Note; This is your preparation for your ascension exam. A requirement to enter the 5D world is thorough knowledge of our true history. Atlantis and Tartaria show what really happened. Make the information provided here your property and understand what really took place in the time of our ancestors.


An awakened consciousness inspires our revolution

Nothing grows without Light



An awakened consciousness inspires our revolution

The Satanic Luciferians and their highly paid minions will not let you go easily, they have scammed the entire globe with a fake pandemic, for the fulfilment of their Eugenic agenda; viz. to exterminate of 90% of the population.


The bloodline families want people to die of cancer and other conceived diseases, which doctors are not allowed to cure. To an unfathomable extent, they are mentally and emotionally disturbed beings. They see people as sheep and dispensable cattle.


From their insane, psychopathic perspective, they don’t care how much suffering is caused, people must die faster through manipulations and oppression. The more the better. According to these idiots.


Humanity has widely given away its sanity and responsibility to corrupt governments. Consider the wider implications of this behaviour for human existence. When we give away our minds and responsibility, we also give away our freedom and essentially our lives.


An awakened consciousness will never fall asleep again. This is why the process is called ascension. It is the climb up the ladder of further life. No one can stop, let alone control, an awakened consciousness. All the more reason for the Rulers over humanity to rebel against the “Ascension process” for souls here on Earth incarnated.


An awakened consciousness no longer speaks the same language as before. A new language is being adopted. And those who are asleep say this is a conspiracy. Yes, for them it is a conspiracy because it harms their interests.


This, indeed, is very disturbing to them. It promotes a different way of thinking and look at life. Even, this is not the desire of those who command everything, nor of the oppressed who prefer the comfort of inertia. Leaving the comfort zone is an attitude that hurts the conscience still attached to the command of the rulers of humanity.


All this, is the opposite of the language of those who remain in deep sleep.


  • He who sleeps merely dreams;
  • He who is awakened lives in reality.


The awakened can appreciate the Light that shines at every moment of the day. They can enjoy the beauty that is all around them. They can touch anything that pleases their eyes, heart and soul.


The Earth Alliance has yet to remove a few incarnated pieces that continue the game on the chessboard. They will be gone soon. So, we need to understand something important here.


If everything is fulfilled, what could delay the final events of humanity’s liberation? The answer is shocking: YOU!


This is the long-awaited ‘completion’ of the transformation of the past. The new beginning of spiritual applications of the Law of One. The Ascension, the Crystalline Age. But this time you will ‘get that right’.


Regardless the will of 2/3 of humanity, nothing and no one can stop what is to come. Nothing and no one can stop the Light that is coming. It is the power of the Universe that follows the commands of natural laws.


Expect; Revelations in particular deliberate bio-terrorism through food poisoning, GMO, chemtrails, etc. by government agencies with the aim of reducing world population.


Emergence of ‘crowd-sourced’ News Media. Accelerated leakage of testimonies and whistle-blower stories. Advanced High Tech effective tools, that will elevate science, finance, security and cultural development to higher levels.


Major disclosures about professional corruption in Western healthcare systems. Pharmaceutical medicine will be shown to be a manipulative tool, designed by corporate controllers to make people sick instead of curing them.


People are deliberately poisoned, with sophisticated poisons disguised as expensive treatment, medicine, chemotherapy or vaccines. Prescribing drugs as well as radical surgeries, which necessitate even more expensive drugs, all this becomes unnecessary. If the money is followed, it is clear, why alternative medicine and herbal remedies were suppressed or banned because they really do cure and are cheaper.


Read and study this text thoroughly, it is your preparation for your ascension exam, to higher levels of consciousness that begins with the arriving of the Fifth Dimension.


The world will never be the same again! Even you will never be the same again!

An awakened consciousness will never return to before!

Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, gives his views on these developments below.





When we say that darkness is cunning, we also acknowledge that it is lazy. This is a truth that is only now being revealed. Humanity has always been taught to cooperate with them, for it is the Light that creates.


Although human beings are limited in their consciousness, they are still capable of creating far more than we can imagine. Those of No Light have always known this and over the millennia they have worked on the limited beliefs of humans and used them to their advantage.


While many still believe that the Dark Powers control everything and everyone, this has never been true. The only truth is exactly what most do not accept: you gave them the power to co-create. And that is very easy to understand. Today’s text will provide some reflections on this that will help you better understand how everything has worked so far.


Let’s start at the beginning, when some 450,000 years ago the Archons arrived on planet Earth, fleeing the Orion Wars. Although they were descendants of the Fallen Angels and possessed much knowledge, they were not allowed to incarnate here on Earth. Of course, over time, they developed tricks to take advantage of the native humans and their work because they had the physical form and permission to reincarnate successively on this planet.


