Planetary Shift from 3D to 5D


Brainwashed queue up for vaccination

Humanity is so deeply brainwashed that positive has become negative. These sheep live in a world of illusion where democracy is promoted as freedom, while in reality it is  dictatorship; where 51% rule over the other 49%. That is why the meaning of anarchy was changed to rebellion, because it actually means self-government!


The sooner humanity wakes up to the lies and deceit of the government, the better it is for all of us. Do not be afraid; let it be a challenge for you to join us in reaching our maximum potential. Our world is filled with an enormous amount of toxicity, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, false representations, deceptive mirages, propaganda and intrusive brainwashing.


In the final phase of the now existing 3D cycle on Earth, those who have awakened have the task of informing the human race about the criminal actions of the Deep State Cabal and their government. By revealing their crimes against humanity, which are becoming more visible every day.


Crimes against humanity committed by the higher Cabal Empire in the Inter Galactic Community. They operate behind the scenes on Earth and ignore the laws of nature. Humanity needs to understand that the cabal is repeatedly breaking these laws, and that this has serious consequences.


What people should really be afraid of is not the fear of dying from a non-existent Covid -19 virus, but by the terror of those who dictate, control and disrupt the world through their own government. To subjugate people through fear-mongering in order to complete their goal; i.e. the implementation of total tyrannical power in the once free World.


Senseless victims are those who stand in line for a vaccination, despite many warnings from knowledgeable sources about its dangers and true intent. They have been made mentally ill in a sense, through relentless brainwashing propaganda by the MSM. No new beginning can be made with these foolish fellow human beings.


The bribed puppets in governments are becoming more visible every day, facing the consequences of these pathologically mentally confusing lies.


No new world can be built with zombies. The stupidity and obtuseness in governments made a kind of balance with them. If it were not so sad, one could laugh oneself to death at the proclaimed idiocies. We are waiting for the masses, with or without brain damage from Covid injections, to wake up and stand up.


The mob will only really wake up when their own children die from the poisonous injections, or there is nothing left to eat. Either way, the big end is coming!


As guardians and inhabitants of planet Earth, the Pléiadiens watch over us. They have been doing this for a long time to care for this planet and to help the evolution of mankind!


Planet Earth is beautiful and has a special place in the cosmos, there is no other planet like it! The Pléiadiens created a divine plan for planet Earth and set it in motion thousands of years ago! They did not create the plan alone, in fact we were personally involved in the creation of this divine plan!


The plan is to create a beautiful world on earth that functions as a learning centre, an ascension training ground to see how beings who came here can consciously find their way back up to where they came from!


Our returning guest writer Michael Love talks regarding this topic from his recent transmission with the Pleiadian Light Forces


Planetary Shift from 3D to 5D


The Pléiadiens are masters of conscious evolution and are providing this very important data stream to Earth; for it is a real and remarkable timeline shift that has recently begun on Earth.


It is recommended that you re-read this information, slowly, and take notes as the knowledge is necessary for personal ascension. This data stream is coded to activate dormant DNA, expanding the level of consciousness and enhance life!


Esteemed followers,

The Earth Alliance reports that a few weeks ago a major timeline shift took place on planet Earth and many Starseeds on Earth literally woke up and discovered they were in a new reality!

 Pléiadiens claim that this powerful timeline shift was a collective shift in consciousness, and was triggered by several powerful jolts of high-vibrating cosmic gamma rays that came from the galactic core around the 4th of July and created a galactic firework of pure independence!


This change in timeline was mainly noticed and experienced by the Earth Starseeds whose DNA strands 4 and 5 have already been activated, as it was the exact resonance of gamma light waves hitting the planet at that time!


During the morning hours of July 4, 2022, Light Beings on Earth experienced a very real dimensional shift and were completely out of 3D spacetime synchronisation!


Since that moment, many Star Beings have experienced a strange feeling of no longer existing in the same physical time or space they were in before, even though things around them still seem the same!


Let’s find out what really happened on July 4, 2022 on planet Earth!


What is a timeline change?

Primarily, it is not a time shift, because time cannot shift and there is only one time in the entire universe and that is ‘now‘! Also, you were not moved to a new space, for there is only one space in the entire universe, which is ‘here‘!

Although, on July 4, a very real and powerful time shift occurred, no one moved in time or space and no time or space shifted, so again, why does it seem that you exist in a new time and space now?


Here is why;

In this universe there are infinite vibrational levels of reality that can be decoded by consciousness. – These are the infinite empires of the universe!


  • They are other worlds we have heard about!
  • These are parallel realities that science talks about!
  • We simply call these other levels of reality dimensions!


As your level of consciousness expands, you are able to decode these different dimensions, which reveal themselves as the world around you.


Keep in mind that physical reality is only manifested by consciousness as matter and that matter is not solid, so physical reality is only a perceived reality!


Therefore, the correct definition of a timeline is simply an externally manifested perceived reality and the correct definition of a timeline shift is the change in this externally manifested and perceived reality!



What changed around you on July 4, 2022 was the collective reality manifested externally!


Millions of Earth Starseeds have ascended to the next level, including you, and you are now perceiving this new externally manifested reality!


From this new timeline, it now appears that you exist in a new time and space, but we assure you that you are still in the same place and time, ‘here and now‘! It is only that the vibrational frequency in this place and time has been raised somewhat, which of course is experienced differently!


