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Nicola Tesla is the greatest inventor in human history

Nikola Tesla Patents


‘Off – world’ Technology

The veil holding our souls captive on this planet, through the reincarnation process, will be lifted to free humanity, and evolve as the Creator intended for us.


‘Off-the-world’ technology will become available that will fix everything that is wrong on earth, and can keep us young and healthy.


Technologies, like healing machines that have been in extra terrestrially operation for a very long time. Called MedBeds; “keeps us young and healthy” for as long as we want, which could be about 1,000 years before a new race reaches the next level.


In their obsession with the questions like;


 “When will the revelation come?”,


most people rarely ask useful questions about what might happen next. Some of the most fascinating developments to come relate to science and technology.


What scientific knowledge might aliens possess; what technology and knowledge might develop; and what might happen if we gain access to such technologies? Be assured that humans on Earth know only a thousandth of what is available to us today. More clarity will be provided in this article.


Nicola Tesla is the greatest inventor in human history

Nikola Tesla was a genius inventor who created some ground-breaking inventions. Tesla also collaborated with many big names and companies in history.


Serbian-American engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) made dozens of breakthroughs in the production, transmission and application of electric power. He invented the first alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology.


Though he was famous and respected, but die to resistance from the Deep State Cabal most of his important invention never made it to market. He was also never able to translate many of his copious inventions into long-term financial success, unlike his early employer and chief rival, Thomas Edison who was notorious cabal member.


Since his ideas and inventions were considered far out at their time, Tesla is often featured in science fiction television shows and movies. To high light some of his most notable works and explorations, in this video some commonly asked questions about his geniality and his life are exposed.


Tesla was a key player in my years of research. Already several articles just on Tesla topics have been published on FWC-sites.


Tesla was involved in many innovative experiments, but the cabal did not want his inventions to better the life of humanity, in particular his free energy, for everyone on planet Earth.



The navy wanted to make battleships invisible. It succeeded, but you could still see them through the wake in the water. This was the beginning of Tesla’s Stealth technology that is used in modern fighter planes today. Tesla may not have come from Earth and probably worked with other Universal races to develop his technology.



Soon we will get the free energy the cabal did not want us to have.  Get ready for many shocking realities about to manifest. You have not seen anything yet.

The Tesla Tower could actually have powered the entire planet. No wires. All the ugly grid will come down or obsolete.


Tesla’s final years were filled with controversy and an apparent decline in his sanity. He would spend his last decade living alone in the Hotel New Yorker and working on new inventions even as his health and mental condition deteriorated.


Between 1933 and 1943, Tesla occupied a suites 3327 and 3328 at the Hotel New Yorker and he would rarely receive guests. He also ate an exclusively vegetarian diet and had his meals prepared for him personally by the hotel’s chef.


Tesla also apparently developed a fixation with the number three and would obsessively wash his hands and body after developing a form of mysophobia (germaphobia). In fact, when the hotel staff was permitted to enter his room, they were asked to remain at least three feet away from him.


On the 8th of January 1943, Tesla’s body was found in his hotel room. It was later discovered that he had died at approximately 10:45 pm on the 7th of January 1943. The visiting physician quickly qualified the cause of death to be coronary thrombosis. A disorder normally caused by a build-up of cholesterol and fats in the blood vessel walls, primary causes for it are a high LDL cholesterol diet, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, and hypertension. With such a strict diet, these conditions certainly would not have caused Tesla’s demise!


But this is not the entire story. Tesla also experienced a serious accident a few years before his death that may have contributed to his ultimate demise. In the autumn of 1937, Tesla left his hotel for his regular commute to the local cathedral and library. While crossing the street, he was hit by a taxicab and thrown to the ground. This accident severely damaged his back and broke several ribs. He never consulted a doctor and apparently learned to cope with his injuries on his own. In other words the official cause of his death is questionable, especially as was known the cabal looked eagerly forward to his death.


Nikola Tesla Patents

Nikola Tesla was one of the most prolific and innovative engineers and inventors of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His illustrious inventive endeavours began in the early-1880s while he was working at the Central Telegraph Office in Budapest.


However, there is little or no information from that time about attempts to apply for patents for his work. Tesla’s first confirmed patent, for the electric arc lamp, was filed after his arrival in the United States, in March 1884.


The vast majority of his patents were filed after he left Edison Comp and founded his own company, ‘Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing’. Up until 1928, Tesla appears to have protected many of his inventions with patents all across the world.


Below is a brief list of Nikola Tesla’s top inventions, far from complete and not in any specific order of invention.


