The Gold Standard Will Break up the Banking Cartel


Power corrupts

Nothing ruins people faster than getting too much money with little to no effort. Few bank robbers, lottery winners, or sports stars can resist the temptation of extravagance, luxury, and excess. In just a few years’ time, they’re often broke. Entire nations have succumbed to the impact of instant abundance.

Spain, in the 16th century, stole the gold and silver of the New World, Peru, Bolivia, and other countries. She soon went broke and became the basket case of Europe for the following 300 years.


The USA, with the unbelievable good luck of having the world’s reserve currency, has been spending money like water which it never truly earned, running up trade deficits of 2018 valuation of up to $20 trillion worth, thereby exporting its jobs and ruining its Main Street economy.


The economic system, managed by the Rothschilds, was created to plunder the life force from the population. The public see money as currency, but the Rothschilds see it as energy, which it is – currency that circulates as a current which returns to them, the elites, at a much greater rate, expanded by interest. In so doing, the Rothschild family has now come to privately own more than half of Planet Earth.


If “too much” is a problem in the financial world, could “too much” perhaps be a problem in the political world too? Power corrupts. This is clearly demonstrated by Israel, which is backed without limits or scruples by the Khazarians in the U.S. and Britain, while they are actually living on stolen land of the Palestinians. They have obviously been corrupted by too much power. But we could ask ourselves about America too.


Questions were asked when reports came out, that Israeli soldiers shot people who couldn’t shoot back. They slaughter without fear of retribution. They lie, cheat, and steal without any worries because the fix is always in.


The Zionists have the bullying power in the Middle East. They are worried about Iran obtaining weapons of mass destruction, while Israel already has them in great quantity. Worried about Russia influencing U.S. elections? Nobody does it better than Israel.


But does that mean that Israelis have become the bad guys? It sure does appear to be so! Palestinians demonstrate. Israeli snipers shoot. Reports have cited more than 2,000 casualties and 63 deaths – all Palestinian. Rather than condemning the killings, the U.N. – which is Rothschild owned – blocked an international investigation. The power is unbalanced and disproportionate. It is ‘taking’ without ‘giving’. The motto is let live, but don’t let the Palestinians live.

Paraphrasing former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright:

“What good would it be to have so much power if we didn’t use it?”

And therein lays the fatal temptation!


Why Governments Are Corporations

The purpose of the Final Wakeup Call, is to unite the clans of awakened in a common direction with a common goal. One government for every country, truly of, for and by the people, according to our rightful entitlement of representation, which means, it is part and parcel of one’s rights, and not what is currently the case; a de facto corporate Government, operating for the maximum profit of its shareholders, and masquerading as a people’s administration. This system is fraudulent, but it hasn’t always been this way. Why were we the people never told about this?


Did you know that our governments, local, city, county, state and federal were not always incorporated? Do you know what it means to be incorporated?


It means the entity is a corporation, a fictitious entity, something made up on paper, and through word-crafting and legal definitions, it becomes an entity, legally defined as a person. If you look up, “legal definition of person,” you may be horrified. Do it, so that you may step into the light of consciousness and be awakened. If corporations are going to be treated as legal persons, they should also have personal accountability, especially as it pertains to human rights abuses.

Corporations have only one intent – to make money for shareholders who are protected by the limited liability of the corporation that has a “person” status regarding its rights while it has immunity for crimes.


Corporations plan to commit crimes and when they get caught, they simply pay the fines and penalties. No single “person” in the corporation is held responsible for the crime and they seldom suffer criminal prosecution that entails jail-time. Corporations are “exempt” from suffering the same fate that you or I would suffer if we committed the same crimes. The evidence is abundantly clear that the bigger the corporation, the bigger the crimes.


Corporations make a tremendous amount of money by scamming, screwing, stealing, killing, and poisoning the populace. Destroying the environment, and endless other heinous crimes. If there had been a working democracy, with real people representing the public they would be able to stop this corporate crime immediately and restore people’s constitutional rights, instead of condoning these blatant crimes.


These Corporations get rich from corruption, bribery, buying elections, buying legislators, purchasing government subsidies, tax breaks, handouts and bailouts while they are protected by many layers of courts, judges and lawyers.


Corporations have the status of an entitled position or authority that is above the commoner who is subject to common law, as opposed to admiralty-, merchant-, or canon-law. The common person, in many cases, may not even speak before a court because they have no standing or status to do so.


