A populist tsunami awash through the EU



A Union that isn’t a Union:

The current economic situation in Europe is extremely disparate. There are some countries that are doing better than others. Germany, and the Nordic countries are generally better off than the Southern European countries. Germany has benefitted the most from the EU’s common market. But when looked at the benefit of the EU as a whole, because a union should be judged as one entity, and not country by country; then as a union – which it really isn’t – it has done worse than if there would not have been a so-called European Union.


European DemocracyOf course this may be difficult to prove, since no study can be done on what would have happened in the event of the union having not come into existence – i.e. what would the independent countries of Europe have done socioeconomically without the formation of the EU?


Why this claim that the sum of the EU results is worse than what would have been the sum of all individual sovereign EU member countries? – Because the EU was never set up as a union to serve its members equally. It wasn’t even created by the Europeans. Its creation was the idea of the RKM in Washington, carried out by its privately run agency the CIA, starting after WWII. Downtrodden Europe was to become a vassal state for the corporate US, as had already been scripted, and equally deceitful is the euro-based monetary system.


The ECB owned and controlled by the RKM, will have to keep printing money, and maintain artificially low interest rates, fuelling an ever-increasing bond market bubble. If not, the whole party could end abruptly. The ECB will have to continue dealing with terrible government balance sheets, with doubts regarding the nations governments’ ability to manage hundreds of billions in bad debt. This means just about every government in the EU is going to look for ways to squeeze every last euro they can get out of their citizens, their workers, businesses and corporations. This is going to kill incomes, growth, and prosperity.
Decisive year 2017:

2017 will be a decisive year. Voters go to the polls in major elections in The Netherlands on March 15th, France April 23rd, and Germany, between August 27th and October 22nd. Anti-euro populists have a real chance to win in any of these countries. If they win in even one, the EU would likely unravel.


populismTrump has created a new strain of populism that is spreading across the developed world and is threatening the post-war liberal democratic order. In other words; the Deep State, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateralists, the members of the Bohemian Grove, and the Council of Foreign Relations have all held out of the ordinary meetings to plan strategies to stop Trump from becoming president. Every evil cabal member in the world is nervous, if not downright “out of their mind” at this point. They have tried killing him, bribing him, offering him endless power, and all the usual methods that work on others, but all in vain. Trump is still moving forward and amassing a cabinet of the most powerful people in America. All three CIA’s are terrified by the fact that no one can control Trump and that he is not interested in the vices the CIA usually deals in. – CIA Director Brennan, has not only turned the CIA into a sinister, unaccountable power-dictating, policymaking institution for the elected US president, but is now furthermore taking on the tone of a Mafia Capo, as he threatens the physical security of Trump.


Three CIA-Factions Control the World:

The overreaching power of the CIA was demonstrated with the recent scandal of “fake news” about President-elect Trump being blackmailed by Russia. The CIA tried to start a “smear campaign” against Trump. James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, apparently couldn’t see through the ruse and agreed with the CIA’s assessment. Citizens are lead to the conclusion that either all intelligence agencies are lacking in capacity and intelligence competences. The CIA has positioned itself to be a higher authority than Congress, the President, or the People and can act in secrecy in all of its affairs, as previously has been exposed by Edward Snowdon. Trump addressed about 400 CIA employees at their headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on his first full day in office. He challenged and at times belittled their conclusions that Russia attempted to influence the election to help him win the White House.


Trump team has an enormous task ahead; to completely cleaning out all swamps; forcing or firing all employees to tell the truth. Confirming the abuses; explaining by whom they were bought and how much they have been paid for; the rigging of all “free” markets. Further; the truth about those in power that are corrupt, and committed treason, all false flag operations, as 9/11; Pizza gate; executed assassinations; specifically, the murder of John F. Kennedy.


Trey Gowdy a no-nonsense prosecutor will serve in the new Congress, on the intelligence committee. Like no one else he could hold the intelligence community officials accountable over their campaign to delegitimise Donald Trump. – Gowdy has proven that politics does not drive his investigations. His moral compass always points in the direction of the truth.


The truth is the only thing that counts and will wake up the masses!



With elections looming in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and possibly Italy, this year, the anxiety among the elites that run the Deep State, is tangible. Last year, the consensus was that Trump had no chance of being elected. His victory, less than half a year after Britain voted to leave the European Union, was a slap in the face of the elites in respect to globalisation, free trade, and multilateralism. Jean-Marie Guehenno, CEO of International Crisis Group, said:


“Regardless of how you view Trump and his positions, his election has led to a deep, deep sense of uncertainty and that will cast a long shadow over Davos,”


The Netherlands:

The far-right Freedom Party, led by anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders, a fervent Eurosceptic, is vying for first place in the polls, with Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s centre-right VVD-Party. IF the polls are right (nowadays a big IF) it’s going to be a very close outcome, and it could end with Wilders’ party winning or coming a close second, meaning there’s a possibility Wilders might end up in a coalition with another party.


