Our Freedom is safeguarded by God, Gold, Guns, and Cash


Governments are partners in the Criminal Khazarian Mafia

Thanks to the ‘invention’ of private Central Banking, the Khazarian crime cabal created for themselves a vast and continuous river of wealth. People may question what they do with all this money? Their principal means of extortion is usury, commonly known as moneylending with interest charged on loans – while interest on a loan should be allowed as a compensation for the use of one’s hard earned money, a compensation of interest in return for the use of money that is created out of thin air and has cost nothing, is excessive interest and is in essence fraudulent.


For a loan of 70.000 over a 30-year period, people pay a total of 172. 000, including the interest. Compare this to the original 70.000. That is 2,5 times more than that which was initially lent by the bank! Interest represents the time value for money, but this is not true when it comes to the kind of money lent by banks with zero value as it is created out of nothing, with a simple swipe of a pen or a stroke of a key. The interest charged on a loan such as this is totally excessive.


The global monetary system was designed on purpose to be the greatest Scam in the history of mankind, the greatest Heist, and it has been an obstacle to the attainment of Freedom of humanity throughout history.


Being fully intertwined with governments, there is no divide between banksters and politicians. That’s the reason governments don’t want to change this monetary system, as they are partners in this Grand Crime Syndicate to fleece mankind. An ingenious system was created and implemented in today’s political power economy, in which politicians are bought and bribed to put competitors out of business.


As all these malpractices occur on a daily basis in thousands of banks, each example is a mere grain of sand in the desert. Look at all the financing of factories, hotels, equipment, high rise buildings, automobiles, student loans, credit cards, airplane leasing, and so on. Viewed as a whole, a staggering, enormous wide river of wealth flows to the banking cartel daily, generated by money that was created out of nothing and which sprung into existence as debt. This money, in short, should be going to the people who produce products and render services.


Think about what the standard of living could be for all the people on this planet, and then think of the current atrocity: All this money is spent by the cabal to buy power. In other words; this money is spent to buy power and gain control over all people, institutions, and countries.


Lower people’s standard of living to make them more dependent

To acquire influence over all power centres in the world, the cabal has bought and still buys to this day, control over Big Business – Exxon, Shell, P&G, Monsanto, Nestlé, Unilever, etc., most of the MSM outlets, news agencies, politicians, movie studios, labour unions, you name it.


This river of wealth is used to acquire control, especially over the forces of opposition which give the slightest hint of opposing the current process. So, the Khazarian Mafia crime cabal are the owners of both sides of all the business games and political games going on in our world today, and it doesn’t make a difference to them who wins. Being the owner of both sides of all games, they always win!


They have bought and usurped all nations via the World Bank and IMF. Contrary to what is purported, the money spent by these institutions doesn’t go to the people, but to the politicians – creating an efficient scheme of dictatorship. By positioning more people into bureaucracy, they safeguard a tighter control over food chains, health care, etc., while they simultaneously keep enforcing their monetary systems.


There is no ideology, only the quest for money to acquire what they want. – Welfare governments have been purchased lock, stock and barrel to prepare these countries for the introduction of the New World Order – NWO. They don’t want a strong nation; they need dependent nations with an on-welfare-dependent populace that are candidates for the inevitable political turmoil ahead.


They can tax us as much as they like. They can impose negative interest rates, penalising us for saving money. They can prevent us from buying guns or cigarettes, or anything they disapprove of.


Desperate citizens of the world are usually more open to the introduction of the NWO, which will be implemented under the guise of a ‘peaceful solution’ to the cabal-created chaos! The plain P-R-S-scam, create the Problem, wait for the Reaction – offer the Solution. – The plan is to weaken every nation through unemployment, the higher the better. This is currently unfolding in America and in the EU; without any wealth or resources left for the people in a dystopian future – the name of the game will be POWER.


Our leaders don’t want to solve this crisis. They have been instructed to lower people’s standard of living to make them dependent on government hand-outs, to make them more willing to accept the implementation of their New World Order.

Our answer; “Abolish the Central Banks”

We, the people have to abolish this Central Bank creature. Time is running out. It is not an exaggeration, you can see it all around you, the World Trade Organisation – WTO, World Central Bank – BIS, World Health Organisation – WHO, European Union, NATO, are all never-ending pillars of centralisation of power pertaining to all areas of our lives. Similarly, this is also true in the food chain, health care, biotechnology, energy supplies, medicine, media, and all the rest. The power is concentrated in de hands of only a few people and corporations, under the meme of ‘globalisation’.


For the time being, we still have our freedom and elections to overthrow governments. Fortunately, many in the highest echelons of society are awakening. Although they only comprise of 1 – 3 % of the populace, these people will be able to set off the urgently needed change of course of our human history. This change is going to happen whether the ruling cabal wants it or not, as every day more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of what is happening. Maybe your neighbours don’t understand what is happening, which, granted, is a pity, but ultimately, it will not require a lot of people to make the necessary changes.

