Gold-backed financial systems are invulnerable

The End of the global monetary debt-money system is in sight

Hugh Debt burdens hinder the purchase of precious metals

Gold and Silver are real money and going to shine



The crime against humanity

Consider, all people live in a world of lies and deception, they eat poisoned food, that makes them sick, they go to a doctor to receive dangerous medication making them even sicker, falling ever deeper into the hands of the medical mafia and remaining there until they die in utter poverty, totally fleeced by the Deep State insiders. In the elite’s opinion; retired people are ‘useless eaters’ and must be made ‘economically productive’ by feeding them Deep State sponsored medicine, through bribed medical practitioners, to keep them generating a profit for them.


Money is simply a medium of exchange and must have the function of a medium of exchange, by unit measure, and of a store of value. This is now most certainly not the case, as we are forced to use worthless money, in addition to the fact that it is used to fleece and bribe everyone at will. Money should be based on natural characteristics, such as the fact that it is intrinsically valuable, durable, divisible, uniform, portable, scarce, and broadly accepted; these characteristics are essential for a medium of exchange to become an honest standard of widely accepted payment.


Think about it; Gold has always been valuable, while debt is someone else’s burden, with unreliable promises attached, which could end up not being honoured. Money backed by debt is a crime against humanity. It is a Rothschild invention, which maintains that money is a flow of energy generated from raw materials, goods and services, while labour is the key to all activity on Earth. In order to achieve a monopoly over all the energy, the Rothschilds implemented a world system of slave labour by issuing debt money through their privately-owned central banking system, that has permeated the whole world. This money flow creates for them a first strike opportunity in the field of economics.


By bribing governments, they are able to fleece the outsiders of their valuable energy output, hereby filling the pockets of a few insiders. Money created out of nothing, backed by debt should not be allowed to purchase valuables, as it is plain fraud. But as long the illusion is kept alive that debt-money has value, and we the sheeple believe in this fantasy, this fraud will continue.


Gold-backed financial systems are invulnerable

What are the advantages of gold-backed monetary systems? The first little-understood advantage is that gold-backed financial systems are almost completely immune to any large-scale booms or busts. That’s because the supply of credit is strictly regulated by the size of the economy. Bankers are limited by their gold reserves from granting too many loans.


Central Banks are making the economy worse instead of improving it; while they have simultaneously dropped interest rates to zero and recently into negative territory in the 9 years following the ’08-crisis. But, they have also employed quantitative easing, or QE. This is quite simply put, the printing of more money, which they ran for 3 rounds, and which they are now starting a bold fourth round, constituting brazen bond buying to keep pumping more liquidity into the economy.


So, after a brief and insincere flirtation with “normalcy,” the Fed is definitely back to its old, corrupt tricks of robbing the middle classes in order to reward the rich. The nice thing about it is that it is all predictable. More fake new money. More debt. Crazier booms, with terrifying busts. And of course more inflation, with no one on the horizon to straighten this baloney out.


The announced QE4 will involve buying toxic assets from 4 Failing “Too Big to Fail” banks at face value. That is going to transit the market into Exponential Bailout territory, heralding an additional $20 trillion bank bailout in November 2019.


The best hope for Gold, Silver and other precious metal prices to rise, is the failure of the market riggers, and the best gauge of their failure is how much money they need from the central banks to bail them out! In the US meanwhile, the Bank Bailouts have Jumped to $240 billion and even that is Not Enough!


As a consequence, earlier in October, the Federal Reserve announced it would continue pumping up to $75 billion into the money markets until early November, with more and more to come if needed. But that’s not all. The Fed is also injecting money into the system as part of its “reserve management” program; it began with $7.5 billion. Together, these initiatives should put over $850 billion of new money into the system over the next 12 months – even without an admitted crisis. But the money they get is not likely to be as valuable as they hoped. The whole system will soon be drowning in new dollars, which will lose value faster than ever before.


So, the debt will grow faster, which eventually is debt that is held by the public, retirees included. It will soon be 95% of GDP within a decade. In other words, the public is going to be holding the bag; leaving the former middle class angry, indebted, and hopeless.


Moreover, QE4 will result in more fiat currency printing, bringing down the ‘false’ value of each fiat currency unit, while gold + silver, the tangible forms of money will be going up in ‘real’ value. Some analysts expect gold will be going up to US$ 10.000/ounce. They call it the uptrend, with ‘higher lows and higher highs’. For sure; Gold has accumulated, from last May up until today, a 20% increase and has become the best performing asset. Gold will continue its started correction as the central banks print more, and continue to lower interest rates below zero, putting the world economy heavily in trouble. This behind the scenes chaos is exactly what was planned to bring about the destruction of the old monetary system. This is also confirmed by the oversubscription of 430% by banks in need of a bailout. Concluding; The banks are in failing mode. And as the impression has been given, this would be the end, an enlarged new bailout programme has been provided for, don’t be shocked $20 trillion!



The End of the global monetary debt-money system is in sight

It has been pointed out earlier; the real power in this world is in the hands of the Deep State and the Rothschild-owned International Banking Cartel. The time has arrived and is in fact long overdue when it was necessary to prove, expose and raise awareness of the existence of this network of control. It is an irrefutable fact of life. Nevertheless, most analysts of the precious metals market, continue to bury their heads in the sand of falsehoods, and for various reasons, they only comment on “market behaviour”.


