Ten of Twelve DNA Strands Disconnected

The original humans on planet Earth were unique in Cosmic terms in their development and capabilities. The grandiose architecture of the past is proof of this. Five hundred years ago, the oppressors decided to downgrade this human potential, destroy their true history and replace it with their own fantasies. With architecture made of concrete blocks with glass and steel, barely big enough to live comfortably in.

In the new Earth man, ten of 12 DNA strands had been uncoupled, their potential reduced, more easily controllable and still just fit for hand-to-hand combat and as handyman. This limited our potential and ruined our genetics.

Meanwhile, a few among us have managed to reactivate their DNA strands and are known as awakeners. Many more can also achieve this, hence the slogan Final Wakeup Call for “Awakening”.


Greater Tartaria and its civilisation

Tartarian civilisation collapsed on purpose. About five hundred years ago, the remains of their structures were deliberately altered and destroyed by a mudslide. The origins of these structures were attributed to contemporary architects who cannot realise such architectural feats. At that time, the oppressors decided to destroy human history and replace it with their own fantasies.


Be assured that before then, the world’s population was far more advanced and capable than we are today!


Because our DNA strands were reduced from 12 to just 2, today’s humanity is only fit for hand-to-hand service to the Anunnaki oppressors. The disconnection of 10 of our 12 DNA strands has limited our potential and distorted our genetics to make humanity their slave.


These disconnected strands are classified by our scientists as junk DNA. But in fact, we have lost almost all if not most of our abilities due to this disconnection, while the two remaining DNA strands are mainly tuned to produce more slaves and keep themselves alive autonomously. Enough to do manual labour for the Elite and remain obedient.


If all our 12 DNA strands were restored, we would have amazing abilities. This would allow us to use 100 per cent of our brains again, whereas now only 12 to 16 per cent are operational for the majority of humanity.


Our alien brothers and sisters would love to have our DNA composition, they envy us for our creative ability and versatility.


Although humans are now limited in their consciousness, they are still capable of creating much more than they think.


The Dark Powers have always known this and through the millennia they have worked to limit the knowledge that people can use this gift to their advantage.


Think about this; wake up and fulfil your duty by helping to free our beautiful world from centuries of oppression!


Greatest Falsifications in Human History

The Slavs were excellent soldiers and in “classic” wars they were almost unbeatable, as they fought to defend the territory of their ancestors, and


They never fought wars of conquest. They created a bulwark against the surrounding countries dominated by cosmic parasites under their predatory philosophy of “what is good for them is good for us”.


The dark powers constantly attacked this region of Light and tried to conquer or at least weaken it by whatever means necessary.


Later, when the dark powers finally partially took over this area through opportunistic traitors and natural disasters, they tried to erase the ancestral memory of the Slavs and replace their pure faith with the Chthonic Judeo-Christian doctrine with its hidden predatory morality.


Chthonic may seem like a lofty and learned word, but it is actually quite down-to-earth in its origin and meaning. It comes from chthōn, meaning “earth” in Greek, and it is associated with things that are in or under the earth.


Great Tartaria

In the 8th to 10th centuries, the dark side began creating a Judeo-Christian religion for the sake of a power structure with the aim of conquering and suppressing, or weakening, Greater Tartaria, with its vast territories in Asia, China, India, Europe, North America, including the western part of South America and North Africa.


Through “religious ideologies”, intrigues and their “representatives on earth”, they began exerting great pressure on the state to gain access to the mineral resources within the territory of Greater Tartaria.


Let us recall in fragments the events in Kievan Rus that marked a turning point. In 965, the last Slav prince Sviatoslav went on an expedition against the Khazar Empire, which had long been plundering, murdering and enslaving Slavs and performing Satanic rituals on their children.


Kievan Rus’, also known as Kyivan Rus’ was a state and later an amalgam of principalities in eastern and northern Europe from the late 9th to the mid-13th century.


This campaign marked the end of the dreaded Khazar Empire and the destruction of their capital Ityl, but a little later, in 981, Vladimir came to power through guile and treachery, and then was canonised by the Church to be celebrated for his role in the Christianisation of the Slav people.


