Opinions, not facts.

People are being ripped off

What can be done about this destructive economy?

Gold backed currency is the answer



The Longest Economic Expansion is nearing its end

The Monetary system, Welfare system and Warmongering elites, threaten to destroy today’s economy, leaving ordinary people crippled in the subsequent ruins. Debt worldwide is approaching an astounding $40 trillion, with no end in sight. The paper fiat monetary system has run for almost 50 straight years, while the last one lasted only 35 years. Our current monetary system is long overdue to be decimated. Peoples’ assets, savings, retirement, in short everything people have worked for is at risk.


The former head of the U.S. Central Bank, Alan Greenspan, put it in frank terms in 1966 and is still valid today:


“Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.”


The numbers, the charts, the stories, everything is Fake, Phony and False. The signals are noticeable all around us. They are unmistakably clear. Unfortunately, people are unaware of the facts and the truth and they believe in the grand deception. Only those who are awake know for sure that almost everything that is said about today’s economy is fraudulent, incorrect and misleading. The economy is “doing great,” says the Central Bank. It’s the “best economy we’ve ever had,” says Donald Trump, and it’s going to get a lot better. None of this is true. Nothing at all!


Put real interest rates back up to 5% and the economy would dry up and die in minutes. Take away the fake money, and the net worth of America’s wealthiest families would fall by the trillions. Come the next crisis and the whole economy will fall apart. In short; one of the longest economic expansions in history is nearing its end.


This is important to be aware of, since it will set free some nasty beasts: a bond and stock market collapse, a depression, inflation, excessive money-printing, trillions of deficits, a further deterioration of the infrastructure, negative lending rates, to name but a few! The governments’ response will be to print and spend as much money as they need, assuming nothing bad has happened.


Opinions, not facts.

Markets make opinions, so goes the saying. What opinions are markets making now? Household net worth is at an all-time high, at 535% of GDP. Surely, people must feel fat and sassy? No that is not the case. With the Dow near its top, people think “stocks for the long run” is a pretty good idea. No matter what else you may say about Donald J. Trump, they think, “He’s done a great job with the economy.” But these are mere opinions, not facts.


Real growth rates have been sinking for years. Officially, GDP growth per person now creeps along at about 1% per year. As low as that is, it doesn’t really tell the full story.

Nor does household net worth. The total wealth of US-households is about $105 trillion. It puts the average at over $800,000 per household.


But half of retirees have saved nothing. And 40% of households can’t scrape together $1,000 for an emergency. So, where’s the money? It must be concentrated in a very few hands – at the top. Real wealth is created by the economy. And household net worth normally measures about 380% of GDP. For every dollar of GDP output, the capital markets score about $3.80 worth of capital value in real estate, stocks, bonds and other assets.



Occasionally, markets get ahead of themselves. Household net worth hit a high of 450% of GDP in the dot com bubble of 1999, and then, it hit 486% in the housing bubble of 2007. Both were followed by corrections.


And now, at 535% of GDP, household net worth is not only higher than ever, it’s about 150% of GDP, which is higher than usual. With GDP around $20 trillion, that means it must reflect about $30 trillion of wealth that wasn’t produced by the economy!


The average person got none of this fake wealth. Real wages have remained almost unchanged for nearly 40 years. But prices for average things have gone up. Food, medical care and education, for example, are far more expensive than they were during the late 1970s. Conclusion; People are not getting richer; they are being ripped off. The positive-sum game has been turned into a negative result.


People are being ripped off

What kind of progress is this? And what opinions develop when this happens to people?

Are people becoming richer? NO, they are being ripped off. The positive-sum game has turned into a negative-sum game. A shift of attitude has taken place from win-win to win-lose.


And this is happening globally, all over the world. And not just with regards to trade policy, but with foreign policy, monetary policy and domestic policy in general.


Ask yourself the question; Is this a shift away from risk; away from open societies with open markets; away from independence and free speech; away from the European Union; away from the free movement of people and goods; and away from the “liberalising,” “globalising”. You know the so-heralded trends of the last 70 years.


Where is all this leading to? Is civilisation itself going backwards? We should not think that way, always being aware of the fact that it is always the opposite of what the ruling class want us to believe, as awake people and many frequent readers, already know. Over time, expect an immensely lower standard of living, resulting from the declining purchasing power and increasing commodity prices. Real wages will not keep up with inflation. Under a paper monetary system without backing, the entire monetary system is controlled by the central bankers, which have the power to allocate capital or to deny it.


What can be done about this destructive economy?

What can be done about this? How can we bring about change? The plan devised is to dismantle the Central Bank, the Federal Reserve by fabricating a trade war between the US and China, that has already been put into motion from 2010 by the Earth Alliance. Central banking as we know it is on its way out. It is inevitable that a new monetary system will be put in place.