Corporations carry out some of the most horrific human rights abuses in our society, but it is increasingly difficult to hold them accountable. Economic globalisation and the rise of transnational corporate power have created a favourable climate for corporate human rights abusers, which are governed principally by the codes of supply and demand and show loyalty only to their shareholders.


Whilst corporations act like criminals, we, the people have the right and the power to stop them and to hold leaders and multinational corporations alike to the accords they have signed.


With this insight, one could reasonably conclude that courts, lawyers, corporations, churches, and monarchies are outside of the law. Politicians and government employees also are often exempt from prosecution. But the common person is not.


Why have we been lied to? Why have we been told, “Well that is quite simply the way it has always been”? How can a corporation be of and for the people? How can a real living individual be on the same level playing field as a fictitious entity? A corporation is not a living entity, it is not real, it is fictitious. How can we possibly be represented by something that is not real and living?


Were we not created in the image and likeness of the Great Creator? How can a corporation represent the likeness of the Creator in all the Creator’s glory?


We, the people were meant to be kings and queens wherever we stood. The ground underneath our feet to be sovereign land, a place where we could not be detained, harassed, imprisoned, fined excessively. We were meant to be free from taxation! This was the Great Creator’s intent for all men, women, and children everywhere, no matter where they stood.


Taxes are not deployed for the well-being of the country

Did you know that the interest on fake money takes away your freedom? There is another vital aspect to be understood about interest on money; when a loan is taken out, the bank creates the money but not the interest with which all loans must be paid back. The created money therefore excludes the amount owed in interest. This means that there can never be enough money in circulation to pay back all the outstanding loans plus interest. This is a purposely designed flaw, crushing human freedom, ensuring that through bankruptcy, the loss of the bank’s fake money is compensated by their seizing of ownership of all property and possessions. This is the precise reason that this was built into the system, as a tool of future complete enslavement


It is all part of the Rothschilds’ energy-construct that directs the flow of the wealth and energy of the people in their direction. An unimaginable amount of taxpayers’ money goes straight to the private banks to pay back interest on the money that the government could ultimately have created itself, interest free.


Do you know what it means to say no tax on tax? City Tax, County Tax, State Tax, Federal Tax, Permits, Fees, Fines, they continuously sell us the same fraudulent swindle over and over again!


As stated before, our taxes don’t pay for the wellbeing and the infrastructure of our country, but the money is directly forwarded to the banking cartel, enriching the elite?


Why is all this so? Because actually corporations have corrupted their purpose, they have cheated their way into allencompassing positions of power, and now they are going for maximum profit!


With the dawning of each new day, new scams are spun into existence, heralding more suffering and death to humanity, new so-called natural disasters, all devised to increase profits, so that these vermin make more and more money. New false flags to enslave the population, to promote war, death, and the manufacturing of bullets, bombs, and guns to profit from blood, your blood, the blood of your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children. How can you stand idly by while your very own blood is being spilt not just across the land but around the globe? We are many, but together we are one and powerful!


We are one group of real living people, with hands and feet, living on the land known as Earth. We have such a beautiful history that has been hidden from us by deceit, lies, and murder. Embrace one another and stand up triumphantly against our oppressors!


Let this message be heard to all people of the world.


Tell all of the puppets in Parliament and Congress and wherever they are implemented, the puppet world leaders down to your local, city, county and state puppet politicians, tell your friends and family in law enforcement. Send this to all the military and everyone you know. In short; Tell everyone, that all are aware of what is happening!


Falsely represented and administered

Why do politicians promise one thing and then offend us by doing another? Why does the privately-owned fake media bend to the will of blood-sucking, and war-mongering criminals? Do you feel that your vote counts?
Why do the de facto governments of the world, pay more attention, to strict inspection at airports, as 95% of real weaponry is never detected.  They are preoccupied with athletic doping scandals, but are not able to guarantee the honest counting of votes? What they do instead is to steal votes, hack elections, and falsify voter registration.



Why can’t we get more objective information and responses to these questions? Why do these governmental corporations, falsely presenting themselves as duly elected governments, make us believe they are our lawful governments, while not allowing us to have civilian supervision over the voting process in every nation?  Why do we remain so complacent about it all? What will it take for us to come into action?