This took place between 988 and 1000. What, in fact, did this Christianisation of the Slavs mean? In 12 years, were 9 million of the original 13 million inhabitants of Kievan Rus massacred. The Christian chronicles are, of course, silent on this.


The bloodthirsty Vladimir, as he was called, opened the door to foreigners and initiated the violent Christianisation that subsequently took place in other Slavic regions, including Greater Moravia.


Christianisation is historically the conversion of non-Christian peoples to Christianity. This was often done en masse and also through systematic use of violence or the use of severe punishment.


The amount of Slavs slaughtered during this time was incredibly large. The violent Christianisation fought by fire and sword, with the devastating influence of the West confronted the Slavs with the question of what to do next …


It was decided to rename the land after their “gods”, the guardians Tarchus and Tara. They adopted the new name Tartaria. It appeared on the map as Greater Tartaria, the new name for the ancient Rassenia.


The surviving Slavs decided to join the professional army of Greater Tartaria and their mission was to expel all followers of the infamous “Christianity” in order to save the last remnants of the Western Slavs and their way of life.


To this end, the Slavs made a great march west and it were not the Mongols, as we are officially told today.


That is one of the greatest historical falsifications in human history.


It was a liberating march westwards for all those who had suffered Christian atrocities. The army of Greater Tartary raced like a whirlwind through the area where Slavs lived and avenged the Catholic missionary slaughter of Slavs.


The area liberated by the army, reached as far as the Adriatic Sea and wherever it was, exclusively destroyed non-native troops and clergy.


Even official historians today acknowledge that the “Tartars” disrupted church ordinances but did no harm to the natives.


As a result, the Slavs got a reprieve from the forced Christianisation and there was untold relief and peace for the surviving Slavs for an extended period of time. It was not a step back, as official history claims, but rather a big step forward.


Later, however, when the dark powers confiscated control of the territory of Greater Tartary, a massive oppression of the indigenous population took place. Anyone who spread Vedic knowledge could face life imprisonment and, in the 18th century, even death by burning or beheading.


This was also confirmed by many ancient eyewitnesses. Until 1917, Vedic knowledge was well spread among the people, which was maintained in the villages.


The final death blow on this ancestral knowledge was dealt by the Bolshevik Trotskyists.


The bearers of the ancient Vedic faith, the faith of Light, were persecuted and severely punished. Thus, without leaving a trace, the ancient texts and sources on the great wisdom of our Slavic ancestors gradually disappeared en masse: the Santie Agnimara, the Agni ivedanta, the Sword of Striboh, the Omnasva and the Slavic-Aryan Vedas in the Old Slavic language!


Nevertheless, the ancient beliefs of our Slavic ancestors have been preserved. Carefully preserved by the “Guardians of Knowledge”, the original sources are still alive and waiting for the right moment for their full revelation.


The truth is that the Tartar Empire at that time covered practically the entire planet Earth, from present-day Vladivostok in the east to the west coast of California.


The name Tartary originated in the 18th century. At that time, the West had little or no knowledge of the people of Central Europe and Central Asia outside Siberia. They were called Tartars and their land was called Tartary.


So, a general term for Tartars was used to generalise the area and peoples of that region, lest the West be able to identify them. It is said that the term “Tatar” comes from the Chinese word “dada” and was often used to refer to nomads who came from China.


Even more interestingly, many of the conflicts between the 19th and 20th centuries had to do with Tartars. It is believed that Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 was an attack on the Empire of Tartary, and eventually the Great Mudslide and the First and Second World Wars were excuses to destroy the rest of Tartary to remove the Empire from world stage.


A Buried Empire – A Brief Introduction to Great Tartaria


Prepare! For upcoming massive turbulence!

Much turbulence is coming very soon. These words, taken from the teachings of Dolores Cannon, serve as a clear reminder of the transformative times in which we now find ourselves.


Profound knowledge is needed to fully understand the magnitude of change on our planet and to play and accept the role we have chosen to play in this cosmic drama.


This video explores the implications of teachings needed for our personal journeys and collective evolution.