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5G Exerts Control over Living Matter

From eugenics to genocide Secret Weapons for Quiet Wars No research whatsoever on secondary health effects The Zionist Deep State is losing their grip on humanity     5G is a killer technology Nowadays, all of us live in a… Continue Reading →

5G Your Silent Murderer

5G Interferes with the human brain function 5G Considerably Higher Frequencies than at present Cell Phones Cause Insomnia Uninformed public must be informed The most horrific form of mental brainwashing What Can you do?     The killing off of… Continue Reading →

5G is Electromagnetic Genocide

From Eugenics into Genocide Wi-Fi wavelength is the same as human vibrational brain levels Your cell-phone is a weapon of mass destruction GMO and EMF pollution rendering the planet inhospitable to human life Life on Earth threatened by Global 5G… Continue Reading →

Battle between light and darkness

Russia’s indestructible spirit As you can see, the puppets of the shadow government are trying to play their last card by unleashing an all-out war on the European continent.   Why are they doing this?   Mainly because their previous… Continue Reading →

Historical Research 4

Don’t be modest Our true history tells all about our future, when this series of ‘historical research’ is understood, more people will be open to it. From then on, historiography will be popular, widely known, studied and taught in schools,… Continue Reading →

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Eye-opening secret information almost nowhere to be found   The Intention is People without Wealth Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands WW2 traitor It is all about Speed of Communication Documents from 1954 prove all this!   The Intention is People… Continue Reading →

Made Up Human History

Our generation decides humanity’s future on planet Earth Tartarian Empire Oldest still visible Constructions built hundreds of thousand year ago Pyramid of Giza Ancient Forbidden Kingdom Atlantis and Lemuria Stolen History – Lifting the Veil of Deception   Our generation… Continue Reading →

Swiss Octogon Templars

Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda Don’t Fall in the Frequency of Fear   Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda Vibrational frequencies via 5G, connect man’s consciousness with the Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda. It is the Anunnaki-Archon groups on planet Saturn that manipulate Consciousness energies to spread… Continue Reading →

Your Immune System under Attack

Fear mongering to destroy health Healthy eating and living makes immune system indestructible Vaccines don’t cure but are an attack on health Archon bloodline practices make people suffer and die earlier The Fall of the Cabal   Fear mongering to… Continue Reading →

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