An objective evaluation


Two different governments at work simultaneously

All real Economic indicators are negative

Deep State versus Potus

Early elections

The global currency reset


Away from Globalism

A powerful group behind President Trump, is supporting and guiding him all the way. President Trump has been informed in advance about the ten goals of the PLAN, to make America great again. Eight of these goals are; draining the swamp, border security, deregulation, breaking away from globalism, America first, ending the fed to bring back honest gold-backed money, the abolition of TTP and WTO trade agreements, and the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. As is known; Only, ending the fed and bringing back honest gold-backed money, are still in the pipeline for completion.


President Donald Trump is fulfilling the most dangerous and difficult task ever; the draining of the Deep State swamp, while being surrounded by and dealing with lawless gangs on every level in government at home and abroad. He has to deal with criminal financial-, political-, professional-, and military- gangs. All these gangs respectively mafias are the result of worldwide corruption in governments, the criminal monetary system, corrupt financial institutions and immoral corporate interests, motivated by power and greed, while guided through secret societies.


The powerful forces within the Deep State are massively organised against President Trump and the population. They control most of the mainstream media and still part of the Security Community. Even within his administration is still a nest of warmongers. These forces are always involved with their self-created battles, wars, sanctions, taxes and tariffs. They operate on old-fashioned mind control programming. – A trade war is just as phony as a war on drugs, a war on crime, or a war on terror. None are worth fighting. And none are winnable. They are all designed to reward the elites at the peoples’ expense.


Overspending, debt, fake money, fake prices, fake wars; those are the things that corrupt the elite, distorts the economy and depraves society. And those are the things that President Donald J. Trump ought to stop. His virtue is that he is not like the other politicians. He is an outsider, not a member of the elite himself. He was a real estate speculator, not a politician. And he had legitimate businesses, all over the world; he is not beholden to the Deep State for his money, his fame or his fortune. He is just what America needs, someone who was too rich to care what the MSM says, he is someone bold enough to take on the Deep State.


Two different governments at work simultaneously

The Deep State Shadow Government wants war and getting rid of President Trump. Consequently, their puppets in Congress promote war and impeachment at every turn of a corner. However, there is a serious side to the impeachment, it is the fight with the Deep State and the crisis that is about to overtake the U.S. economy. It has to do with the deeper currents of politics and economics, the ones that lead to war, bankruptcy, depression and poverty. The Dems impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s alleged attempt at a Quid Pro Quo, did not deliver the slightest piece of evidence. The Democrats have absolutely nothing.

But, remarkably; Russia donated nothing to the Trump campaign. But donated $145,600,000 to the Clinton Foundation. For which President Trump has been investigated!

Further; Nancy Pelosi invited illegal aliens to the State of the Union. While President Trump Invited victims of illegal aliens to the State of the Union. Think about that, what a difference that makes!


The impression is given, that the Trump administration is preparing for war and invasion of Venezuela, which isn’t the case. Remember there are two different governments at work; the Deep State Shadow- and the Trump administration. This makes it very difficult for the not fully awakened outsiders to understand what really is going on. As both are acting as though they are the legitimate Government at almost the same time and level.


President Trump is only the fourth president in US history to actually fight for the people, unlike all 41 others, who mainly channelled people’s money into private banks. The first President was Andrew Jackson who was shot after he destroyed the then Central Bank called ‘Second National Bank’ that he openly accused of being controlled by the Rothschild and The City in London. President Abraham Lincoln, was murdered after printing his «greenbacks», national money that the state issued to pay the soldiers because Lincoln had refused to borrow money from Rothschild at 24% interest. The third was John F. Kennedy who was killed in Dallas in November1963 for reasons that went against the interests of the banks and military industrial complex. And by now they have made over fifteen assassination attempts to kill President Donald Trump, because he would “Give America back to the people.”


All real Economic indicators are negative

Gold goes up, and goes down. But doesn’t go away. And over the long term, it tends to give a fairly good measure of what things are worth. The gold price of stocks, over a 50-year period, is telling that stocks are not as valuable as investors think, and the economy is not as great as President Donald Trump believes.


Markets and economies are, after all, still cyclical. When Donald Trump started in the Oval Office, the then Republicans opened the sluice gates further with their Christmas tax cut of 2017. But now, with the Dems the tide ebbs away.


