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How Historians Deceive Us

The Tartar Empire

Historic Buildings

The true history of Tartaria and the Great Tartar Empire


How Historians Deceive Us

This has recently become worldwide the most impressive conspiracy to suppress the true history of the Tartar Empire, followed up with cover-ups about hiding the existence and impressive achievements of this civilisation a thousand times more advanced compared to ours.


Tartaria was a goliath of technologically superior beings that lived on planet Earth about five hundred years ago. Before we deliberately simplified souls were born on this planet.


The “Great Mudslide” was responsible for wiping the Tartars off our planet with a multitude of their technological innovations buried under a gigantic layer of mud, leaving only remnants of their brilliant architecture visible.


  • Atlantis existed for several hundred thousand years. Most Atlantic times were eras of Light! Only the last phase, the period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC, was, in contemporary terms, a dark but instructive era.


  • More modern Tartar allies went a step further with the premise of a similar history in which a technologically advanced race called Tartars emerged from north-central Asia and was responsible for building huge cities and infrastructures all over the world.


After this civilisation deliberately collapsed, according to some just five hundred years ago, the remains of their structures were deliberately altered and destroyed by a flood of mud. While the origins of these structures were attributed to contemporary architects who could not even realise such architectural feats.


About 500 years ago, the oppressors decided to destroy human history and replace it with their own fantasies. Be convinced that before then, the world’s population was much more advanced than we are today! Because our DNA strands were reduced from 12 to just 2, leaving today’s humanity to do only hand and foot work for the Anunnaki oppressors.


The disconnection of 10 of our 12 DNA strands has limited our potential, and crippled our genetics, to enslave mankind for the elite. These disconnected chains are classified by our scientists as junk DNA. But, in fact, we lost almost all if not most of our abilities and the two remaining DNA strands are only tuned to reproduce more slaves and stay alive on our own. Just enough to do manual labour for the Elite, and being obedient.


When, all of our 12-DNA strands were restored, we would have amazing abilities. That makes it possible to use 100% of our brains again, whereas now for the majority of people only twelve percent of brains is operational. As, aliens would like to have our DNA makeup, because they envy us for creative ability and versatility.


Although humans are limited in their consciousness, they are still capable of creating far more than they can imagine. The Dark Powers have always known this and through the millennia they have worked on people’s limited beliefs to use that to their advantage. Think about this; awaken to your duty to free our beautiful world from centuries of oppression!


Further, ancient structures were demolished or buried under mudslides to erase the Tartar past. Scientists who reported on this evil were murdered and within a hundred years no one knew anything about their true existence and past.


The Tartar Empire

The truth is that at that time, the Tartarian Empire covered practically all of planet Earth from present-day Vladivostok in the east to the west coast of California.


The name Tartaria originated in the 18th century. At that time, the West had little or no knowledge of the people of Central Europe and Central Asia outside Siberia. They were called Tartars and their land was listed as Tartary.


A general term for Tartars was used to generalise the area and peoples of that region, lest the West could identify them. It is said that the term “Tatar” comes from the Chinese word “dada” and was often used to refer to nomads who came from China.


Even more interestingly, many of the conflicts between the 19th and 20th centuries actually had to do with Tartars. It is believed that Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 was an attack on the Empire of Tartary, and eventually the Great Mudslide and the First and Second World Wars were excuses to destroy the rest of Tartary in order to remove it from the world scene.


Historic Buildings

This is related to the large number of historical buildings destroyed during World War II.


The mudslide is another important part of this theory. Adherents of Tartaria history point to underground window wells and basement entrances of buildings from that era and theorise that a global mudslide caused all these buildings to be partially buried.


The main testimony to Tartaria are the architectural styles known as Beaux-arts and Second Empire. Beaux-Arts architecture was the academic architectural style taught at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, in the 1830s to the end of the 19th century. It was based on principles of French neoclassicism, but also included Renaissance and Baroque elements. These similar styles are characteristic of ancient Roman architecture.  However, they used modern techniques and materials to make the facades more majestic.

