The media is the Deep State’s most valuable tool

How to protect yourself against brainwashing




The world is waking up to the fact that for our entire lives we have been lied to. From where we come from, to where we are headed, everything is a huge lie. But the lie we have been living is about to come to a screeching halt.


The Protocols of Zion are the Blueprint for the Deep State’s One World Government-control-operation. Protocol 12 affirms; “In our official statements, we always use an opposite view, and continually do our best to look honest and cooperative. The words of a statesman do not have to correspond with his actions”. It is advisable to take fifteen minutes of your time to read the Protocols. Don’t just read them. Study them. They explain in precise detail what is going on in the world today and why.


“The media will print halve truths, they will lie, fabricate facts or contradict themselves. We will tranquillise the public mind on political matters, persuade and confuse them. We will triumph over our opponents, who do not own the press and cannot give full expression to their views. Journalists will be bound by professional secrecy. Not one journalist will betray this secret. To practice journalism, they must have a dark past and the fear of it being exposed”.


The Protocols further explain that the goal of world domination will be achieved by controlling the thinking of the public by monitoring what it hears and by creating new conflicts or restoring old relationships through hunger, poverty, and the spreading of pests and diseases, seducing and diverting the attention of the youth. “With the help of these methods and more, we will weaken the countries so that they are forced to offer us control over the world”; at least this is their way of thinking; their goal.


Control the narratives over economics and commerce and you control economics and commerce. Control the narratives about politics and government and you control politics and government. This control mechanism is used by the controllers to funnel power to the Elite, in this way effectively turning society into one giant energy farm for the elite class.


So, the media serves selfish goals; often mindlessly; unjustly and untruthfully. The majority of the public have no idea of ​​the fact on whose side the press stands. “We must keep the press firmly under our control. No message may reach the public outside of our consent.”


Thus, in other words, don’t trust the mainstream media to explain the socio-political processes shaping our world with any real accuracy and certainly not without infusing it with their own insidious agendas.


Society is made up of narratives; identity, language, etiquette, social roles, opinions, ideology, religion, ethnicity, philosophy, agendas, rules, laws, money, economics, jobs, hierarchies, politics, government. They’re all purely mental constructs which exist nowhere outside of the mental noises in our heads.


Zealous journalists learn that they progress much further in their careers by advancing narratives that favour the establishment upon which the plutocrats who own the big media companies have built their kingdoms. They manipulate the narratives of groups.

The master manipulators, are the corporate kings of the modern world. They have learned the secret that every ruler since the dawn of civilisation has known: Whoever controls the narratives that are believed by a society, is the controller of that society. And that is exactly what President Trump and his Team are doing now.


The Mainstream media may be more widespread because they are better funded but while they have the power of money, we have the power of many. And we have the facts on our side. We need to unite in our fight against the disinformation machine and there are many ways in which everyone can help.


Remember, the mainstream media didn’t just happen one day. It dates back to hundreds of years ago. Media has always been a part of their tactics. Fast forward to today; be aware that government Intelligence took control of the media as early as 1948 and probably even earlier.


The media, to government and their control system is very important. It is their most valuable tool. They can push away any thoughts or arguments that do not serve their agenda. That is what mass media news is all about. All innocent, honest news can be brushed aside. – The Trump Team has said from the beginning that the Cabal Media will be the last to fall. People are now witnessing the turn of the cabal media happening in real time.


How to protect yourself against brainwashing

Here are three simple things you can do to read mainstream media news and know instantly what to make of the story and how to categorise the story in your mind, instead of believing it blindly, just because you saw it on TV or read it in a mainstream media newspaper, magazine, or on a website. Think of this as an exercise in mental freedom.


  1. Look at the news through the eyes of history. Does it fit into what is known of historical events? Or are those enforcing mainstream media narratives asking you to believe a sequence of events or a narrative that doesn’t add up logically?

An example; mainstream media reports yet another new war on terror, but historically speaking, it is widely known that the war on terror equals massive loss of liberties and freedoms, massive increases of the State’s power and control over we, the people, while there is no real evidence of the purported terrorism being stopped. So why accept this piece of mainstream media news?


  1. Look at the news in the light of the stated goals of the Nation; on a ship, no one would ever go out to sea without a compass and a map. So why believe blindly mass media news for what it is, without gauging where this story is heading?


