Have Admiration for the Writers from Antiquity

Human beings are a slave race

It is Time to face the Truth

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The Era of 4020

Consider how the events of our time will be looked upon in two thousand years from now: The greatest nation on earth, for no apparent reason, bombing some of the smallest and weakest nations on earth; People dying of hunger in some parts of the world, while in other parts farmers received money if they didn’t plant crops; Techies who preferred electronic golf at home, rather than really playing on a golf course; and Police forces that were burdened with arresting people for simply consuming a mind-expanding plant. Those people from that future era will probably laugh all of this off as being a load of unimaginable myths.


Whoever seeks the truth however cannot afford to laugh off the Sumerian recordings, which in many cases have proven to be incredibly accurate. Just as we cannot ignore the overwhelming evidence of the influence of conspiracies within governments, the business world, science community, and the media.


Have Admiration for writers from Antiquity

It is amazing that so much information is available nowadays. Sitchin expresses his admiration for the countless people, who have never been lauded, who have recorded ancient knowledge; “If we consider that these ancient texts come to us over a period that spans millennia, we must have admiration for the writers of Antiquity who have recorded, copied and translated the earliest of texts, probably often without knowing what certain terms and expressions originally meant, while always stubbornly sticking to the corresponding traditions to ensure precise representation.


It also proves the inner consistency of their reporting, and explains: “That the first settlements on Earth were established by astronauts from another planet, as dramatically depicted by the Sumerians. Consistently, in countless texts, a reference is made to the starting point, which always reads as follows: 432,000 years ago, before the flood, i.e. the Great Flood, “The Respected came with” Rocket Ships ” down from their own planet to Earth.”

Although it may sound exaggerated, many people will become convinced, once they’re given this version of our history, which will become popular and widespread in the not too distant future, and eventually, it will be studied and taught in schools, at universities, and scientific institutions. Already, breakthroughs in astronomy, anthropology, archaeology and Egyptology tend to underpin the theses of Sitchin and others, based primarily on the translations of the Sumerian writings.


The knowledge of the existence of the One God, who must have created the Anunnaki creators, together with the realisation that life encompasses more than a mere material level of existence in which we find ourselves now, is all covertly protected by the secret societies.


The Sumerian explanation of the origin and creation of man is extremely fascinating. Whichever we look at it, it is much more rational and more appropriate than many of the known theories of today’s science and the past. Humanity exists in solitude in the universe, while at the same time in all probability, non-human intelligences have been involved in our creation?


The idea that civilisations developed and advanced in ancient times is not new. In 1882, in a period of relative ignorance and disbelief regarding extraterrestrial matters, scholar Ignatius Donnelly wrote in his book on Atlantis: ‘The Antediluvian World’, “That the Gods and Goddesses of ancient mythologies were in fact kings and queens of Atlantis. This was a High-tech Pre-Flood Civilisation that was the founder of successive human civilisations and communities.”


The British chemist Frederick Soddy discovered that isotopes can be used for dating in geology, he wrote in 1909: “I believe that in the past there have been civilisations that were familiar with atomic energy and these were totally destroyed by their misuse of it.” Swiss author Erich von Däniken has written extremely popular books from as far back as the 1970’s, books about alien visitors and ancient astronauts.


Human beings resemble a breed of slaves

Some authors such as William Bramley, David Icke and R.A. Boulay portray mankind as little more than a flock of sheep, which is dominated by extraterrestrial masters. “Human beings resemble a race of slaves that languish on an isolated planet”, Bramley concluded in 1989.


As described earlier, the human race was developed as a source of labour for the Anunnaki extraterrestrial civilisation, and it would seem that this is true to this day. To maintain power over the people and to preserve their possessions on planet Earth which is set up as a people’s prison, this higher civilisation, i.e. our jailers incessantly cause conflicts between human beings on earth, creating continual physical hardships. This situation has existed for thousands of years and still exists today.


According to David Icke, the race of this oppressive higher civilisation consists of crossed bloodlines of “royal” reptilian-human hybrids, and was concentrated in the Middle East in the Old World, and from there, they expanded their power over the millennia. In addition, religious institutions were created to keep the masses spiritually and emotionally imprisoned and to bring them to war with each other.


The author Boulay suggests: “Man has been conditioned for millennia, being denied the truth about our origin, and as a numbing mediator, a convenient form of memory loss was developed. Consequently, people have resigned themselves to the interpretation of history that has been propagated by a self-sustaining clergy and science.”


It is precisely the immense and ancient power of the omniscient elite – interwoven with their blood philosophy – that has endeavoured to suppress virtually every major movement throughout history that strived to fully develop human potential. It has been revealed that this knowledge is still firmly anchored in the highest degrees of today’s secret societies.


The Anunnaki are still on Earth

The question now is, whether the initiated elites continue to acquire wealth and power, hoping to get in touch with our Creators of Antiquity, or have they already made this contact and are they being guided and directed, or could it possibly be that the elites themselves are the Creators from Antiquity, the Anunnaki, the serpent kings?


If the Sumerian version of our history is correct, it would appear that the Anunnaki are still present on Earth, in a form that would rely on advanced technologies. Whatever the truth is, it is wise to be on your guard with leaders who, through violence, manipulation or deception, are advancing all nations into a direction that people do not want to take, and that will not be beneficial to them.


It is important to understand that many of these ‘leaders’ are not part of the government, but heavily influence the lives of the population, even more than any bureaucrat is capable of doing. This is made possible with bribes, in combination with an excessively large media influence over everything that is told and shown.


