A self-created problem in search of a solution

Unprecedented expansion of the Tartar Empire

Tartaria did indeed exist

Khazaria became Tartaria


Best Evidence Proving Aliens Exist



A self-created problem in search of a solution

The world that has been presented with facts like history since at least the Crusades in 1095 represent only a fraction of the truth, and what is more, what is accepted as our basis today is a fiction created by parasitic groups seeking to build on the remnants of a larger world civilisation to claim it as their own. The system they spread across the world is best classified as the Mystical Body of Satan.


The world economy is brought to its knees not by incompetence, but by imposed taxes and economic austerity policies, because countries experiencing catastrophe must be saved by contributions from the printing press.


If the problems were only ‘incompetence’, the task would be very simple: just concentrate on replacing ‘incompetent’ with ‘competent’. But it is not like that. They are highly ‘competent’ in following the agenda of calculated incompetence with the aim of creating a huge problem in search of a solution. It is a conspiracy to turn the world into a totalitarian dictatorship run from Israel by the Rothschild Khazarian mafia.


Unprecedented expansion of the Tartar Empire

The falsification of history goes far beyond what has now been discovered by Tartarian architectural analysis. Hard facts show that human history has been thoroughly falsified. 2.8-billion-year-old objects of artificial origin have been found in southern Africa. Their dating indicates manufacture before the time of emergence of Rational Man! More on this in a later essay.


For now; in the year 779 BC, the Magic Tartar died. His eldest son Shu proclaimed the rise of the Tartar Empire named after his father, with himself as the first emperor. Emperor Shu’s rule marked the beginning of a period of unprecedented expansion for the Tartar Empire.


Driven by ambition and a vision of greatness, he launched a series of calculated military campaigns that rapidly expanded the empire’s borders. The famed Tartar legions swept across the land, conquering neighbouring tribes with a combination of military might and cunning diplomacy.


The lush valleys of the Western lands fell under Tartar control, as did the vast deserts of the Southern Expanse. In the north, the nomadic tribes of the frozen steppes swore allegiance to the empire after seeing the power and magical skills of the Tartars. The empire’s unity was further strengthened through strategic alliances and marriages with conquered noble families.


As the empire expanded, Tartar cultural and artistical influence also increased. With the influx of various peoples, the Tartar capital became a melting pot of different traditions, languages and beliefs. Scholars and craftsmen flourished under Shu’s patronage, creating masterpieces that shared in them unique characteristics of the conquered territories of the empire. The Tartar magic academies were considered centres of knowledge and attracted students from all over the Asian world.


In the year 580 BC, a series of devastating raids by tribes from the west began, that infested the outer regions of the empire. These raids were carefully planned and executed by barbaric seafaring warriors who exploited the empire’s weaknesses. The Tartar legions, emaciated by years of expansion, struggled to contain these attacks.


By 510 BC, the Tartar Empire was on the verge of collapse. Emperor Shu’s descendants lacked the charisma and magical power of their ancestor, making it difficult to unite the empire against looters. The attacks intensified and caused widespread unrest and discontent among the population.


In a desperate attempt to save what was left of his ancestral legacy, Buan, the last Tartar emperor, Shu’s great-grandson, made a fateful decision. Seeing the sign on the wall, he abdicated his throne and left the imperial capital. He headed east and took refuge with the Zhou Lords, who were known for their skilful governance.


The collapse of the Tartar Empire marked the end of an era of conquest, unity and cultural synthesis. However, while the empire’s former territories splintered and were reshaped, its influence did live on in the form of architecture, magical traditions and even the language spoken by its descendants. The legend of the Tartar Empire, with its rise and fall, continued to captivate the imagination of storytellers and historians for generations.



The Tartar Empire gave its name to what is called “Asia” in the West. Tartaria is the name of the continent. But after 1920 CE, writers started writing books about a lost empire in which they mixed up the history and name of the continent and created conspiracy theories about a mysterious Tartar Empire….


CE is an abbreviation for Common Era. It means the same as AD (Anno Dominic) and stands for time from year 1 onwards. Read more at https://the-rose-and-the-cross.fandom.com/wiki/The_Tartarian_Empire


Tartaria did indeed exist

The first example questioned is that what is offered by academia as chronology. It was not at all a new concept that Isaac Newton presented to his queen Anne when he gave a chronology of ancient kingdoms.


However, this is the only point of kinship between the two historiographies, because if Tartaria is indeed a fact, Newton reinforced the history offered by the Biblical tradition as the only true history after the Crusades.


Newton was said to be the last of the great Sages, clearly he was an initiate, which then suggests that they had complete control over the entire Hebrew lore.


The second is; to think for a moment about accepting all that is foisted as a representation of reality, both in historical context and the present moment, perhaps the greatest deception is to agree, with this and accept as fact the case of a world population in which a false future was foisted. Consider, e.g., the fake Pandemic.