The government and the control system is focused on getting their new world order implemented. They have admitted and stated this publicly and many papers have been written outlining this. Illegal wars have been launched, and decisions and legislation have been passed consistent with these publicly stated goals of wanting to control the world. Believe the seriousness of these clearly stated goals of the Deep State and then consider all pieces of mass media events in the light of these clearly stated goals. Then try to see how the agenda fits into the goals. People actually believe the direction of the world and the news is all one big coincidence without any connection between them. Which is untrue.


  1. People have been brainwashed into thinking that the simple and easy patterns we observe are all a This magical coincidence theory of life and news is the signature of a brainwashed state and a symptom to be avoided at all costs.

Try to grasp what the media is not saying. Look at the news from the inside out, critically analysing mainstream media news. Focus on what they are not saying.


Mainstream media has admitted that their stories are controlled by the government. They are not even hiding this fact. It is up to the people to critically walk through the process and convince yourself why you will not blindly believe mainstream media news.


Break through the mainstream media hypnosis

These three suggestions will help you to break through mainstream media hypnosis and arrive at the other side, otherwise known as reality. It’s about reshaping how people think and arming their thinking with common sense in the light of known historical events and stated goals instead of being sucked in by professional powerful Deep State-propaganda. You may think that propaganda won’t get to you, but these propaganda tricks and media techniques have been proven to work very subtly.

They have been proven to convince even the smartest of people throughout history and they will fool you too if you are not astute and watching carefully with a vigilant mind.


The above techniques are simple methods you can apply to be smarter, instead of a brain-dead zombie who absorbs increasingly more mainstream media lies and propaganda with every day that goes by. Keep in mind that literally, while you sleep at night they are brewing new stories for the next day. It is all about protecting your mind and your thoughts from the outside world of deception and lies.

Solidly grounded in truth and mental-reasoning, free from fakery and deception

In time, you will notice, as you become solidly grounded in truth and reason, that mainstream media is not even that good at shaping their lies and deceit. You will start to see the comedy and the surreal nature of the whole circus known as mainstream media news. You will also see the wide disconnect mainstream media has from the actual reality of truth and reason. Once you see it this way, you will notice that you are completely mentally free from fakery and deceptive government-controlled mainstream media lies. And, that will be a good reason to celebrate hugely.

As an example; waking up to the news of ISIS is no big deal. ISIS is another new fake terror experiment that the Intelligence agencies have funded and armed in order to maintain their long-term plans. The stated goals are clear and easy to understand.


Mental stability

Understanding these simple techniques to help shape your mental discernment prior to hearing mainstream media breaking news stories, will give you a mental stability that you cannot imagine.


Just become conscious by choosing it. By acting on those synchronicities, the so-called meaningful coincidences: Acting on calls for moves that inspire us, by taking action through listening to your inner voice coming from your inner-being; your inner-knowing. Discernment is made possible by paying attention to these instinctive feelings and basic intuitions.


Consciousness means coming from the heart, getting in touch with and going into a state of intuitive knowing. Hence, in contrast to accessing the internet, consciousness allows us to access our ‘inner-net.’


Detaching from the mind control programming

Choosing to become conscious, means detaching oneself from the mind control programming; escaping the effects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual prison, devised and erected by the Deep State.


Choosing consciousness puts us on a pathway that’s been denied to us as a race since ancient times. Not many people know this, but they need to raise their heads above the cosy fortifications and have the courage and conviction to express their intuitive inner thoughts with regard to right and wrong.


Having broken free from the mind programming and the imposition of others, with multidimensional consciousness, escaping the dualistic confinements of matter, energy and space-time, makes anything possible.


The foundations of physical freedom

In fact, there are only two kinds of people on earth and not more. Those who want to control and oppress and those who want to be left alone and be free. Life really is that simple. Once we see the simplicity of it all, you can be sure that we will begin to taste ‘true freedom’; mental freedom, which is akin to spiritual freedom which is where true freedom actually begins. The controllers know that their armoury is a lot more fragile, weaker and more vulnerable than what they have led us to believe. They have simply created a fake reality for us to live in, built on air and false words.


Remember, the foundation of physical freedom is the freedom we tend to think of as the only kind of freedom. On the contrary, before you can truly be free, you must be mentally and spiritually free. Are you taking steps toward the latter? Or are you vulnerable to enslavement with each waking day? You are welcome to share your thoughts below.