Question; Why does the Deep State wish to control the price of the precious metals? Because their Power is based on the false funny money that they issue, and a true market price of precious metals would very clearly reveal the steady loss of purchasing power of their false money, which would thus erode their Power significantly, or even destroy it. Now the “Why” is known for control, let’s take a look at the “How” of their control: The Central Banks all know that the price of the precious metals are under their strict control to prevent the rise to a true market value.


Until recently, these Central Banks had no interest in acquiring gold for their Reserves, as they were satisfied with their operations based on fiat money. But, now that the Central Banks are aware of the great problem of the existence of an absolutely enormous amount of debt in the world, and of its impending default, they have a renewed interest in obtaining gold for their Reserves, at the cheapest possible price. They therefore favour the continued suppression of the price of precious metals and remain silent regarding that suppression. The overriding concern is their own solvency, and not the well-being of private investors or corporations.


Moreover, the final drop dead deadline has been passed for the US Inc./Federal Reserve/ Central Bank Cabal to come up with Quadrillions in gold for debt repayment to keep their fiat Global Monetary System afloat. They may now have completely lost control of the US and Global Monetary Systems.


It is expected that there will soon be a Global Gold Treaty announcement that calls on all countries including the US, to use the Gold Standard. The currencies of 209 nations of the BRICS Alliance will eventually revalue and complete the move to a gold-backed QFS-Global Monetary System.


Hugh Debt burdens hinder the purchase of precious metals

Concerning the market for gold and silver on the part of corporations and private individuals, it should be noted, that the vast majority of both groups – corporations and private individuals – are heavily burdened with debt. Their over-riding day-to-day interest is to maintain solvency and to be able to service their debts with fiat money.


So, both groups cannot afford to extract funds from on-going operations, and invest them in gold or silver, because of the need for debt servicing of their present huge debt loads and to prevent bankruptcy, while the stagnant price of precious metals makes it almost impossible to contemplate placing funds in gold or silver for investment purposes.


Thus, the gold and silver markets for corporations and private individuals has been reduced to a small minority who owe so little fiat money that they can afford to purchase gold and silver, and wait for its eventual rise to much higher prices, when the proverbial shit hits the fan. And this explains the “How” the International Bankers have been able to keep the price of gold and silver so low.


For the past couple of months, the rising price of gold has been very worrisome for the International Banking Cartel and they are now doing everything they can, to stem the tide. Aiding them will be the corporations of insiders and private individuals who will liquidate their holdings of precious metals to realise a quick profit.


If, in spite of this situation, the price of gold continues its ascent in the face of a gravely increasing amount of world debt, issued by the Banking Cartel, the small minority that have been accumulating gold and silver in a lethargic market is going to turn into a mass of buyers who want to make a profit, and a stampede may take place, which, despite the fraudulent manipulation will take the price of gold and silver to unfathomable heights. “Wait and see” before buying, may turn into “do it now!”


The Deep State thought that by manipulating the price of gold to keep it low, and continuously driving it down when it would rise a slightly, would dissuade the world from investing in gold. However, they have not realised that they are not dealing with simple and ignorant private investors, but with intelligent individuals, who can easily see through the charade as acted out by the authorities.


The low price of gold has been an excellent incentive to investment on the part of the Russians, the Chinese and other Orientals. There is a constant flow of gold moving from West to East, as China, and probably other nations as well, want to divest themselves of dollars and obtain gold, which is a physical asset independent of any political entity.


The Chinese Central Bank has distributed its claims on dollar balances, earned through export trade, to various entities, who will be doing whatever they can, to obtain tangible assets around the world with their dollar balances. Perhaps the Chinese are colonising Central Africa and buying up its agricultural land and mineral deposits, with US dollars that they earned on their exports to the US? Quite ironically, the US is now advancing the Chinese interests in this way!


The Russian Central Bank has reduced its holdings of dollars to a bare minimum, and is constantly buying gold, to be held in Russia by Russians. In a significant move, Russia has recently eliminated the Value Added Tax (VAT) on gold purchases by the Russian public.


Gold and Silver are real money and are going to shine

Adding more cash and cheaper credit means more inflation that remains the Central banks’ easy choice. It pushes up prices and simulates a boom. Trump Team believes it may be able to get the Dow up to 30,000 in time for next year’s election. As far as is known, this is the first re-election strategy in history expressly tied to the Dow.


Whether stock and real estate prices will rise or not, is not known for sure. But if these prices rise, don’t be surprised if gold and silver don’t go up even more in relation to this. Gold and silver are real money. When fake money gets debased and inflated, these two will shine.


In the end the unpayable debt will drive the price of precious metals to stratospheric heights, that is for sure. Be alert and buy precious metals before it is too late. Remember; The heydays of the debt-backed fiat currencies are over. The world is moving toward currencies redeemable for fixed amounts of gold.


Human nature being what it is, at some point people will rush into gold, causing the price of gold to go into an unimaginably high territory, until it eventually reaches multiples of its present artificially, suppressed low price, as denominated in fiat currencies. Be supportive, and share this important financial information with all your contacts and motivate them to do the same with theirs. Many will be grateful for the eye-opener.