From eugenics to genocide

Secret Weapons for Quiet Wars

No research whatsoever on secondary health effects

The Zionist Deep State is losing their grip on humanity



5G is a killer technology

Nowadays, all of us live in a world that relies heavily on technology. Both for personal and work use, wireless devices, such as cell phones and tablets, are commonly used around the globe, making exposure to radio-frequency radiation (RFR) widespread, including in public areas.


Increasing dependence on wireless communication has become part of modern civilisation. People around the planet are adapting to this reality of life. Now we are being pushed to embrace the next 5G-generation of wireless communications which promises to accomplish technological marvels, breaching the farthest boundaries of the human imagination. To achieve this, a powerful new infrastructure of satellites and antennas must be installed, radiating digital signals in the millimetre frequency range that will facilitate and support the propagated utopia of driverless cars or even surgeries, etc.


Meanwhile, on the other hand, over 10.000 peer-reviewed studies have condemned this technology because of its harmful effects due to its millimetre frequency radiation on humans, animals and plants. Once again, regarding authorities, this knowledge has fallen on deaf ears! It is important to note that there is a serious connection, as young people, in their twenties and thirties, and even teenagers are having strokes and heart attacks where this technology is being implemented, while still no one wants to know the source of these health problems and deaths, or research why it is happening. Nonetheless, the implementation and utilisation of 5G continues unabated across the world, in spite of zero mandatory health and safety tests having been carried out.


“5G” or the fifth generation, just assumes that it is more of the same as 2G, 3G or 4G. They have characterised the rollout as an urgency, to give the public the impression how much better 5G would be than its predecessors, discouraging people to research and find that 5G is a killer technology. How wrong they were! Not only has the public found out, but now we know how lethal the previous generations of wireless technology are, that will be used alongside 5G.


Do you want to know that your iPhone or smartphone will kill you and how you can turn you phone to a safer mode? Unless you want to be in hospital for cancer treatment, here are a few videos you must see. Hopefully the effort to educate you about the danger of carrying your phone on your body day in and day out is not a waste of time. Listen to a victim who tells his story based on his own experiences. Think about it; providing this information will save many lives and probably even worse avoiding a lot of unnecessary suffering. Nonetheless, you could think you might die without your valued mate. But be assured you are going to die from your phone! Do you know anyone even willing to know, how to switch their Phone to a Safer Mode? It really is highly recommended to learn about the here provided ‘none biased’ information and to share the knowledge with your beloved ones and friends. Remember: sharing until they are sick of you is a better option than dying or being sick by smartphones and 5G!


In spite of this, the 5G network is oversold, like nothing else on the planet. And here is the critical point: In its current form, 5G networks will simply not perform as is falsely advertised. IT-experts and electrical engineers who have designed these slowly evolving 5G-networks know that they will not work as has been widely promoted.


This is because of environmental obstacles, like buildings, walls, etc. that exist in every place where 5G is installed. The applied “one size fits all” approach will not work. Inevitably this translates into the fact that the smallest of areas will require their own customised 5G-network- configuration. What this really means is that wherever the 5G advocates choose to showcase 5G, those venues will be altered into highly ‘radioactive’ 5G-super-hotspots.


This proves our earlier suspicion; since the Deep State has failed to instigate a nuclear World War III or kill humanity off with bioweapons, it appears they are trying to use 5G technology to complete this job.


Millimetre waves have a limited range. 5G-signals cover an area of less than 2.5 square kilometres from the cell tower only allowing devices in close proximity to link to the network and operate. That makes the construction of multiple 5G cell towers necessary on every stretch of about 150 metres in order for devices to stay connected.


In the meantime, more than 250 scientists have published their peer-reviewed research on the biological and health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) and all the results were sent in independently; all reaching the following summarised conclusion. The report was signed and published in the International EMF Scientist Appeal.


“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well above most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, detrimental to the immune system, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. The damage goes well beyond effects on the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”


From eugenics to genocide

It is known, that GMO and EMF come from the same Rockefeller initiated stable and both are being currently used as ‘intentional’ weapons of biological destabilisation, in order to cull the populace at large. These were commercialised along the lines of reasoning that it would provide people with convenient, pocket-sized, wireless communication tools.


The introduction of 5G is a weapon of mass destruction that could kill off 90% of the human population. Taken together, people who are dead no longer receive government “benefits.” That’s how genocide becomes a matter of public policy, to secure the Deep State’s survival.