A solid Wilders win would allow him to form a government, which would see crackdowns on the Dutch Muslim population at home, instigating a dramatic turn in other member states.



The same anti-establishment sentiment that exists in Italy and The Netherlands, is very much alive in France and Germany. The upcoming spring presidential elections in France are shaping up to be rather important. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, a 48-year-old lawyer by profession, has tapped into the growing anti-immigrant sentiment using the recent terror attacks and a faltering economy as ammunition against President Francois Hollande.


France under Le PenIncluded in Le Pen’s agenda items are leaving the European Union, ditching the euro, and securing the borders. This is the world’s sixth-largest economy. She’s not currently favoured to win, but neither was the pro-Brexit crowd or Donald Trump. Le Pen is headed for a Frexit or French EU exit, which is why she has already met with Trump in New York last week. Should Marine Le Pen win and be given the opportunity to enter the Elysée Palace, she has said that her first official trip would be, not to Washington, but to the EU headquarters, to signal the fact that Brussels’ superpower has finally come to an end.


With 10% unemployment – which is a near record high – months before the election, it would not be surprising to see Le Pen’s popularity gain traction among undecided voters. Elections in France are multi-round affairs and are ultimately decided by the popular vote. She’s expected to make it into the second round, though most polls currently forecast her losing. By the way, these are the same pollsters that forecasted Brexit and the Trump presidency inaccurately.



As a matter of interest; She’s also a fan of Vladimir Putin, isn’t sold on climate change, and has called globalisation “another kind of totalitarianism.” Sounds familiar! Should Le Pen win, the ramifications thereof, as was the case with the Italian referendum, could be potentially fatal to the sustainability of the euro, which will have an impact on banks, currencies, bond markets, and precious metals.





Once again, anti-immigrant and anti-establishment sentiment has called into question whether Chancellor Merkel scheißt auf DeutschlandAngela Merkel will retain power in the upcoming German elections, which must take place before October 22, 2017. Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democrat Union (CDU) party was recently defeated in her home state, largely in rebuke of the party’s open border policy. Chancellor Merkel came in third place behind Germany’s populist right-wing Alternative for Deutschland party (AfD), which secured 21% of the votes in Merkel’s home state.


Angela Merkel’s decision to allow millions of refugees to flood into Germany blew up spectacularly in her face. The chancellor’s plan to impose harsh sanctions on Russia was rejected by European leaders, disgruntled with her immigration policy.



Merkel desperately tried to enforce yearlong sanctions on the Kremlin, but the ruling figures of Europe shunned her in a motion of support to Vladimir Putin. The chaos and lunacy engulfing Ukraine prompted Merkel’s move. EU leaders snubbed her wishes, merely imposing sanctions for a period of six months.


Merkel’s favourability rating has been steadily slipping. The Berlin Christmas market attack launched a new wave of criticism against her mass migration policy. The German far right is surging to power on the merit of promises to crack down on immigration.


Merkel’s policies thrust the lives of Germans into a precarious position. A horde of violent foreigners has invaded German neighbourhoods and they’re helpless in responding. Recent terror attacks have fuelled fears. Citizens are ill at ease. They’ve called for burka bans and heavy surveillance.


 It is presumed that  Merkel is the CEO of  the Rothschild/ Nazi 4th Reich AG (the EU). The German Federal Ministry of Finance shares  the Frankfurt House of Finance with a plethora of Rothschild banks – insurance companies etc. Merkel is a Bilderberger 2005 and she is a Rotary Club member, has been awarded the Jewish B´nai B´rith (Ruler of world Masonry) prize  because she is obedient. She has also received the Coudenhove Kalergi –Prize  for promoting the ideology of racial mixing so that Europeans will look like ancient Egyptians. Merkel seems to have  Jewish ancestry which would explain her betrayal of Germany and Europe.



Whom are amongst the secret power Elite that rule the world?

The dissatisfied Italian, Gioele Magaldi, has stepped down as a member of the Highest ranking within the Freemason society, and has revealed with five other dissatisfied members, the existence of 36 ultra-secret international loges, which are not only above the 33rd degree of the Scottish rite and all other hitherto known high rankings, but they are also high above the Bilderberg group, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones, the Bohemian Grove, and all other existing organisations that serve to execute the plans to create a new world order that is influential in economic, financial, academic, and governmental circles.


