The Plan is to Abolish all Central Banks

The Future is proving the Past

The financial system must crash


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The amount of debt in the world has expanded hugely since 2007, when financial institutions started failing. They failed because they had too much debt. Now, there’s even more debt. There’s far more debt in all sectors, including the automobile, student loan, mortgage, and consumer sectors, not to mention government debt.


But there is also more corporate debt. Corporations have borrowed extensively, not to build new factories, but to buy back their stocks. Why? Quite simply, to make management stock options more valuable.

The whole situation is worse, and the timing is far more on the edge, than it was back in 2008. Interestingly, the Federal Reserve is now trying to reel in all the money that it created at the height of the crisis, trying to normalise things. They’re trying to both raise interest rates and reduce the money supply simultaneously, while the government is also running a trillion-dollar deficit. This cannot end well.


In the meantime, all the money that was created to bail out failing corporations is filtering down from the financial markets into the regular economy. But, with the financial markets at crazy highs, rich people don’t care if the price of a hamburger goes up.


The rich have gotten much richer in recent years, as they stand much closer to the stream of newly created money by the central banks. They get to drink first before it trickles down to the little folks.


In conclusion, this is just a moving paper fantasy that will end in a disaster, with a total credit collapse, when there is a default on this debt. Then, all the fake money that’s been created out of thin air will simply disappear. This will occur because the money is credit, or more precisely, debt money. It no longer represents, or is backed by a specific amount of gold or other valuable assets. It’s merely an accounting fiction. Alternatively, this could end in a catastrophic deflation event. In that case the remaining dollars/euros, etc. would go up in value for a short period of time.


Central Banks are the source of our economic troubles

On one hand, the average worker who gets ahead tries to earn more than he consumes, saving the difference. But his savings are in currency and not in sound money. If these paper currencies lose value, so too do his savings diminish in value. And, that’s very destructive for the economic fabric of society.


On the other hand, the government could succeed in keeping things together by printing more money. But then there will be much higher levels of inflation. And that’s going to devastate the average working individual even more than anybody else.

The Federal Reserve’s low interest-rate policy has made it much easier for people to service high levels of debt. This wouldn’t be possible if interest rates were normal. The central banks have painted themselves into a corner and created more problems in the process, instead of solving them.


Since the fall of 2015, there have been seven interest rate increases. President Trump criticises the Fed for raising rates too quickly and says the Fed is the biggest threat to our economy. What will happen? The markets will suddenly crash. At this point in time, the fix is in. The system already died in 2008, and this is the final stretch before the reset.


Unfortunately, people have already forgotten how unpleasant it was back in 2008 and 2009. They also have no idea why it happened. They are clueless of the fact that the governments’ fiscal and monetary policies created distortions and misallocations of capital in the economy. Subsequently, it has become even more serious now than it was in 2007. This time when the crash comes, the consequences are going to be much worse.


The Plan to abolish the Central Banks

However, all this is part of the plan to bring down the entire global monetary system because it is owned by the corrupt Deep State, who are prepared to all cost to fight in avoiding that this is going to happen. President Trump and his patriots have worked to show how this economy has improved. People now believe that the economic condition is very good.  They feel everything is doing better. They feel that President Trump has lifted them out of this slump and revived the economy.


This is, of course, in an illusion. Trump is cleverly applying the tools of the Deep State to make the economy look good, which is all part of the plan. He needs the people to believe and understand that the economy is doing well and he needs them to feel it. Why? Well, when the economy comes down, he needs everyone saying the economy was doing so well, in disbelief as to why it crashed, and in search of the culprits; who is to blame for it? Who is responsible, so that we can make sure that this will never happen again in the future. That is why this plan was put in place. This is what many people don’t understand, thinking Trump is doing the same thing that Obama did. If that were the case, we would be going to war and doing the exact same things that previous presidents did.


The Central Bank doesn’t want to be removed. But this plan was put in place a very long time ago. People tend to very easily forget things that have happened in the past, and before they realise it, the same situation is back as it was before, and we are all once again engulfed by a false economy and doomed to slavery.


Trump has to convince everyone that he is doing things differently, to allow him to covertly move forward in building a narrative that will get rid of the central bank. The only way to do this is by making the populace understand that it has been the central bank that has caused our widespread suffering and that the politicians in government were in line with the central bank.