The third opposing idea is, that once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a world empire that disintegrated when certain members of the trade accord wanted more and moved into a role they called blood sucker, what the Christian tradition calls Judas, that broke down the long-held acceptance of each other’s cultures within their own borders, which was the very thing that had served peaceful existence for all nations, without everyone having to be uniform.


It is thought that the remnants of the Tartar Empire were completely destroyed around 1733, but at the same time, during the reign of Catherine the Great, – empress of Russia 1762 to 1796 – Russia was neither Russian nor Great, because the Russian Empire was about to expand as a vassal state of the Prussians by war, through conquest of large parts of Germany and the British Isles.


Recall; that the book burnings that took place across Europe, which were claimed to be the burning of Luther’s works as a holy act, were in fact the removal of books that may have reflected the real truth about what Rome was. So that a new Rome, the Rome we know today, could emerge to mystify the population through false heritage with a completely opposite liturgy.


Khazaria became Tartaria

For the record: Khazaria became Tartaria and later Ukraine. Recall also that China’s influence, especially its position in this conflict, showed the dragon. What is the beast worth if it is not behind Putin? Think Khazarians, see Chabad Lubavitch.


There is even a fourth thesis;

Tartaria and the Tartars is the new story currently being explored and presented in the alternative media platform. It seems that Russian common sense has won out, trying to convince the world that Russia is the source of all brilliance. Tartary, the other side of the equation.


The main narrative currently being promoted about Tartary presents the idea that a huge and technologically advanced empire existed in the northern hemisphere, that after some questionable internal decisions were made, the consequences caused a series of catastrophic events, displacing many of its inhabitants.


At the very least, since the Middle Ages, all evidence of the Tartar Empire was systematically destroyed, until eventually another power massacred all survivors by the mid-1700s, after which all references to the Tartar Empire, were omitted from later academic works. Without mentioning the fact that the Tartars were the good guys and related tribes of Mongols.


Following revelations of existence of this empire, out of nowhere comes the cabal brigade, first with the flat earth, the real red flag, and second the involuntary claims concerning alien technologies.


A not so long ago mudslide led to a concept called the reboot. When before, giant pyramids and other huge complex buildings were in fact part of one ancient world empire, one can indeed speak of technologies such as the use of sonic vibrations to move huge blocks of stone.


The misuse of this technology actually took place at the time of Atlantis, when an agreement existed between 10 established Empires, who wanted to take over the world for themselves. When sonic vibrations were applied, the earth began to vibrate, and so in Egypt all archaeological objects sunk into the liquefied sandy soil. This explains the many buried cities and complexes around the world.


Then there is also the idea of a great flood that could have caused the same mud filling, which left traces in many cities around the world. But the mud flood event took place centuries ago and not several millennia. Either way, the total truth is still hidden.


There are testimonies of several things that “don’t exist”. To be precise, this is another process. When facts emerge whose content does not fit into established history, it is bad for the facts. Because a lot of money has been invested in fake history so that a different picture cannot be accepted. That is how it has been in the last century. Today, however, that is not enough. More on that in a subsequent article.


Meanwhile, the CIA has come out with the mandatory release of an avalanche of documents containing previously secret information dated 25 February 1966 titled “PEIPING, CHINA QUALITY BOARD”. It apparently concerns PEKING, since it talks about Beijing.



“The walled part of Peiping consists of two parts, the older Tartar City in the north and the Chinese city in the south. The name “City of Tartar” dates back to the 13th century, when the Golden Tartars ruled China; it survived a series of Mongol, Manchu and Chinese dynasties. The city of Tartar is enclosed by a wall about 15 metres high and 12 metres wide at the top, with a length of 14 miles, over 10 miles of which the top is 75 metres high. The walls are filled with earth and reinforced with bricks.


Beyond the walls of Tartarus is the forbidden city. The former imperial residence. The plot with the throne room is now a museum. It is surrounded by a moat 60 metres wide and with walls 18 metres thick”.


The document also includes a photograph of the place described.


It is not clear whether the image was taken from a plane or a satellite, but when it comes to the content under investigation, it is essentially irrelevant.


No map is included, while maps of Tartary exist showing that the city of Tartary was in Beijing or vice versa. It is also not clear why, or for what reason, this document was created; no other sources are cited. Apparently, it is part of some operational intelligence. But whether anyone likes it or not – the document exists.



Remember; the main requirement to enter the 5D world is thorough knowledge of our true past. Atlantis and Tartaria show that which really happened. Make this information yours and understand what really happened in the time of our ancestors.


A nation that does not know its past history is adrift! There are large gaps in this historical Tartar account, caused by lack of reliable background information. Clearly, much of this has been deliberately destroyed.


Awake readers, interested in our past history, are invited to help with research on Tartaria and pass on their results to me, as a basis for follow-up articles.


The Best Evidence Proving Aliens Exist