The recent ‘real’ key indicators are all negative. From retail sales to housing permits and everything in between, all were down, indicating a recession is coming. Even the GDP figures offer no comfort either. They’ve gone from a high of just under 5% in the second quarter of 2014, to 2.3% in the first quarter of 2017, when Mr. Trump took over, down to just 2% in the second quarter and then 1.9% in the third quarter of this year. And the New York Federal Reserve estimates a further slowdown to 0.92% in Q4.

Surely a recession lies ahead. And surely, stocks will fall, just as they did after 2000 and again after 2007. Markets and economies breathe in and out. They expand, and contract.

President Trump probably made a big mistake taking credit for the last few quarters of the expansion. He didn’t cause the upswing, and now he cannot be blamed for the downswing, which he won’t cause either.


Making an honest conclusion: President Trump has little or no influence on the economy. While all of the indicators do suggest that the economy is rolling into an inevitable recession. Recessions are natural, normal ways of clearing the dead wood out of the forest. Bad debts, unprofitable businesses, incompetent entrepreneurs, all are cleaned out, to making room for new growth.


In the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, things were more or less normal the ratio of stocks to GDP varied from a low around 30% to a high around 80%. By 1999, it was at a then-record high of 136%. Thereafter, it went down again, and in the crash of ’08 reached a low around 56%.


But, when pumping more and more money in the economy, 10 years later, this ratio is now at 140%, higher than it has ever been, and more than twice the old “normal,” and when the fire starts, it will be a grand spectacle!


The US-economy has been in decline since 2000, falling relatively to other nations by almost every measure. Debts rose. The Deep State’s power increased. And by 2015, the USA was clearly on a downward slide. President Trump faces two challenges: He has to get the U.S. out of its mindless, endless winless wars, and he has to “Drain the Swamp.”


So far, there has been no major pullback of U.S. forces, or any reduction in the Deep State’s meddling. Since last May, some 14,000 more U.S. troops have been sent to the Middle East. The peace talks were originally cancelled, which should have led to an end of the almost 18-year long war in Afghanistan. But now during his Thanksgiving visit to the US forces, President has restarted these negotiations.


Drone strikes and a tightening noose of sanctions have increased the risk of war with Iran. According to press reports, 1,000 U.S. special operations troops have been pulled out of Syria, and were moved to Iraq. But almost 3,000 more troops have been approved to be sent to Saudi Arabia. The question arises: If President Trump is such a friend of the Deep State warmongers, why do they want to impeach him?


Deep State versus Potus

The two main factions of the Deep State; the Republicans and the Democrats, are fighting for control of the government. The headlines tell about every bomb thrown and missile launched in the impeachment proceedings initiated by Schiff and Pelosi. But, there is a serious side to the impeachment, it is about the survival of the Deep State and the crisis that is about to overtake the economy. It certainly has to do with the deeper currents of politics and economics; the ones that leads to war, bankruptcy, depression and public poverty.


As the struggle for control of an empire intensifies, the real threats are ignored. In the last quarter-century of the Roman Empire, for example, there was so much fighting among the Romans themselves, the empire couldn’t prepare a proper defence against the real enemy.


America’s health has been weakening too, at least since the turn of the century. The U.S. will go bust in the old-fashioned way, by spending more than it can afford. If they are inflating away the value of U.S. bonds, for example, they also are going to inflate away the retirement hopes for all those people whose pensions depend on them. And, when they are “printing” more money to pass it on to their crony friends, they are going to use it to claim more goods and services that belongs to others.


In all, America is on a very dangerous path similar to the path followed by Argentina and Venezuela. It has been adding debt at the rate of nearly $3 billion every day, for a total of $3 trillion since January 2017.


The president took on the Deep State who actually control the government. And now, the insiders are counterattacking. They went from being against foreign Russian interference in the elections to not allowing non-citizens to vote in US-elections.


They were against President Trump’s wall that costs less than the Obamacare website. Think about that! – The Americans are now one election away from open borders, socialism, gun confiscation, and full-term abortion nationally. They are fighting evil. While sending more troops and armament to invade Venezuela, which was 60 years ago, the 4th on the world economic freedom index. Today, they are 179th and their citizens are dying of starvation, resulting from US-sanctions.


