The way all people have become enslaved

Central Banks are a private banking cartel

Each country has Rothschild-controlled-officials

Bloodline families’ model of power

The hidden usurious mechanism is the vehicle of Modern Day Slavery


The power to issue money

In the past before 1917 banks existed, but these banks were independent and not integrated in a system. Making use of the banks was optional for the people, it was even possible not to use a bank for one’s entire life, if one chose to do so. It was a stable banking system, because as debt increased, people could voluntarily choose to stop borrowing from the bank. The banks only dealt with gold-backed energy money and debt money didn’t exist. People, most importantly, had the ‘freedom of choice’ to say no to the bank.


In 1913, a corrupt government, congress and President Thomas Woodrow Wilson, changed the structure of the financial system and stole people’s freedom, as the economic system was reverted back into the same system which had existed beforehand, a system against which people had fought tooth and nail in a revolution to free themselves from. The power to issue money was taken away from the people’s government and given to a bunch of corrupt bankers, and from that day onward, all the money in circulation was created by a private group of corrupt banksters, that had to be loaned by the government and the people at interest, for which the people were held accountable as collateral to ensure payment of the interest.


From that time on, every dollar in circulation began as an interest-bearing loan. There were no other dollars in circulation that did not start out as a loan at interest from the privately-owned central bank system.


The way all the people became enslaved

From that moment on, the freedom of the people to refuse to borrow from the banks and to refuse to pay interest was stripped away. To participate in commerce with the United States at all, means everyone was forced to use debt-money, loaned at interest, to the profit of the bankers and at the expense of the public. People’s freedom to say “no” was stolen by Congress in 1913, without their permission, and even before many of us were born.


When people have lost the freedom to say “no”, they have no choice but to pay a percentage of their earnings in interest to the bankers, whether in private debt or taxes, to cover the gargantuan debts amassed by the Government itself, so all the people became and still are today, slaves to the bankers. And because more money is owed to the bankers than actually exists, as the interest money charged on the loan is purposely not created, the debt-slavery is thereby made permanent! No matter how hard you work, no matter how much you sacrifice, the debt can never be paid off. The system is intentionally designed to trap the nation’s population permanently in unpayable debt, to make them eternal slaves to that debt and to the bankers.


This is the purpose behind the design of the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, and indeed every private central bank, issuing the public currency as a loan at interest. This is why today every nation is drowning in intentionally-created, unnecessary debt, being enslaved to the private bankers. That is the reason for the ever-increasing taxes and the decreasing benefits; to pay the bankers their unpayable interest on the issued public currency.


For the enslavement to succeed, peoples’ rights and freedoms to refuse the bank’s interest-bearing money had to be stripped away. The government forces people to use the private central bank’s currency, loaned to people at interest, via the Legal Tender Laws. Herein lie the chains of our enslavement. People are ordered by the government, at the risk of being thrown into prison, to use the banker’s money, and to pay the interest charged by the bankers through, for example, taxes.


Free people have the right to say “no.” Free people have a right to decide for themselves what medium of exchange they will use and to choose not to be involved with bankers!


There is no freedom without the freedom to say “no.” Slaves cannot say “no” when ordered to surrender the products of their labour to their masters. Which is proof we are slaves.


Central Banks are a private banking cartel

The Federal Reserve and Central Bank system is nothing more than a private banking cartel, developed and founded in November 1910 at a secret meeting at Jekyll Island, attended by top level representatives of the wealthiest individuals and banking firms in the world, including J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, the Rothschilds, and Kuhn, Loeb & Co., U.S. Senator Nelson, W. Aldrich and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department A.P. Andrews also attended the meeting. Warburg himself was purported to have said “that it was essential not to let American citizens know that the Federal Reserve was a cartel of private banks, but instead to persuade them that it was a government agency.”


This fraudulent system was established in which the U.S. government was effectively forced to borrow money – with interest – from this private banking institution, to allow for the continued operation of the government. The financial panic of 1907 was deliberately orchestrated and merely used as fuel for the fire to facilitate the drastic step that Charles Lindbergh referred to as “the worst legislative crime of the ages.”


“Prior to 1913, the majority of U.S. wealth came from tariffs, or taxes on traded goods (VAT).  The infrastructure of the country was strong, and there was no need for any type of tax on citizen income. This tax did in fact levy great pressure on the American populace. Both of these acts, – the foundation of the Federal Reserve and the new income tax law – though portrayed differently by mainstream history, were an attempt to suck the country dry, and to ultimately drain the wealth out of the hands of the people.”


Each country has Rothschild-controlled-officials

Through networks and stolen money from the citizens, complimented by orchestrated violence, the power elite has infiltrated all power structures of society and they are all fully under their control. Without exception all-important positions in each government, the media, business, finance, economics, science, religion, education etc. in practically all countries, have Rothschild-appointed-and-controlled-officials.


These officials control the political parties and also have control over the intelligence agency network. There are no boundaries at that level or moral dilemmas about little things like integrity and laws of personal data protection. They have closed their minds and sold their souls.


The more secrets these puppets have that could destroy them if revealed, the more suitable and desirable they become to fill key positions. If they ever try to stand up against the official line, there is always the file as a blackmailing tool.