The true power has been with these ultra-secret lodges since 1849. These include names such as, Golden Eurasia, Parsifal, Three Eyes, Geburah, Compass Star Rose, Valhalla, Leviathan and the Hathor Pentalpha.

MasonicLeadersTheir most influential members are; the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Gerhard Schroeder, Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Mario Draghi, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Christina Lagarde, Bibi Netanyahu, Manuel Valls, Pascal Lamy, Jean Claude Trichet, Mariano Rajoy, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet ,and many other influential people are also members of the above mentioned Loges. The Hathor Pentalpha Ur-Loge is one of the most brutal and extremist of all Ur-Lodges. These Loges were founded in 2000 by the Bush family. According to Gioele Magaldi, apart from Nicolas Sarkozy being a member, Osama bin Laden, and IS boss Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi are both members of the Hathor Pentalpha Loge. These Ur-Lodges are divided into two parts, conservative and progressive. They steer Para-Masonic associations such as the Tri-lateral Commission and its power extends right up to the Bilderberg Group. These Ur-lodges are implementing in the EU, the eradication of the white race.


The most prominent politicians, media moguls, people in the finance industry, industrialists and other would-be-rulers of the world can become members by application, or by invitation. In both cases, Rothschild´s approval is the determining factor.



In this group of Ur-Loges, are all the loge brothers and sisters from different parts of the world sitting together in harmony with each other, and reaching consensus on future plans. The UR- loges comprise about 15-20.000 members.


There is a great deal of disinformation and proclamations that some of our rulers are fighting for the control of the planet. Indeed, it is true that they are in competition with each other in some sectors, like oil and gas. In truth, there will always be power struggles between our leaders, but at the same time, they do need each other. They are all closely linked together! In the meanwhile, in pursuit of their goals, the fear of a Third World War is being used to make people afraid, accepting excessive freedom restrictions, and increases in taxes.


Super lodges Ruling the World and Dictating Merkel´s Immigration Policy:

Merkel and Putin are “brother and sister in the same Ur-Lodge, the “Golden Eurasia”. Although they play opposing roles on the world stage – they strive for the same goal: Rothschild’s One World State.


There is no doubt that Merkel and Putin are remote-controlled puppets as members of the same Ur-lodge, the “Golden Eurasia” – without the ability of acting independently. In the light of this, Rothschild agent — George Soros has a free hand to drive Europe into chaos through mass immigration.


Even more dangerous are Turkish dictator Erdogan and ISIS leader and Mossad agent, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who are “brothers” in the explosive Ur-lodge of “Hathor Pentalpha”. Other “brothers” in this lodge are the two ex-Pres. Bush, Jeb Bush, ex-Vice-Pres. Dick Cheney, former Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Israeli ex-President Ariel Sharon, Bibi Netanyahu, former Pres. Sarkozy, all are members of this sinister Lodge, the force behind 9/11 – 2001.



The Refugees:

What is currently happening in the EU is terrifying for the citizens, while their governments are covering it up and placing the welfare of the refugees above that of the people who are being raped, assaulted, and killed. As a result; the elections held in The Netherlands, France, and Germany will add to the political risks that will unleash a populist tsunami destroying the EU and the Euro.


All this, will drastically change the EU’s political landscape in a way not seen since before World War II. This wave will flush-out traditional mainstream political parties and usher in anti-establishment populists who want to leave the European Union and its Euro currency.


Crazy European Immigration Crisis:

The current widespread refugee crisis is hushed and played down. But in the EU it is very real and violent. Where to get real news from, and what to believe? It is up to everyone to determine the facts for themselves using their discernment. Because one thing is for sure that the truth about this situation is not being told by the MSM or governments. Sweden is already gone and finished, and taken over by the refugees. The Swedes are no longer accepted in their own country, other European countries are going to follow soon!
The perils facing migrants from Africa and the Middle East trying to get to Europe across the Mediterranean have been underscored. With economic decay, war, persecution and unemployment plaguing at least a dozen countries on EU’s southern rim, the surge of Soros’ financed migration north has overwhelmed authorities in Europe, who are struggling to conjure up a single coherent policy, critics say. This plays into the hands of unscrupulous ‘people traffickers’. It may prove to be true and no exaggeration to characterise the scale of would-be migrants arriving illegally in Europe as a permanent crisis.


The Endgame – Full White Genocide Documentary:

The Deep State is implementing in the EU, the complete eradication of the white race.



brothers and sisters, before we realise it, we are gone forever.