GMO is Genetic Genocide

War is Big Profits


Control the oil, and you control nations.

Control the food, and you control the people.

-Henry Kissinger


It is All About Control

The Deep State, through Rockefeller, sought control not merely over oil, and all other emerging new energy sources for world economic advancement, but they also expanded their influence over the education of the youth, medicine and psychology, as well as expanding their control over the very science of life itself, biology, health care, and its applications in the world of plants and agriculture.


For the most part, their sinister efforts have passed unnoticed by the population at large.  Few people were aware of how their lives were being subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, influenced by some or other project, financed with the immense wealth of the Rockefellers. Researching this subject, it soon became clear that the history of GMO’s was inseparable from the political history of this very powerful family.


Actually, the story of GMO’s is that of the evolution of power into the hands of the elite, during which time it was determined that they would bring the entire world under their control, no matter what the cost. Decades ago, that power was based around the Rockefeller family. Today, three of the four brothers have long-since deceased, several under peculiar circumstances, nevertheless, in line with their wishes, their project of global domination; full spectrum dominance as the Pentagon later referred to it, had spread, often with the deceptive rhetoric of democracy, and was aided from time to time by the raw military power of the Deep State empire when deemed necessary. Their project evolved to the point where one small power group, nominally headquartered in Washington DC in the early years of this century, stood determined to control all present and future life on this planet to a degree never before dreamed of.


The Rockefeller brothers created the very concept of multinational agribusiness. It is the story of the genetic engineering and patenting of plants and other living organisms.

They financed the Green Revolution in the agriculture sector of developing countries in order to, among other things, create new markets for petro-chemical fertilisers and petroleum products, as well as to expand dependency on energy products. Their involvement is an inseparable part of the story of genetically modified crops today.


By the beginning of this century, it was clear that no more than four giant chemical multinational companies had emerged as global players in the game to control patents on the very basic food products that most people in the world depend on for their daily nutrition; corn, soybeans, rice, wheat, even vegetables and fruits and cotton as well, as new strains of disease-resistant poultry, genetically-modified to allegedly resist the deadly H5N1 Bird Flu virus, or even gene altered pigs and cattle.


In May 2003, the President of the United States chose to make GMO a strategic issue, a priority in his post-war US-foreign policy. The stubborn resistance of the worlds second largest agricultural producer, the European Union, stood as a formidable barrier to the global success of the GMO Project. As long as Germany, France, Austria, Greece and other countries of the European Union steadfastly refused to permit GMO planting for health and scientific reasons, the rest of the world’s nations would remain sceptical and hesitant.


By early 2006, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) had forced open the door of the European Union to the mass proliferation of GMO’s. It appeared that global success was near at hand for the GMO Project.


In the wake of the US and British military occupation of Iraq, Washington proceeded to bring the agriculture of Iraq under the domain of patented genetically-engineered seeds, initially supplied through the generosity of the US State Department and Department of Agriculture.


The very first mass experiment with GMO crops, however, took place back in the early 1990’s, in a country whose elite had long since been corrupted by the Rockefeller family and associated New York banks: Argentina.


The proliferation of GMO is formed, often through political coercion, governmental pressure, fraud, lies, and even murder. For the awakened, it reads like a familiar crime story, which is not surprising, as this is a simple account of the truth. The crime being perpetrated in the name of agricultural efficiency, environmental friendliness, and solving the world hunger problem, carries stakes which are immensely more important to the elite.


Their intentions are not solely for money or for profit. After all, these powerful private families decide who controls the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, and even the Peoples Bank of China. Money is in their hands to destroy our Planet.


Their aim is rather, the ultimate control over future life on this planet, a supremacy which earlier dictators and despots could only dream of. Left unchecked, the present group behind the GMO Project would be between one and two decades away from total dominance of the planet’s food supply. This aspect of the GMO story needs telling. Every reader is invited and advised to follow this captivating expose of William Engdahl.



War Tyranny

War is the invention of the Rothschilds. Of all human activities, war alone offers the greatest chances for big profits, both from actual war materials and from the loans to finance the manufacturing or buying of materials. But there are deeper motives, such as the need to distract the people from domestic problems, and the agendas of the rulers.


Western capitalism needed international rivalry by means of regular wars, to create an artificial joint interest of both the rich and the poor, according to professor in history Howard Zinn. – His view is explained in detail in a 1966 controversial (CFR) investigation report into war and peace with the title Report from Iron Mountain.


A copy of this secret report leaked out thanks to a participant known only as John Doe, a professor at a University in the Midwest, who confirmed that he was one of the fifteen participants. The erudite tone of the study and the global macro-analytic denomination belies the accusation that the report is a hoax. Written at the beginning of the Vietnam War, it almost certainly represents the viewpoints of the Elite who requested this research.


According to the report, war itself is the basic social system into which other secondary social organisational structures are intertwined or conspired. It is the system that has managed the most widely known societies to date. The concern is that the ruling governing class loses its ability to make a desired war acceptable.


The most important thing according to the report is the Elimination of War, which inevitably involves the elimination of national sovereignty and traditional national states. For, the possibility of war gives the feeling of apparent inevitability without which no government can remain in power for long. The basic authority of a modern state over its people is in its wars. War is the last important guarantee against the disappearance of the necessary social classes, i.e. the workforce. And war serves to control important relationships between classes.


It is therefore important to introduce alternatives to war. For example, the Global warming mantra, the harmfulness of CO2 emissions, flooding, overpopulation of the planet, the threat of an Alien Invasion, the largest land grab ever. These hoaxes and more have been introduced to frighten the people into believing that, without intervention from above, these disasters would be fatal to the survival of the human race. In short Agenda 21 in real time.


The report proposes what needs to be done with the economically or culturally deprived among us. A likely substitute for control over potential enemies of society is the reintroduction of slavery with the help of modern technologies and political developments. The development of a sophisticated form of slavery is an absolute prerequisite for social control in a peaceful world. This could include the exploitation of prison workers or the use of wage slaves, which are the people who are deeply in debt, so that they have no other way out than to perform unsatisfactory work for the money. It certainly is fascinating to compare this report with our current society.


In short, this is a shameless document in humanistic terms. It explains aspects of modern politics, which would otherwise be incomprehensible using the basic standards of common sense.


It is absolutely essential that every citizen take note of the contents of the Iron Mountain report, because it explains everything that is now being observed and experienced globally.


The Awakening process will eventually be started with public disclosure of the real history of the planet to prepare the public for the transition to our own peaceful world.