Future is proving the Past

The future is proving the past, likewise president Andrew Jackson (1829 – 1837) managed to do the same. President Trump often refers to him and is proving to the public that he is on the same path. He cleverly uses everything that the Central Bank and the Deep State were doing in the past. So, he is running up the debt like there is no tomorrow. In the meantime, he is making important deals to bring back the manufacturing to the US, to get rid of the globalist’s centralised trade deals, like the TTIP and the WTO. And, he criticises the Fed, saying that they are making the wrong moves. All of this is part of the gigantic plan. In order to be able to create an entire new people’s economy with a newly controlled sovereign monetary system, controlled by the people, while getting rid of corrupt politicians. This is the ultimate plan to make it possible to reset the whole financial system and to end all the other corruption that the world is experiencing.


That is why he has to run up the debt and manipulate the statistical numbers. When the system comes down, it will be an enormous shock and people will not look to Trump, but to the central bank to find the answers, believing that they are the culprits who are truly responsible for this. They will hold the Central Bank accountable for crashing the system due to the raising of interest rates.


Since the central banking system is not a governmental system, it cannot be fixed. Remember, this system is a debt-based system that only can work for a certain period of time before it finally crashes, which in the past, has happened over and over again.


The Deep State central bank typically keeps the system in operation long enough, while simultaneously creating a major event to cover up the demise of the system, for example a war. When the war is over at their demand, they set up shop again. They introduce a new system under a false guise and they start all over again. With the crash of 2008 they decided to make themselves very wealthy. The one percent was poised to get everything, by bailing out the TBTF – banks, with the help of the taxpayers’ money and their various QE programs.


The financial system must crash

When this disastrous system finally comes crashing down, a new system can finally be put into place, with gold-backed money or money supported by real assets instead of just paper. Until now, Trump has been following the same plan, which he spoke of in the past, during his election campaign, when he said the economy is fake, completely fake. But he has cleverly used the fake economy to push his plan forward, to reset the system.


It will ultimately be recorded in history that this system was a central bank economy and that this is the reason why the economy was blown-up on purpose, to get rid of the central bank and to start a whole new system which is a people’s economy, with a financial system controlled by the populace that issues its own asset backed money.


However, as time goes by, in 50 – 60-years from now, people will start to forget who was responsible in the past for the economic miseries, and that is the moment criminal mafia gangs will start again with corruption in government, repeating history and the menace will start all over again. This is human nature and it is very difficult to do anything about it, unless people tell the story about governmental corruption over and over again to every generation that follows.


History about why it happened

The Deep State started by taking over the media companies. The moment people stop talking about the past because that was so long ago back in history, someone comes along and says ‘we need a central bank to control the economy’, and all the same shenanigans are repeated.


Unfortunately, this is something that is sure to occur. So the lesson is, we have to fight for our freedom continuously, making sure that people don’t forget. Remember, Andrew Jackson (1829 – 1837) cleared this mess once before, and we now know in retrospect that it came back.


But for now, we first have to go through the transition. That means effectively that you should prepare yourself by storing sufficient food and water and everything else needed for daily use.


Furthermore, we should have great esteem for Donald Trump, being very grateful for his efforts to save the global populace from the Satanic Illuminati Criminal Deep State Cabal.


President Trump is now in the process of making one of the most brilliant moves of his entire presidency: By accusing the Federal Reserve that they’re “going loco”, he is placing the blame for the (coming) stock-, real estate-, bond- market crash and the disastrous economic downturn squarely where it belongs, namely on the privately owned central banks.


For a long time, many of us have been trying to educate the people about the deeply insidious criminal Federal Reserve system. As Ron Paul once so astutely observed, the central bank is actually about as “federal” as Federal Express is. The Federal Reserve is an unelected mafia cabal of banksters that is running our economy into the ground, and the only way to fix this long-term economic and financial disaster, is the abolishment of all central banks and their affiliates. For those of us that understand these matters, it is extremely exciting to hear President Trump use language such as this

“I think the Fed is making a mistake. They are so tight. I think the Fed has gone crazy,”


This he said, after stepping off Air Force One in Erie, Pennsylvania for a rally. This could be one of the greatest things Donald Trump has said so far during his presidency.


Here, is a list of 101 reasons why the Federal Reserve should be shut down