Look at this picture to see that a letter M was later added to make the building 1,000 years older!


This architecture was famous worldwide in the 19th century and early 20th century. Interestingly, immediately after these styles came a trend known as brutalism, in which buildings were built as utilitarian structures that were often very tasteless. And were of inferior quality, like our current unimaginative house and building construction.


Proponents of Tartarism point to this contradiction to show that our culture was not advanced enough to create the Beaux-arts style and instead recycled these remnants of an ancient society. Which, of course, is nonsense.


There are several explanations about the Tartar myth. The first, almost universal one states that a powerful empire in North Asia was lost to time. The second is that this empire spanned the entire world and established a one-world government or almost one-world government under its own rule. Finally, the third statement states that this empire was not only global but also advanced. They had technologies we cannot imagine today, while the architecture from this society shows their enormous capabilities.


There is another theory;


Jesus founded this society during the Millennial Reign of Christ described in the book of Revelation.


A series of writings are used, to demonstrate the Tartar theory and the widespread conspiracy that the Middle Ages never took place to formulate a 1000-year kingdom ruled by Jesus himself.


We are now living in the period after the reign of Christ, which is also described in the book of Revelation. In doing so, Satan himself is trying to keep the truth of Tartaria hidden from us.


Supporters of Tartaria point to the vaulted ceilings in the buildings that remain from Tartaria and conclude that their constructors must have been giants. For believers, an ancient society of giants exists, that the Deep Staters are actively trying to cover up.


Proponents of the existence of Tartaria, point to a wide range of events as evidence of a cover-up campaign about the empire of Tartaria. Most wars in the late 19th century were initiated to deliberately destroy much of the surviving architecture.


Supporters, also look at the World’s Fairs in the same period and conclude that the impressive buildings put up for these events were not built. They were, in fact, existing structures from Tartaria. The Deep Staters, who hoped to wipe Tartaria from history, designed these World Fairs so that they could destroy these buildings without arousing suspicion.


This theory about Tartaria is certainly inspiring. If true, it will cast doubt on much of official history and also change the way we view our society. However, many arguments for such a society are based on little evidence. Except for the brilliant architectural achievements, which cannot be left out! In fact, that is the evidence and decisive in itself!


It seems that before us, planet Earth was populated, by a higher technologically advanced civilisation.


The last thousand years could be the historical concealment of our real heritage. Driven, by a slow and methodical subversion through the priesthood, which enabled the cabal to replace the truth with the rubbish we are presented with today. And perhaps the most important deception is because of obstruction against Jesus by proclaiming themselves to be Christ.


But, with all the above in mind, think further, about the second lost empire of Tartaria after Atlantis!


The ancient lost civilisations of Atlantis mention the lost continents of Lemuria and Mu. But few have heard about the lost empire of Tartaria! Depending on their interests and quests, some of us may have learned more about this global mega-civilisation in recent years?


Possibly, they too were surprised to discover that this ancient civilisation, which originated as a vast kingdom in central Eurasia, also included most of Siberia. They were so successful that the empire spread all over the world, even to the Americas, and remnants of this are still visible today through the grand unique architectural achievements of all time, created during this advanced civilisation.


  • The Atlanteans were concerned with the power of hidden Crystals. The main sites and laboratories are in Arkansas and Brazil. These crystals have the power to combine energies with other dimensions and provided the Atlanteans with time travel and other abilities. Atlantis lies somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean but has not yet been found.


  • The Tartars left us brilliant architectural buildings and structures. Solid facts to build on for further research. Enthusiasts are hereby invited to participate in further independent in-depth research.


And here is an Extremely Important Message from our Pleiadian brothers and sisters.

December 21, 2023 and/or onward the world will be liberated from the Deep State Cabal …



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