Why does international athletics have such a high standard, while the act of voting is so utterly corrupt, guaranteeing that the rights of ‘We the People’, our liberties, freedoms, and safety are turned against us. They have weaponised themselves to ensure maximum profit for their corporations that are masquerading as our lawful governance. Which is more important, the sanctity of the vote, or the sanctity of fair competition, or should they be equal?  Do you see?  Are you awakened?


Let us hope that people will finally “get it”, understanding fully that having a massive amount of money isn’t the end result wanted here. The desired result is to begin to redefine the world and its inhabitants differently, and reclaim our liberty. There is much to do as the focus until now has been on personal pleasures rather than on the community as a whole.


It is all coming together, slowly but most certainly and you will see positive changes in your lifetime. Make no mistake about that; it has been a long time, about 13 millennia, that criminals have suppressed humanity. But, be assured, all the changes that stand to occur are major ones, and are coming now.


The Implementation of the Gold Standard Will Break-up the Banking Cartel

The trade war initiated by Donald Trump was implemented to break up the cabal’s system. New trade deals will be made between countries on an individual basis, in order to shut down the old system and get out the cabal’s system ahead of time. The entire structure is going to come crashing down. This is what can be expected for the world economy.


Italy is the biggest threat to the Euro. They know the euro system is unstable, and were working on a plan to have a parallel currency with the Euro. This plan might still be moving forward, but probably in a different way, while other countries may follow. If this is going to happen the Euro is doomed.


The financial system is very fragile, and Italy could blow it up. They have a clever alternative plan to blow up the Euro through the bond market. The whole system is based on the cabal’s central banking structure that the Deep State cannot control anymore. All they are capable of is manipulating everything, but every day more and more people realise that all official information is manipulated. Every day more and more people understand that most of the news is fake. The economy is not great as is purported by the corporate media. Explained in more detail in next week’s essay. In reality, the whole system is breaking down, and everything is going to change, as the cabal criminals are no longer in full control and are losing more control daily.



The Global Currency reset has begun

Get ready for a simultaneously occurring banking crisis in the three biggest EU-economies: Germany, France, and Italy. The Criminals in the City of London and the Khazarians in Washington DC will not be able to avoid this crisis.


It will be an event of monumental proportions and impact. The credit default swap of the largest bank in the EU – Deutsche Bank – is rising in cost, while its stock price has entered single digits in a powerful decline over the last weeks. This bank holds also up to $75 trillion in derivatives, and is now on the verge of financial collapse. Furthermore, it also is a big bond holder of Italian Government Bonds. The Italian banking system in turn is on death row, which has finally been admitted lately. As if this is not bad enough, an even bigger bond holder for Italian debt is France. So, expect a massive banking crisis to unfold very soon that will wreck Société General and BNP Paribas, the two largest banks of France.


The reset is in progress, with a number of new elements such as the Gold-Oil-RMB futures contracts in Shanghai and the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), that were set up to replace the Deep State’s swift – system. Once gold is released from its manipulation, silver will take a stratospheric flight. The Global Currency reset will include a complete restructuring of the global financial system versus its present form.


Expect a complete restructuring of the financial world as is known, most importantly concerning debt restructure. The result will be a gold-centred financial system, finally honouring the Gold Standard and gold assets as banking reserves.


The Chinese Elders are driving the reset process, after having abandoned support for many key institutions of power in the West. A gold-backed Chinese Yuan is anticipated as part of the new framework. This should end the Rothschilds’ Banking Cartel. Great fortunes in precious metals, and not paper assets lie ahead. Only, Gold, Silver, and other precious metal assets will survive and thrive because of their intrinsic value as true money, while most of the paper assets will be rendered worthless and put to flame. Particularly silver will have a bright future, as there is a great shortage of this metal, with the supply deficit growing worse every passing month.



Beating the Banking Cartel

The Central Banksters have manipulated interest rates lower, reducing funding costs virtually every year since 2012 and they continue to manipulate it to this day. Soon, interest rates are going to rise as is already evident in the rising Libor rate, bringing with it the kiss of death to the current financial system.

The banking system has the ability to siphon off every single cent that is earned from the people it is supposed to serve. People are seen as a for-profit commodity in a very aggressive way.