In the past; wars and religions were used as control mechanisms, but today, organised religion is losing ground. With nuclear weapons in the arsenal, a large-scale war has become unthinkable. Due to these factors, the economy, or the power of money, has become the control mechanism for the initiated elite from secret societies, to exert their power over the people.


The bad news is that most of what has been published on the FWC-site in recent years has now proven to be true. On the other hand, there is also good news, that many people have now awakened and that the age-old conspiracy to bully and use us as slaves is being noticed by many. Especially now that President Trump has visibly taken the lead and the Q-Anon organisation is generating more and more followers.



Remember, as seen from the standpoint of George Orwell’s book written in 1948, under the title ‘1984’, our future is described as “a boot that stings forever on the face of man”, which now can be easily spotted, although admittedly many years later. We have now entered a situation which is eerily close to the objective of the elites of total enslavement. Little time is left before our world indeed turns into what George Orwell described, by the instruction of the Deep State!


Nowadays, we talk about conspiracies at the government level. UFOs, contact with extra-terrestrials, new underground chambers and tunnels have been discovered in many Pyramids, and in some, such as in Bosnia with healing capabilities. This indeed confirms that a highly developed civilisation was on earth in the past, while even more revelations can be expected once more of the Sumerian clay tablets are deciphered and translated.


Yellow vest Actions

Unfortunately, too many of us choose to look the other way in the hope that we do not have to deal with consciousness-expansion questions that evoke the newly acquired knowledge presented here. These are insights and facts which make many of the traditional ways of thinking not viable. Remember that knowledge is power. For those who long for freedom, the time has come to unite and to stand up against the negative forces that go all-out for the total domination of the human race, achieved through the sowing of fear and division.


It is time to face the truth about our past and present, about who really has the power and inhibits our positive development. Understand that we are being exploited, deceived and belittled. Our environment is deliberately being destroyed, in order to destroy the human race forever.


The time for cognitive dissonance is over. It is time to research all the facts presented here and in previous essays. It is time to let go of the lies which encompass our false history, our false heritage. Research these facts and find the true history of the human race, so that we can finally join and come together as one; an enlightened people based on a foundation of truth.


Care about your fellow men and country by looking further than your own backyard. Throw a critical glance at the unimaginable corruption and bribery within the government of your own country. The truth must be revealed to everyone, and this truth is not only the privilege of the manipulative initiates within the secret societies. The time for secrecy is over. Acquaint yourself with the background of our history that has been specifically compiled for this purpose; easily readable and comprehensibly explained in my book The Great Awakening.


Use the supercomputer, that your brain is, gifted to us by the Creator, and listen to what your heart tells you. Your soul in your deepest inner-self tells you what is good and bad.


The Deep State can only control the seven billion plus people through deceit and secrecy. The time of rule by brute force is now running out for the cabal.


Our greatest strength is that we – the masses – together, have more power and knowledge than the Deep State cabal can come up with. Participate, or support the yellow vest movement and show the government that they are actually employed by us, and that we will fire them if our expectations aren’t met.


Our country belongs to us, the people, and is not owned by the criminals who pretend to be our authority. They are not. They are hired by the Deep State and are bribed to do the bidding of the cabal, following cabal instructions, instead of to listening to us. If, they do not do the latter; they have to be removed from office. And, that is precisely the way it should be and the yellow vest movement is demonstrating this to them. It is not the other way around, that they should tell us what to do. We vote for people who are supposed to represent us, the people. Keep in mind, ‘the truth will set us free’.


We want change

Many things are happening at the same time these days, which can be seen as the beginning of the destruction of the Deep State. Take a look around in the EU; In France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands. People in yellow vests take to the streets to protest against their own government. These people are angry and they say they do not want the Elite anymore. They no longer want a Central Bank with corrupt and criminal bankers. They have had enough of the Deep State. The population feels trapped and oppressed by their own government. They know that their government does not work for them, but for the cabal.


Government is actually our biggest enemy. People want to be listened to, and know that things cannot continue any longer the way they are. They are fed up and are clearly saying stop it and shut-up and this movement is global! People are done with governments as they realise that they don’t have their interests at heart and instead, there is a massive abuse of power. People never wanted this situation in the first place. We want change. Be warned, the government puppets will not listen. They will simply continue with their New World Order agenda, all the while lying to us. But that is not going to work anymore, because people are waking up and are seeing through their deception. A little word of reassurance is, that in the end it makes no difference whether they listen or not. In no time, they all will be gone.

Stay tuned – to be continued.


In the beginning…

For those who want to know more about their history, Bram Vermeulen reveals it in an original and fascinating way, inspired by the book ‘The Twelfth Planet’ written by Zecharia Sitchin. He explains how ancient texts, cosmology and newly discovered maps of space flights to Earth bring us to the shocking conclusion that we humans are descendants of the Nefilim, a superior race on the planet Marduk, the twelfth planet.


Knowledge obtained from 6000-year-old clay tablets shows where, when, how and why astronauts from another planet settled on Earth, married prehistoric women and created the Homo Sapiens, the self-thinking man.


It is mind-blowing how this knowledge overcomes the commonly-held, propagated reality. He explains how these ancient texts ended up in the Bible or were labelled as myths, and how recent scientific discoveries confirm these events time and time again. It is an active process. “In the beginning” … it starts. “Knowledge and insight change reality”. A particularly catchy Dutch-language story that is highly recommended. (approx. 50 min.)