Substantial change is imminent. The economy, the financial system and all else caught up in the financial web is on its last legs and not functioning anymore. In other words; at higher prices and lower expected returns, the compensation for taking risk will be too great in most cases to lure investors in to bid prices up, which is why prospective returns will go down even further. These days it has become too difficult for Central Bankers to produce much more of a wealth effect. At the same time that the trickling down of the wealth effect occurs, spending continues to diminish, which will accelerate exponentially.


The banksters easy credit policy has already killed the consumer figuratively and can be seen as the main cause of today’s crisis. The unparalleled ocean of artificial liquidity should surely lessen the effect of this recession, was the belief; the unplanned consequences of these policies is inflation, followed by stagflation, which will eventually wipe out the last savings of people that were able to hold onto that last bit of security. In other words; the Central Bank’s power to affect the economy has now been greatly reduced. They have hit the proverbial wall and we are headed to the edge of the fiat money economic cliff.


Do not worry about whether Central Banks are going to print more money, people should be worried about whether there’s enough gas left in the tank and what will happen if there isn’t? In other words, fiat money has run its course, there is no alternative solution left to save it, if ever there has been one for the Central Bankers?


The Fed chairman Jerome Powell recently told the truth in utter despair; he doesn’t know what to do, other than the purchase of more paper assets, another round of QE, and more ZIRP or NIRP. Powell said, “future downturns are likely to force the central bank to once again cut rates to zero and resort to unconventional tools, such as bond buying to support the economy.” And in so doing, Central Banksters are making bad things even worse!



Gold backed currency is the answer

Regular readers know already what should have been done long ago. The Alliance, President Trump, the patriots and White Hats have been aware of this too, and they have made preparations for the appropriate solution, which includes Prosperity Packages for everyone. The population at large will receive gold backed currency via the RV as part of the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and GESARA.


The process can be outlined as follows; it will start with the implosion of Deutsche Bank, which is expected to be the breaking point for the fiat financial system. Under the new Quantum Financial System, some currencies have already been adapted to the gold-standard. Malaysia has proposed to replace the Petrodollar with a gold-backed trading currency. Japan announced a new currency that will be issued later, and will be gold backed, while the United States has gold backed the new Treasury dollar.

Expect to see more “gold-standard” related news in the near future as the GESARA-transition develops. The purpose of the transition is about nations reclaiming their sovereignty, creating fair trade, and returning to the gold-standard via the QFS.

Since 2015, all nations have been working toward becoming GESARA compliant. The redemption phase of the RV basket currencies is expected to begin before the collapse of the fiat financial system, and will be transacted through the QFS.


GESARA meanwhile, has been accepted worldwide. New elections are imminent in the United States where the dark ones will be removed and replaced with people working for the good of humanity. This will occur after the FISA disclosure has taken place, followed by the implementation of Common Law in governments and courts in the USA, followed by all nations globally.


Once the people have received their prosperity package, they will start spending and consequently re-energising the economy at large. This economy will be the peoples’ economy as central bankers and their fake economy are going to be eliminated. There will be an open, free market, meaning that supply and demand will set the price for everything as a consequence of decisions made by millions of people.


The global prosperity programme that will be activated for this very purpose, consists of one of the protected funds called The Saint Germain World Trust (SGWT). This fund contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion US dollars. The word quattuordecillion is sometimes spelled quatrodecillion. It means ten thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, million dollars. Or $1 with forty zeros after it.



Among other projects, this money will be used to buy out all oil corporations, banks and pharmaceutical cartels. Upgrading the infrastructure everywhere, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. And it will zero out – meaning permanently cancel – all personal, corporate and national debts worldwide. The Saint Germain World Trust resources are funds over-and-above and separate from, The World Global Settlement Funds and the Global Collateral Accounts.

The Saint Germain World Trust resources are also over-and-above the Chinese Manchu dynasty gold. This gold is held privately by the successors of the last Chinese Emperor, Pu Yi. This is private gold, not Chinese government gold.


Multiple events are expected to occur, which will create a domino effect that will complete the final transition to worldwide GESARA compliance. Brexit will set an example for all European countries to return their sovereignty from the EU, thus dismantling the EU.

The implosion of Deutsche Bank will cause the European stock markets to collapse. The QFS will replenish all necessary liquidity with gold-backed bonds. All countries will be forced to use a gold-standard currency. All currency rates will be revalued based on each country’s amount of physical gold. The RV is expected to begin before the collapse starts.


All transactions will be transacted through the QFS. Automatically readjusting the global economy, and dismantling the Deep State’s financial system that has been in place since the establishment of the FED in1913 and in fact even before then. Full disclosure is on the horizon.