One of the mechanisms leading to failure is the ‘bail in’ process as authorised by the EU, USA and other countries. It is an extremely devastating thing to happen to anybody when the bank just takes your money and cites the ‘bail-in laws’ as justification. These things are critical to understand if you have money in your bank account. If you have a regular checking or current account with any bank, your money is now their money to lend out or make investments.


How safe is your money? It is very safe says the bank. But has anyone considered that if the bank runs into a difficulty and has to shut down or go bankrupt, what happens then? Is your money safe?


Consider that your bank is not as solvent as you may think, and you are, by giving the bank control over your money, simply giving them your money without recourse. A legal procedure with a bank is long and costly, especially if you no longer have any money to hire legal assistance.


If the bank makes bad loans or investments, they can lose money, not being able to cover their losses. They have no choice but to take your money and use it to bail themselves out. Eventually, you may become a shareholder of the bank, but the value of the shares is unknown. The current situation of the banks is easy to see as all you have to do is read their balance sheet on the web. They publish their state of affairs. Right now, the banks lend or invest close to the zero coverage point, and can only cover half a cent on every dollar deposited. So, to reiterate; most big banks cannot cover 95% of the money deposited, with only 5% being covered. This is extremely alarming!


The only way to not give your control away, is to contract the bank to be your fiduciary, negotiating with them that they keep your money safe. This is a type of trust escrow scheme that tax attorneys are well versed in, and they can advise the best structures. It all does come back to the structure. If properly done, you can live safely and tranquilly knowing there is no financial threat to your daily wellbeing.


The Lies versus Truth

We have been led to believe that we live in a world lacking resources. Did you know this was nothing more than a dirty lie sold to us in order to control us? The truth is amazing; our resources are inexhaustible. But our environment is truly exhaustible, and that is why evil powers have poisoned, chemtrailed, radiated our air, water, and our lands, contaminated the earth by fracking. It’s all part of a system of corrupt mechanisms of control. Look up and see the poisonous clouds stringing lines of poison that spread out and fade into a haze. Do you see them above your heads? All it takes is for people to look up!


They abolished our gold standard of currency in 1971 and turned our currency into fake, paper, monopoly funny-money, which has since been devalued at such a fast rate that money, if left in the bank, will have decreased in value enormously by the time one wants to retire or to pass it on to one’s heirs. These euro’s, dollars, yen, etc. are backed by nothing, this is one of the greatest, if not the single greatest thefts the world has ever known.


The time has arrived that we, the people return to self-governance. The end of the age of darkness and a new beginning of a golden era of light awaits us.


Did you know?

Did you know that there is no profit to be made from free energy and that is why we burn fossil fuels for energy? We have the technology that powers craft that can travel to the stars in hours and that can travel around the world safely in minutes. That is our imminent future! In the future, we will no longer be radiated at airports by harmful body scanners that destroy our health., for a trip on a slow-flying commercial airliner, that burns fossil fuel. The technology to fly to mars in 45 minutes exists, and it belongs to us, as we have paid for its development and benevolent scientists developed these technologies over and over in history, to be repeatedly ridiculed and in some cases even murdered.

Everything that has been told is a lie. We didn’t need rockets to get into space for over 100 years! Once you knew free energy was real, you wouldn’t be happy getting ripped off for gasoline either!


Nikola Tesla had a working flying platform and flew around on it for over 100 years ago! He also had a patent for a flying saucer type craft. His assistant Otis T. Carr began making an antigravity craft that did work. But the US government shut him down!


Much more is covered! Everything we’ve been told is a lie! They keep antigravity and free energy from us away to keep us in slavery. It’s all about control. This matrix of lies begins to fall apart as more and more people are awakening and becoming aware of their lies and that’s why it’s important we all spread this message.


All ill-gotten funds and assets of all illegal mafia corporations belonging to the criminal elite and their collaborators that have fleeced us naked, will be seized and returned to the rightful owners; ‘we the people’. The value of these ill-gotten funds and assets are millions of times more than anyone can imagine, running into the thousands of trillions of today’s euro’s/dollars.


On a final note: don’t forget that these evil, criminal Deep State tyrants cause us to suffer slowly by destroying our health, increasingly compromising our immune systems with their poisons. Their ultimate plan is to greatly extinguish humanity and to claim planet Earth for themselves.


Pay attention: First the old monetary system is being destroyed, before the new financial system can be activated! Right now is the world in this process.