All upper echelons of the power construct are full of people who are dancing to the music for fear of public exposure for anything from financial fraud to paedophilia. There are three types of politicians that get anywhere near the governmental system of power:


  1. People who are knowingly part of the conspiracy and aware of the goals.
  2. People who just want power and status and will do anything to get it, and
  3. People who have big secrets ready to be released at any time they refuse to take orders.


Thanks to the Internet, many of the top-secret plans for the new world order have been leaked. Nonetheless, the Illuminati are experts in secrecy and for that purpose a program was developed and introduced that guarantees secrecy without a doubt, ensuring that none of their appointees ever blows the whistle.


Bloodline families’ model of power

They control most mega-corporations, including the big oil companies, Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple, and famously, the fake news corporate media. Their biggest source of power, of course, is their ownership of the central banks, which they have used to seize control of the big corporations.


The Khazarians get their power by infiltrating people into the inner circles of leading publicly-visible power brokers and letting them know they are vulnerable if they do not obey. They commit murder, bribery, and lies to infiltrate the top levels of world power, especially in the West. They have also strategically married their offspring into powerful families, expanding their power through penetration.


When a public leader is acting contrary to the interest of the country, this confirms the employment of Khazarian power, enhanced with mind-control. Typically, it is the satanic modus operandi, saying one thing and doing the opposite. So, you can rest assured that the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, is another mind-controlled, puppet-leader, confirmed by his unacceptable attitude and action regarding the MH-17 downing above the Ukraine; he certainly must have known about this plan in advance!


Another clearly controlled public leader is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is Hitler’s daughter by Eva Braun’s sister. She proves this conspiracy to be true by showing she’s a hard-core Globalist, equally self-destructive as her father, Hitler before her – she is also power-employed and mind-controlled. That would mean she has Rothschild blood and it would be simply another illustration of how the ruling “Bloodline” families continue their pattern of power. Comparing photos of the two, experts were able to ascertain remarkable similarities.


It is known that the Bush family, originally named Scherff, are a distant family member of an original Italian Black Nobility descendant of the Rothschild bloodline. Khazarians change their last names and life stories when necessary, often in order to hide their intergenerational trail of control. As a matter of fact, the Clintons are actually members of the Rockefeller family, as Bill Clinton’s mother was a Rockefeller, and Hillary Clinton is the daughter of David Rockefeller, as is Mark Zuckerberg his grandson, acting as the CEO and ‘founder’ of the New World Order-spying operation, Facebook. In short, all the key figures are Archon bloodline members, even Theresa May is said to be the offspring of the Rothschilds.


The Pope, who doesn’t speak for the Muslims, Hindus, and other believers in the world, is the figurehead of the Khazarian Mafia’s New World Order. Why did he speak in the UN and not in the Capital of the USA to tell the people of the world to prepare for the new world order? Clearly, the Pope is following the Deep State’s orders.


The hidden usurious mechanism is the vehicle of Modern Day Slavery

In England, this deceitful system was officially sanctioned in 1694 with the Rothschild-owned Bank of England. The same system was adopted in every country through a process of Masonic revolution and manipulation.


Nowadays, banking has become extremely sophisticated, but the hidden and usurious mechanism behind it remains the same. The Federal Reserve Bank established in 1913 is, just as with the Bank of England, privately-owned and not a part of the government.


In theory, the cabal controls the United States, the European Union, Great Britain, and Japan through national banks, all owned exclusively by this criminal group of private super rich Rothschilds. In conjunction, these central banksters advise the various governments and determine how much paper money and coins are to be issued each year. This is the drain where all of our tax money goes.


The next stage of development for these international financiers is to get rid of cash altogether for malevolent reasons. Then, token accountability for the bankers could disappear completely, along with all liquidity in the form of cash.


Their ultimate goal is that everyone be forced to use credit/debit cards for every type of commercial transaction. Electronic technology, when used in this way, without the backing of real assets of value and when it is made compulsory, would render them complete control over every man, woman and child in the world.


It is time to stop this unsolicited meddling. Don’t wait with action to resist your slavery and to oppose the hijacking of your freedom. It’s about you, your heart and your ability to set aside your ego so you can begin to understand what’s happening all around us. There shouldn’t be fear; as we the people with our 99% have the majority over the Elite Crime Mafia – the Illuminati and that is their fear and their Achilles heel – They are the 1% minority; we must win this battle for the sake of our future and that of our children and the unborn upcoming generations. Help by sharing this information with everyone you know, and ask them to do the same with their contacts. If sufficient people wake up, we’ll win this epic battle for sure. Our children and grandchildren will be grateful for your help. – Make your own contribution by sharing this message, and asking others to do the same. – Do not miss our future exposés and become a member, free of charge, of our FWC-site. If you want to know more about this age-old terror, read the book The Great Awakening.


People are encouraged to read and study the instructive books The Great Awakening, part One and part Two, especially compiled for this very purpose; with many detailed cases in point and solutions that are complimented with countless links for individual in-depth research. All this information is important and necessary to fully grasp the worldwide criminality of our enslavement, and understanding the coming changes necessary to restructure our society. Only then can we guarantee the total destruction

To be continued, stay tuned


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