GMO and 5G share the same basic goal: to alter living matter in such a way as to exert 100% control over it. In the case of GMO, for example, genetically altering the DNA of maize, soya, cotton or tomatoes, alters the DNA of the humans consuming it, making people sick due to a compromised immune system. This sinister, covert technique in human terms, is called eugenics.


The EMF known as 5G, starts from the same basic premise, but moves from eugenics into genocide. The microwave pulses emitted by EMF’s already formed the foundation of the 2G, 3G, 4G networks and of Wi-Fi. Scientists now have irrefutable evidence that these pulses – resonances – denature – meaning, they distort the cellular composition and DNA of living matter, i.e. destroying the characteristic properties of e.g. the immune system, proteins or other biological macromolecules through heat, acidity, radiation, or other effects, disrupting molecular conformation.


The reason for this is that, 5G shortens the resonance spaces into millimetre pulses which raises the output by a factor of at least ten; which is required for the technology to be within working range. Scientifically, this has been compared to being enclosed in an activated microwave oven.


Wi-Fi and cell phone tower microwave transmissions are non-targeted, they are delivered as ‘broad spectrum’; just like GMO’s agrichemical herbicides that kill every living plant they hit and most soil organisms too. They are blanket attacks on man and nature. Even so, Wi-Fi is tuned to wavelengths almost identical to the natural vibrational levels received by the human brain.


This was purposely developed in this way, as it provided operators with the direct controlling influence over the thought and behavioural patterns of those in the firing line. Today, we are all targets of this sinister technology. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that this is happening to them.


Secret Weapons for quiet Wars

Wi-Fi and electromagnetic microwaves were developed as secret weapons of war in the 1950’s. ‘Silent weapons for quiet wars’ as their promoters described them, in the course of US military defence programs and they were secretly rolled-out during the cold war period to bring about a stand-off between Russia and the USA.


A consequence of this technology that people should all be aware of is, when you place your cell-phone next to your ear, always remember, you are being attacked by a military-grade microwave weapon. A mobile phone is not a harmless utility.


GMO’s and EMF’s are technologies which provide the Deep State with tools to exert a despotic power over planetary diversity, reducing the very quality of the soils in the fields in which crops are sown into sterile wasteland, while everything around it is poisoned to death. This is called ‘ecocide’.


GM foods and Wi-Fi are factually life-annihilating sterilisations. The 5G roll-out is to include the launching of 20,000 satellites of which the multi-targeting antennae – known as ‘phased arrays’ – will steadily irradiate ‘every square cm of the planet’s surface’, with electromagnetic microwaves, beamed from the edge of space.


GMO and 5G are weapons deployed in a continual process to ultimately reduce nature – and indeed all humans – to slaves of the Deep State members, who have an insatiable appetite for profit, power and control. Both GMO’s and EMF’s are also weapons deployed to render the planet inhospitable to humanity and devoid of natural diversity of flora and fauna, that are essential to the health and welfare of all. Ultimately, our majestic planet will be terraformed into a living hell, only suitable for those who feel no empathy, no compassion and no sense of belonging, otherwise known as inhuman Satanists.


No research whatsoever has been done on secondary health effects

Millimetre waves are mostly absorbed within a few millimetres of the human skin and in the surface layers of the cornea. Short-term exposure can have adverse physiological effects in the peripheral nervous system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Research suggests that long-term exposure may pose health risks to the skin e.g., melanoma, in the eyes, known as ocular melanoma or macular degeneration that results in the slow loss of eyesight, and in the testicles, it triggers sterility.


For now, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and most Wi Fi-routers operate at under 3 GHz in what comprises the “microwave” region of the electromagnetic spectrum, with wavelengths of about 16 cm long. A smartphone operating at 800 MHz, sends and receives signals with wavelengths of 37.5 cm. Operating at 1.9 GHz, the wavelengths are 16 centimetres. Wi Fi uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band with 12 centimetre wavelengths.


Since 5G is a new technology, there has not been sufficient research done on secondary health effects, whatsoever. However, there is considerable evidence of the harmful effects of 2G and 3G. Little is known about the effects of exposure to 4G, which is already a 10-year-old technology, because governments have (purposely?) been neglectful in funding this type of research. Nonetheless, a noticeable increase in certain types of head and neck tumours have been observed, which may be at least partially attributable to the proliferation of cell phone use and its radiation. These increases are consistent with results from case-control studies of the tumour risk to heavy cell phone users.


