going to be brought to real justice, where they will be found guilty of the most atrocious crimes, including incitement of war through fraud, war crimes, and other crimes against humanity, false flag operations, and torture. Literally trillions worth of their wealth, all their land and personal holdings, have all been stolen from us the people. It will eventually all be confiscated and returned to the true owners; the citizens that have been robbed.


Don’t forget; Governments are the enemy of the people, who are kept in a deep slumber with lies and deceit through their Mainstream Media Mouthpieces. Today, the world is on a fault line of change; the financial system is at the point of collapse, resulting from the gigantic debt-burden.


The fault line of change

There will be no more need for the fiat US dollar as the world’s main reserve currency. Currencies across the globe have agreed to reset to a gold/asset-backed standard. Zimbabwe, with the largest unmined gold reserves, could eventually replace the US Dollar as the world reserve currency. All major world governments are reforming for GESARA compliance so they can participate in this unprecedented Global Currency Reset (GCR).


Although, it will not happen without cost, soon a geopolitical crisis will occur, as local military and law enforcement begins with the removal of Cabal Deep State elements in the 209 nations participating in the GCR – This will include the serving of over 90,000 sealed US federal indictments against political and global elites. With so many facing federal charges and GITMO tribunals demanding Treason for well-known leaders, the resulting chaos could render the need for Martial Law.


Martial Law was already partially in effect. Trump had called his troops to the border. Criminals, drug cartels, and gang members were infiltrating the country. Border patrol agents were overwhelmed – 5,000 migrants illegally crossed the border on a single day last month. The ACLJ (American Centre for Law and Justice) and 19 states filed suits to support border security, in preparation for the end game with the corresponding change.


Feasible change through Debt Free Money

Believe it or not, the world is on the brink of something extraordinary happening, which will affect our way of life dramatically and if you can hang on long enough for it to work through the inevitable birthing pains, you will experience an awakening like never before! – Imagine:


  • A world with no debt.
  • A world with no poverty.
  • A world with no war.
  • A world without disease or hardship.
  • A world free of ruthless controllers.
  • A world where The Golden Rule is law.
  • A world where you can pursue your true calling in life.


These are just some of the things that will be possible directly following the eradication of unbacked, fiat money. The central banks need to be abolished and money creation will be executed by self-management of the people, where it belongs.

In the 30’s, Hitler came to power. He decided to issue the Reichsmarken, interest free by the government, directly opposing the will of the cabal. In one sweep the depression crisis was solved and everyone was at work. He built highways and much more of the infrastructure. Around 1936 with the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany was once again the powerhouse of the world. Herein lies the solution and approach. Every government can start tomorrow and the misery of the crisis and unemployment would be over. This is the world we can create – if we choose to.


The solution is as simple as it is radical – the change from the existing privately- managed, debt-based monetary system into debt free money, issued by the people through true people-elected governments. Let the TBTF banks – Too Big to Fail – fail, no rescue whatsoever.


People’s governments must control the quantity of money, and NOT private bankers, who, with their control of money, initiate booms and/or busts.


Banks should only be allowed to lend the money they have in the bank, and for more money, they should have to compete on the open market. Banks should be required to maintain 100% reserves – ‘fractional reserve’, should be abolished. Only we, the people should be allowed to issue our own money, debt free! That, is the answer and the feasible change!


Our current money is an illusion

For as far back as can be remembered, people’s collective awareness has been subdued. We have become disempowered through the illusions of external authority, which has influenced every aspect of life. Due to constant manipulation and deception, our society has been transformed into the source of a benefit-flow to the authorities themselves, the Host to a parasitical Governing entity. Consequently, many people struggle with the realisation that they can script their own lives, rather than relying on outside authority. WAKEUP and integrate your soul into the liberation that is yours to step into, embodying your personal sovereignty, and learning to act from within. Learn to practice and apply your own free will. Start by realising that our money is an illusion with the false premise and belief that it has real value. In reality, it is the creation of central banking – owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia – that is practiced and consequently deserves the greatest public wrath and should be abolished rather sooner than later