  1. Tesla Coil

Chances are that you have already seen this invention. It is a transformer used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high-frequency alternating-current electricity. To observers, it appears as if lightning is being shot into the air.


  1. Magnifying Transmitter

Tesla had intended the Tesla coil to be part of a wireless energy system that was a cornerstone for many of Tesla’s other experiments. By running a wire connected to the resonator around his lab, he infused his lab with electromagnetic energy and was able to wirelessly light a fluorescent bulb he held in his hand because the voltage drop through the air was large enough to induce sufficient current.


  1. Tesla Turbine

Tesla saw the rise of the piston engine in the automobile industry as a way to make a change in the world. He developed his own turbine-style engine that used combustion to make disks rotate. The fuel efficiency of his engine was as high as 90%, a big achievement considering this is similar to the efficiency of some modern turbines of today.


4 Shadowgraph

While Rontgen has been credited with developing the first X-ray films, called shadowgraphs, there is clear evidence that Tesla was also working in this area. The problem is that Tesla lost a lot of his work due to a fire in his lab.


  1. Radio

Before his lab burned down, Tesla discovered that he could use his coils to transmit and receive powerful radio signals, tuning them to resonate at the same frequency. By early 1895, he was ready to transmit a signal 50 miles from his lab to West Point, New York. But the fire in Tesla’s lab destroyed his work.


While he was rebuilding, a young Italian experimenter named Guglielmo Marconi, who was working in England, took out the first wireless telegraphy patent. When Marconi later set up long-distance demonstrations, he used a Tesla oscillator to transmit the signals across the English Channel.


  1. The Neon Lamp

Tesla did not invent fluorescent or neon lights, but he did contribute to improving both inventions. He took the lights and created the first neon sign.


At the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, he demonstrated neon light signs and how they can make unique designs and even form words. Thanks to Tesla you can identify your favourite bar.


  1. Niagara Falls Transformer House

When it came to deciding which company could build a power generator at Niagara Falls, Thomas Edison was the first choice. But after looking at Tesla’s work for Westinghouse Electric, the Niagara Falls commission chose Tesla’s alternating current system. Despite doubts, Tesla’s system worked well and became a standard for hydroelectric power..


  1. The Induction Motor

The first AC commutator-free three-phase induction motor was invented independently by Galileo Ferraris and Nikola Tesla. Although Ferraris presented his engine first, in 1885, it was Tesla who filed for a patent first.


George Westinghouse, who was developing an alternating current power system at that time, licensed Tesla’s patents in 1888. This type of motor is commonly used in vacuums, blow dryers, and power tools, even today.


  1. Radio-controlled boat

Tele-automation controlled the first radio-controlled boat designed by Tesla. After he was denied a patent because the patent office thought it was not feasible, he proved them wrong by demonstrating the boat at the Electrical Exhibition in 1898.


  1. Alternating Current

Alternating current is considered Tesla’s greatest achievement. Although he was not the inventor of alternating current, he made it easier to use on a large scale.


AC power allows for electricity to be sent over long distances much more efficiently. Westinghouse bought Tesla’s AC patents and used them to bid on the lighting of the Chicago World’s Fair.


They won the contract and were able to provide power at around $150,000, which is less than it would have cost to provide power using direct current.


Go to this site to learn more about this once is a lifetime genius Nikola Tesla

Tesla’s apparent instinctive skill for invention and unfathomable imagination made him one of the most prolific inventors of our age.


  1. Med Bed Frequency Healing never materialised

Nikola Tesla’s Frequency healing device is explained in this video.


Anyone who is not at the specific Earth frequency for awakening and healing to incoming ascension energies; or incoming waves of harmonic resonance, leading to unity consciousness, will either have to transform or fail.


This process consists of body and soul, and is not a fantasy, it is measurable, real science and fact; called Schumann resonances. These are global Electromagnetic resonances, generated and activated by energies from our Universe, visible as lightning, among other things.


Ancient Egyptians already used certain resonant vowel sounds in their ancient rituals; these vowels were considered extremely sacred so they were removed from the colloquial language and no longer appeared in the written hieroglyphic language.


Furthermore, during ceremonies, the Egyptians used an instrument called “Sistrum“, a rattle with metal discs, which has been shown to produce exceptionally high levels of ultrasound.


Nikola Tesla was unparalleled in his time, and perhaps also in ours. And that raises an interesting question. If Tesla were alive today, what would the world look like in our future? Think about it and write your suggestion in the comment box below.