Over the millennia, through genetic experimentation, they managed to create hybrid sub-races, mainly between humans and Reptiles. Remember, the Reptiles are not Earth races either, as they came from outside, brought by the Archons themselves.


Once these hybrids were created, it became easier to dominate humans, as they have predominantly Reptilian DNA, which is naturally devoid of emotions with an incessant desire for power, dominance and command.


This sealed the control that emerged over the centuries. However, complete domination over the original humanity took place in the last 26,000 years, when Planet Earth was declared their property, including with all humanity on it.


During this Precession Cycle, Earth was quarantined, i.e. provided with a magnetically created fence around it, because all the Portals were under the control of the No Light folks. Any attempt by the Light to liberate Earth would threaten humanity, and this was why our Galactic Brothers had to wait patiently until they found alternatives without endangering humanity.


Only after the Second World War, which took place between 1939 and 1945, did the Galactic Positive Confederation see the need to really intervene. With the cooperation of the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Syrians, the Andromedines and some other Galactic families, a strategy began in order to liberate Terran humanity.


Little by little, the magnetic grid gave way at some points, allowing some Portals to the Light to be opened. The opponents of the Light naturally knew of the threat and reacted as well. The most important of their actions was to change the conditions of control. They created an Agenda that followed to the letter every detail and every situation that might arise from then on.


Like in a game of chess, every piece moved by one side required a move by the other side. To this end, the Dark Powers began to exert control over what we call the System. Everything was under strict control and had to obey the Reptilian Command Pyramid.


This gave the Media System maximum power in shaping public opinion. And all other Systems began to exploit the same playbook. The education system, the religious system, the financial system, the energy system, the health system, the government system, as far as their tentacles could reach, were co-opted to prevent any possibility of liberating humanity.


As has been said here so many times, regardless of humanity’s actions on Earth, the Planet will make its Transition because this is part of the Creator’s Plan. And the Dark Command that is here knows this, but they have to buy time because they believe they are still capable of turning the situation to their advantage. Every month or year they can gain is an opportunity and support for them.


So they created an Agenda to be fully implemented around 2050, when the Planetary Transition will end. They still believed they could do more than the Creator to prevent Earth’s liberation. This Agenda included the Armageddon Timeline, but we know it will not be completed. Thank goodness for that!


Yet they have advanced their plans to 2030, and even earlier, because much of what has happened in the past four years shows that they are desperate now. Especially when the pyramid of evil began to dissolve. The hybrids were robbed of their physical rulers and without the old leadership, it collapses. This whole power structure is now starting to crumble, why now everyone is starting to decide for themselves.


What the Earth Alliance now needs to remove are a few incarnated leaders who continue the game on the board.  In not too long, this operation too will be complete. We need to understand something important here. If everything is fulfilled, what could delay the final events of humanity’s liberation? The answer is shocking: YOU!


Yes, as long as you keep giving power to those of No Light, they will buy a little more time. Everything is energy and you produce the energy that changes things or not. In the absence of Light, nothing is produced at all. But you, who are the Light, can. There are still many good souls who, in their ignorance or lack of devotion, borrow energy creation plants that benefit those who manipulate them.


Let’s take a very practical example. The energy that sustains darkness is produced by people through their emotions. When you feel fear, anger, guilt, pain, indignation and so on, the atomic power plant that resides in every human being will produce the elixir that sustains those who produce nothing because they don’t have enough Light to create.


Every time you feel this, you will add a little fuel to this production. Every time you publish messages that cause fear or anger, you are collaborating in the production of this dark energy. Then those of No Light create a story and you take it upon yourself to spread this, thinking you are doing humanity good. But in reality, you are creating the energy they need.


Many people will disagree with this, but I can tell you with certainty that this is the truth. The truth that will come soon and will show how much we have been manipulated and controlled all this time.


Of course, everyone has to stand up for their own values and failure to act is not a good option. But it is not confrontation or discussion that will change the energy. But your attitude will.


Remember that you can create, so create that which serves the Light. If everyone could stop feeding opposing energy, the breakthrough will happen much sooner.


Yet, nothing will be able to stop that which is to come, because deep down, this is the Divine Plan that determines the end of oppression. But we can shorten the time, and that is even more fantastic!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!




Remember; although humans are limited in their consciousness, they are certainly capable of creating more than they can imagine. The Dark Powers have always known this and through the millennia they have worked on man’s limited beliefs to use that to their advantage. Think about this; awaken to your duty to free our beautiful world from centuries of oppression.


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