Computers manipulate Facebook users:


Governments control the people:

Almost nothing of the information on this site will be found in the mainstream media. In classic Orwellian terms –  “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.” – it means saying one thing and doing another is governments’ order of the day.


Once it is understood that governments are expressly structured to control the people, everything else comes into focus, such as why governments constantly act in the interest of Big Business, Big Banking, Big Pharma, Big Biotech, and their associated organisations. They are clearly ominously against the interests of the people.

In the past, people rebelled against rule by royal dictatorship and demanded a say in who ran the country. The bloodlines began the process of replacing the overt royal dictatorships with ones that had the appearance of freedom, while continuing business as usual. Tyranny was replaced with much more effective tyranny that people cannot see, or most people don’t see.


The Illuminati’s worst nightmare was for people to be elected to government who were genuinely independent and had the best interest of the population at heart. The solution was the introduction of political parties, a structure was created which, through funding and organization, gave those who did not join one of these parties virtually no chance of being elected to parliament and certainly not to forming a government in association with other genuine independent people.


The vital control Structure over many by the few.

The formation of political parties produced the structure through which members of parliaments, and those at other levels of government – local and state – could be controlled. Instead of having to force their will upon hundreds of individuals, all they had to do was force it upon those who controlled the parties and they, in turn, would enforce it upon their members.


Quite simply, if one would want to progress in politics, they would first need to join a party and then keep the ruling elite of the party as happy as they possibly can by what they achieve in doing and saying. It’s the same as with doctors, lawyers, scientists and teachers. Keep your head down, don’t rock the boat, and certainly don’t oppose anything significant through personal conscience that is against the wishes of the party establishment. Real personal ‘progress’ in any of these professions demands that you close your mind or sell your soul. Preferably both.


For example, the UK Parliament have people known as ‘Whips’ to make sure their MPs vote in accordance with the party line. The fact that Whips are allowed to exist and operate openly is already proof of the corruption and irrelevance of politics. They offer MPs promises of good things for themselves, if they comply, and if they still won’t budge, they are told the facts of life about the consequences for their careers. The same system operates in every country, although not always with official Whips. Detailed files are kept on politicians, aided by intelligence agency data, which can be used to scare a doubter into line through fear of his/her secrets becoming public. The ones that control the parties, also control the intelligence agency network, not least the Rothschild dynasty.


There are no boundaries at that level or moral dilemmas about little things like integrity and laws of data protection. The more secrets people have that would destroy them if revealed, the more suitable and desirable they become to fill key positions. If they ever try to stand up against the official line, there is always the file.


The upper echelons of politics are full of people who are dancing to the music for fear of public exposure for anything from financial fraud to paedophilia. There are three types of politicians that get anywhere near the governmental system of power:


  1. A small minority who are knowingly part of the conspiracy and aware of the goals.
  2. Those who just want power and status and will do anything to get it, by saying and doing whatever it takes; and
  3. Those who have big secrets that can be revealed at any time if they refuse to take orders.


It is not said that every politician fits one of these 3 criteria, only the vast majority who make it to the government or to the top of major parties, in charge or in opposition, with any chance of forming a government. The glue that holds together the manipulations between different political parties and countries is the spider’s web of secret societies, the Jesuits and Freemasons being the most important.



In fact, it doesn’t matter for whom you vote, the Rothschild – Illuminati, through their control of all parties, decides which government gets installed. They control all camps of political currents. Politics is full of fraud without integrity – saying one thing and doing another. The political parties are merely vehicles introducing the agenda of the shadow government that demands and coerces the transformation of human society into global dictatorship.


Today people in large numbers correctly say elections are irrelevant, because nothing ever changes, as most of these elections are rigged to make sure the right result is obtained. Watch the video about the Scottish voting drama, where Scotland was not allowed to leave the UK, nor the EU. They only fuel the illusion of debate and choice. It is all a mind game to put the global police state into place along with a network of mass surveillance, everybody micro chipped, a society based on mass control – governments destroy your freedom. And that is exactly what they ought to protect.