Remember: “Sanctions” allow the Deep State to conduct economic warfare against targeted countries and individuals, to steal their resources. No vote of the people, no act of Congress, no proof of wrongdoing is required. This leaves potential “enemies” looking for alternatives. And when they find them, and escape the hegemony of the dollar system, it will mark another big slide for the US-economy.


Once there is a viable alternative for the dollar, foreigners will lounge sanctions against the US, then all those dollars, now held overseas as “reserves,” may come back home and sinks the US-economy in hyperinflation like Venezuela under goes today. Foreigners might be taking over US-land, resources, and industries.


To gain and keep power in order to influence various countries’ political affairs they blackmailed politicians and global elites through a regular but secretive worship of Satan in Child Sacrifice rites that included pedophilia parties. The more innocent the victim, the more power they felt in the ceremony. They obtained their child and human trafficking victims through the use of various mafias, that were into international child sex and human trafficking, drug and gun running rings, with the monies laundered through the Vatican Bank.


The Deep State desperate actions can be seen in all corners of the globe, and rightly so. If a protest is not against the Deep State, surely it is about grabbing resources through regime change protocols – now happening in Bolivia – that involved the upper class and the military, just to keep the elitist system afloat.


Then again, President Trump, the Alliance and the patriots have started to taking down The Deep State, a really formidable task. The major known players are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, Obamas, CEOs of major corporations, secret societies, Free Masons, Jesuits, all of the European Royals, CIA operatives, Bankers, US Inc., the City of London and the Vatican who are in control of the global monetary system, and run shadow governments. They further, apply the services of numerous mafias, to run the international child exploitation, human organ harvesting, gun and drug trafficking rings.


Early Elections

The Justice Department Inspector General’s report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses (FISA-Abuse) will soon be released. The report was said to be as thick as a telephone book and contains charges against 80% of the Democratic Congress, plus several prominent Republican political elites. Dramatic changes and reforms within the US government are expected to take place thereafter.

As close to 90% of congress will not return, new elections must be held. Also USA INC. will be abolished as the original republic of America is being reinstated. Honest elections without rigging and interferences will change the political landscape. Most likely President Trump will be re-elected to finish his job to draining the swamp. The gold standard, QFS and GESARA will be being implemented worldwide. The people’s free market economy is becoming fact. There will be no more price rigging. Gold and Silver amongst others will find their true market value. This is definitely the beginning of the end of the Deep State. Measures have to be put in place to assure that never ever a private crooked criminal gang will be able to take over the people’s economy and financial system.


President Trump is the best American President, not because his policies are good, but because he is the most transparent president. – On the political stage the cabal has lost all ground. They are stopping at nothing to cause chaos. But everything they attempt simply fails. The banking system has spread like an ugly web around the world, into every city and town, and robbed people mercilessly.


Now the time has come for righteousness. The banks are contracting. Their powers are shrinking, and that is no accident. – Nobody can run an organisation based on lies and fake money.


The global currency reset

The original plan was for China to be the first to announce the gold standard and to leave the Petro Dollar fiat system. Now, apparently, they have thrown their gauntlet in the ring after their currency is backed by gold. The rest of the world is expected to follow soon. The US fiat dollar will not be able to compete with a gold-backed currency and consequently fail.


The Global Currency Reset (GCR) is funded by the gold treaty signed by 209 countries for which gold is used that is owned by the Chinese Elderly. The GCR activates the QFS Quantum Financial System to ensures that no ‘One World Currency’, such as the SDR or otherwise, can be used. Within this process, every country will return to its sovereign currency.


The current international monetary system will be closed as the GCR is completed, to prevent interference from the Deep State. Furthermore, Central Banksters can no longer make money disappear through the Vatican Bank or transfers to the Ukraine.


The Gold Standard is inevitable, and will bring the banks to their knees. Golden times for the people of the world will commence in 2020. The power and wealth is to be returned to the people. The abundance will be shared, for the greater good of all.


The control by the Deep State over Governments, Congress – Parliaments, the courts, universities, the Pentagon, the bureaucracy, the currencies, the budget and the media, must be ended. The first steps are being set in making headway and will be visible soon; Prince Andrew, Hillary Clinton, and Netanyahu will be heading to court. While other major changes in the financial system are expected.


A request to every reader, share this important news with everyone with the purpose to let finally begin The Great Awakening!