Many in these upper-echelons hold sufficient influence in organisations to motivate their members to WAKEUP and acquire more awareness and knowledge about what is going on and how in reality, swindlers are governing our society.


There is no single saviour for our world.


But there are many saviours, who together can make a fist.

When enough people wake up en masse, then surely, we will triumph.

Devise a Plan to Work for The Freedom of Your Country.


Your Freedom is safeguarded by God, Gold, Guns, and Cash

Marcel Dassault, a Jew, built fighter planes for the French Army. During the Nazi occupation of France in World War II, he refused to collaborate with the Germans and got sent to Buchenwald. He told his story; He survived because he carried a lot of cash.


“Without cash, you’re out of luck. You can only buy things by going through the banks. And banks are practically government utilities; they do what the Central Banks say.”

If they want to stop us dead in our tracks, they can simply freeze our accounts under suspicion of any falsehood which they fabricate – money laundering, tax evasion, supporting terrorism. They can define ‘terrorism’ as being anything which suits their agenda, for example, a freedom-oriented cause. They won’t need to pass any laws. They won’t need any court orders. They’ll just do it as part of their financial regulations.

For this very reason, Governments are always run by cabal insiders. They always set out to keep the rest of us under control, but on a more positive note, they have never before faced a tool of resistance like the internet.


The only reason people were so free for so long is because they were in possession of real money – gold and they are well armed. It was probably the combination of God, Gold, and Guns that rendered America so free and prosperous. They didn’t need priests or the Pope to put them in touch with God. They simply read the Bible themselves. That is what made them independent.


Gold was real cash. They didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do business with one another and as far as people with guns go, they are certainly shown some respect, or are at least given some space.


But these days, all of that has disappeared. It seems everywhere one looks, people are under the thumb of the authorities.


Most people today worship the government. It has almost become a new religion. When they enter into the valley of death, they look for the rod of their Social Security to pay for their retirement and health care which will provide free opiate pills. They still own their guns in the United States, but since the FED has the control over cash and the banking system, guns won’t be of much use and if things turn really sour, credit cards won’t work either.


The tragedy with gold is that that since the bankster cabal extracted it from the monetary system in 1971, the people haven’t had any real currency. At the same time, people seem to have greatly lost their appreciation for this precious metal with all its unique properties, which can safeguard the financial system by its backing. Most people only have debt. They buy houses with debt. They buy cars with debt. Cut off the credit, and they have nothing.


For the last 47 years, most people have used debt to boost their standard of living while their incomes were stagnant. More recently, they use debt not to get ahead, but just to keep their heads above water.


Since 2008, the gap between real disposable income and the cost of living was no longer able to be filled by credit expansion. In other words, comparing this to the years prior to 1980, the situation has become quite different and a harbinger of potentially bigger problems ahead. The consumer is no longer turning to credit to leverage UP consumption – they are turning to credit to maintain their current living needs.


Household debt levels are at record highs. At the lower end, people get student loans – which are easy to get – not to go to school, but to pay for TV and beer. Recent studies have shown that students are twice as likely to use student loan money for living expenses than they were in 2016.


The Western World is an empire that runs on debt. Nobody has dared to stand between the Deep State and the money it needs. Now that the flood has begun, the next stage of the great money printing game is, you guessed it! – Hyperinflation.


Desperate to keep the money flowing, the Central Banksters will boost spending and debt, further ballooning the national debt by trillions of dollars, dropping interest rates below zero, and clamping down on the use of cash to seal off escape routes.



Debt and more Debt

The economy is built on debt. The entire capital structure – stocks, bonds, and real estate – now depends on excess debt, and increasingly more of it. In a correction, the only way to stop stock prices from falling and the economy from shrinking is to bring in even more debt. When this trick has been pulled a few times, the world will soon find itself beyond Peak Debt, which is to say it will be way over the legal limit.


Debt has been growing three to six times faster than income for more than an entire generation. This makes the old 1.5-to-1 ratio of debt to income seem old-fashioned. It is now 3.5-to-1 worldwide.


Every dollar in debt that is added now is a dollar that cannot and will not be repaid, not by any plausible combination of economic projections. There is no way to “grow your way out of debt” when your income is falling while your debt is ever-increasing.


People have to suffer the indignities of a painful correction, including a major reset in the stock market. And, that happens when stocks that are more than fully priced meet a debt load that is beyond 100% of capacity, as the economic situation is today.


The Global Currency Reset Begins

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When considered the impact that money or lack of money makes on our individual lives, it is about time readers “invest” time in knowing what money is, what kinds of money there are, and how money works, or fails to work!


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