5G will not replace 4G; it will be implemented alongside 4G in the near future and possibly over the longer term too. If there are synergistic effects from the simultaneous exposure to multiple types of RFR, harmful effects from RFR may increase substantially. Cancer is not the only risk as there is also considerable evidence that RFR causes neurological disorders and harm to reproductive organs, likely due to oxidative stress.




The Zionist Deep State is losing their grip on humanity

The Zionist Deep State is on the verge of losing their grip on humanity as they have failed to instigate their deeply desired nuclear World War III. Their alternative plan B, which was to kill humanity off with bioweapons, also appears to have failed. It would appear that they are trying to use 5G technology to complete the job.


Psychopathic Deep State players are engaged in a psychological war on our minds, with the goal of blocking humanity from developing our creative capabilities and spiritual aspirations. If these unique gifts were to be fully blocked successfully, their robotic, AI-infected substitute-humans, entirely devoid of free will and emotion, would populate the planet as their ultimate slaves.


5G is far more lethal than its three predecessors, as the resonance spaces are substantially shortened into millimetre pulses and the output is raised by a factor of at least ten; which is within the range of microwave wave frequencies and can therefore be compared to being enclosed in an activated microwave oven. 5G waves are of ultra-high frequency and intensity, being easily absorbed by all life forms such as humans and trees, but also buildings. Although 5G Cell Towers are smaller, they must be positioned much closer together for 5G to be effective.


Furthermore; peer-reviewed research has shown that short-term exposure to low-intensity millimetre wave (MMW) radiation, not only affects human cells, it may result in the growth of multi-drug resistant bacteria, harmful to humans. Since little research has been conducted on the health consequences of long-term exposure to MMWs, the widespread deployment of 5G technology constitutes a massive experiment that will most certainly have adverse impacts on the health of all living beings.


It is important to be aware that inhuman minds are behind inhuman technologies. Just think of the tens of thousands who have suffered a cruel fate under the commercial, evil behaviour of Monsanto over the past decades; with its asbestos, agent orange and aspartame – well before toxic GM soya beans ever saw the light of day.


Not only the monetary system, but the entire geopolitical system has been corrupted to the core. We will very soon have no freedom anymore, unless we wake up en masse and join forces. We are currently being enslaved through the monetary system, the tax system and through the usurpation of our birth certificates. People have become assets, to be exploited for the acquisition of financial gains for the cabal. Our tax money is deposited into the Deep State-controlled Vatican bank. In the meantime, things are getting worse by the day. The point of no return is rapidly approaching and soon it could be too late!


In a dystopian world, where our global, fascist/communist rulers would decide what we should eat; which would invariably constitute chemical cocktails beyond anything imaginable today; they would even decide whether we are permitted to eat, because this is their only way forward if they want to successfully control the masses mentally, emotionally and physically. The water supply would be drugged, so that people would end up apathetically ‘loving their servitude’ as Aldous Huxley wrote in his book the Brave New World and as George Orwell described in his famous, dystopian ‘1984’.


Please SHARE this information far and wide; use it to target your local bureaucrats, technocrats, health practitioners, local and federal government agencies and especially; your family, friends and neighbours.

Now that you know what this 5G-technology really is, and why it was developed and where it is intended to take the people and the planet at large. Let us draw the line here together; with the full fire of consciousness. We Must Wake Up!


Question: As a society, should we really invest hundreds of billions of dollars in deploying 5G, a cellular technology that requires the installation of millions or more new cell antennae sites in the industrialised world only, in places close to where you live and work and where children play?


Action: Instead, support the recommendations of the 250 scientists and medical doctors who signed the 5G Appeal that calls for an immediate moratorium on the deployment of 5G, demanding that governments fund the research needed to adopt biologically-based exposure limits that guarantee the protection of our health and safety.


Download the appeal and signatories lists here

The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, together with all the lists of signatories from 204 countries and territories, is ready for you to deliver to your governments. You can download the Appeal in 30 languages on this website, by clicking on the appropriate link.

You can download PDF files of all the lists of signatories on this website:

There is a total of 172,395 signatures from 204 countries and territories.