Manipulating people’s perceptions:

Controlling the people means manipulating their perceptions of reality, clearly the information must be dictated. For this, it is utterly essential to control the media and education. Ignorance and arrogance are a telling combination. The Archon bloodline families own the global media, and they appoint and control the editors, who in turn control and appoint the journalists, they who write whatever they are told to write.

This top-down power structure basically allows for the dictation of what does and what doesn’t appear in the media for the public to read, hear and see. Controlling the media means setting the parameters, the norms through which the media filters everything. Look at the pathetic way most of the global media repeated the official version of ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ and rarely looked into the abundance of scientific evidence to the contrary that proves it is all nonsense.


Journalists, just like doctors, lawyers, politicians, and the public in general, are repeaters. They repeat without question and accept the ‘everyone-knows-that’ norm like a little child that is told to believe in Santa Claus.


Most people dismiss any possibility of a conspiracy with a reflex action and they will never do any research to validate one way or the other. This is the mentality of the majority – journalists included – all over the world that stands between what is truly happening and what they tell you is happening, and people dare to argue that if there were a conspiracy, the media would tell us, truly laughable reasoning. Meanwhile, it is widely known that regarding 9/11 and MH17, the public at large has been immensely deceived.


The psyches of journalists and the public in general are welded to a programmed sense of reality and so people do what the bloodline families want them to do, while dismissing any suggestion that these families even exist. Real journalism can be found on the web and is produced and presented by people who are willing to go where the mainstream lackeys are too ignorant or too frightened to go and as a side note, many of these journalists do this on a voluntary basis, with a passion for bringing Truth.

Of course not all ‘news’ on the web is trustworthy, but there is plenty of investigative journalism, which is not found in the MSM. The Illuminati families control the telecom giants too, such as the major servers and search engines. The Internet gives them some major benefits in terms of surveillance, but there is also a downside through the explosion of information across the Net about their covert operations and manipulation of the population. The genie is out of the bottle and it cannot be put back, but there are still challenges to overcome as the Illuminati seeks to censor the Net by employing every argument and excuse they can think of, like Cyber terrorism that requires Internet censorship, for which the Cyber security Act of 2009 was introduced that gives the President the right to declare a cyber emergency enabling them to close down or restrict the Net.


Computers manipulate Facebook users:

Already in 2011, Facebook ran a secret experiment on its users. The purpose of that experiment was to see if the company could change peoples’ moods by altering their news feeds. And it worked. The results of the experiment concluded that “emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without being aware of this.” This experiment leads straight to individualised manipulation.


Internet users worldwide are addicted to free technological services; they make money by turning people’s private information into cash – monetising users’ lives. It is already scary enough when one is manipulated, but even worse when the entire process is automated – computers are learning to manipulate individuals by interacting with them!


If they want to make more money with their free services, programs are devised to manipulate people more efficiently, so this will be getting worse by the day. The question is, where will this all go? The world is moving into a virtual world, a world specifically built for all the individual personalities.

The manipulation rights will be sold to the highest bidder – government agencies – to which most of the personal information is already sold. What does this mean? If they know what motivates you, they can change your environment based on their knowledge of you, and can induce you to act in ways they prefer, easily done by computers.


Think about false material in order to destroy one’s reputation, applying social science and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate desirable outcomes. We’re doomed if we remain passive and do nothing, precisely what they expect most people will do. Passivity + Time = Destruction.


If you want to retain your own mind and mood, you can still do it, but only if you act. Make your information unavailable to the manipulators. Throw sand in the abusers’ eyes. Prevent them from knowing which websites you visit, who you communicate with, and what you say, for example by encryption, here’s a PDF that will show you how.



Despite Snowdon’s information – for everyone involved it is still business as usual. Nothing has changed, so expect data thieves to continue getting worse.

Source: Paul Rosenberg.


About what could happen:

George Carlin’s hilarious, brilliant, touching and in the meantime tells the truth.