Part of the strange feeling is due to the fact that you have just landed in a new world in which you have never ventured before, plus there are millions, maybe billions, of other Earth beings who are experiencing this new timeline with you, each creating a small piece of the whole! The strange feeling will disappear in a few days, as you learn to live in your new world!


This new Earthly Timeline perceived as reality by the collective consciousness has been manifested.

To begin with, what triggered this massive expansion of consciousness? – The simple Pleiadian answer is; Light!


As a reminder, Earth was bombarded on July 4th by several super-waves of fifth-dimensional cosmic gamma light!


The Earth Alliance claims that these recent gamma waves were the largest and most powerful ever observed!


This cosmic light resonates in the frequency range of 40-100 hertz, which is the exact frequency of your 5th DNA strand, and this light can instantly activate a dormant 5th strand by reconnecting it to the 5th chakra, which is the throat chakra.


When a DNA strand is reconnected to its corresponding chakra, universal light from that dimension begins to flow into the body and this enables consciousness to decode that dimensional level as an externally perceived physical reality!


The new Earth is now absorbed into the fifth dimensional level of the universe, or what in ancient times was called paradise and nirvana!


This level also corresponds to the gamma state of consciousness, where superhuman abilities begin to work. It is called the state of blissful consciousness! Earth science has proven that gamma light of 40-100 hertz can directly re-encode DNA into the higher functionality form.


Since 2012 massive rays of gamma light have entered the Earth’s atmosphere and have now triggered a massive planetary awakening for the first time. Thus the awakened are moving step by step into the fifth dimension!


How does this change affect the personal timeline?

Recently, many Starseeds have said that time has gone crazy and that they feel they have landed on an alien planet. Many who have lived in the same place for years say that since the 4th of July something has changed in the place where they live, that it is not the same place anymore!


Many have also noticed a different behaviour in people around them. If you have noticed things are breaking down and not functioning properly, you are certainly not alone!


Many Starseeds have had difficulty adapting and coming into balance on this new collective timeline. Therefore; here are our tips on how you can ease the transition:


To begin with; know that this change was the goal realised by the lightworkers on Earth!


The main goal of our mission on Earth is to create a better timeline here by raising the consciousness of humanity!


When enough people contribute by raising their level of consciousness, the end result is a successful expansion of the collective consciousness that will change the whole world in a positive way.


This is exactly what has happened, many more positive effects will follow, during the coming days and weeks!


Of course, the strong light coming from the Light Forces to the Earth has contributed greatly to initiating this global change.


A large group of people needs a lot of energy and concentration to realise a collective change of consciousness, and this great work is admired by all the Light Forces who are cooperating in the ascension of humanity.


In this ascension process one is constantly expanding one’s consciousness, gaining access to new empires and new realities that offer incredible new opportunities and possibilities.


As these higher levels of expansion unfold, new levels of challenge also present themselves, in order to fully master the newer level.


Sometimes even positive growth can bring on a little fear, but know that you will quickly integrate into this new level and make the adjustments necessary for your success and mastery!


It is important to remember that you have just arrived at a higher and better place, which is a very positive thing in itself!


Everything around you is vibrating higher now, so it is crucial to upgrade everything to match this vibration! You are already masters of this, and we know you will be successful!


Welcome to your new timeline! Good and faithful Come in!

We honour you for your successes!

It will take a few days to get your bearings here!

Things are about to get really great for you and before it all comes to that, we suggest you take a day off, step back, relax, have confidence to reveal everything!


Look at all aspects of life and see which parts need updating to work on the new 5D timeline! You don’t have to complete this upgrade project in one day, so give it some time!


The universe is re-evaluating and re-inventing all things at this time! Rationalise all the systems in your life to better suit this new timeline!


We can tell you that some things that worked on lower levels just won’t work on this new 5D level. You will learn which parts do not work!


You will see what fits and what does not! If something is broken and hard to fix, it is probably time to go to the next level! – The Universe will make sure that you can achieve this!


Look at the object, analyse it and see what energy it needs. if you can fix it, try to adapt it to the new timeline, otherwise consider scrapping the old, get creative and invent something new!


In the end, it’s all about alignment, so the quickest and most efficient thing you can do, to align with this higher timeline is to raise your vibration to stay in resonance and harmony!


Earth Starseeds understand the importance of doing the necessary inner work to eliminate the lower 3D energies that no longer serve them! They know that they must transform all lower energies in order to progress in their ascension, thus enabling the application of new higher vibrational activities!


Honoured ones; a new higher timeline has indeed dawned on planet Earth and it is your destiny to fully align with the energy of this incredible manifestation!


The universe is pulling us up, we have to get up to face the challenges of the day! Maybe it is the right time to let go of some things and choose to wake up in the morning with a new exciting purpose!

It is truly an amazing time to be alive on planet Earth, as the Starseeds of Earth move into this new timeline. To bring forth a better world where all humanity lives in peace, freedom and abundance forever!


Let us know what you have experienced over the past few weeks as this new higher timeline is set in motion!


It is OK if there have been some difficulties, for even the masters have to do a little extra work to ascend to this new level!


Let us now walk into the new world together and discover the respect and beauty it has in store for us!


With divine speed,

Michael and the Pléiadiens