Below is a self-explanatory video that shows how with cleverness combined with high intelligence the Deep State Cabal is honestly destroyed without dirty tricks.


Trump and the Patriots already knew in advance the corrupt agenda of the Deep State democrats to falsify the 2020 elections to their advantage. Already in 2012, a plan was developed to lure the DS into their own trap. On this video you can see how the plan worked. Anyone responsible for the electoral fraud committed can and will be tracked down and prosecuted for high treason against the nation.


People need to wake up en masse after this event by understanding what has just happened under their nose.


This clever bait operation, developed by a psychological intelligence expert, tells how it works to detect electoral malpractices and fraudsters on a massive scale.


Previously, all official ballots were watermarked and coded, connected to the Quantum Vote System (QVS) via GPS. This means that all ballots, even those that have been thrown away, can be traced back and that the crime perpetrators can be shown and proven.


Be convinced; the Deep State Cabal is over and done with. Trump can show that he has won his re-election by an overwhelming majority, as the FWC predicted months ago.


Watch the video below as soon as possible before it is removed!