The Breakthrough – Confusing messaging clarified

Countless truthtellers on the Internet think they know what is about to happen next. Much misinformation is being spread through so-called popular channels, often at the behest of the cabal to sow confusion.

Again for the record;

The decision for the breakthrough will be made outside our planet, and implemented if either or both conditions are met;

      1. The cabal has destroyed itself,
      2. The mob wakes up and protests en masse.

This measure has been taken because no war will be tolerated on planet Earth.

If the mass protests of now continue, the breakthrough by the end of next month March is a real possibility. This will be the first major step for the liberation of planet Earth, after which many more will follow.

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The Light

Until the vast majority has awakened and stood up against the great injustice their government has done to them, the final breakthrough cannot happen. Remember; to ensure long-term peace, our freedom must be fought for from below.


Planet Earth is transforming into another world with real reality that is gradually revealing itself. It is imperative that humanity rise up en masse and set course for the Light now visible at the end of the tunnel and not be diverted from its course.


Even though it seems that there is no way out of our current situation, where the Dark Powers seemingly still have the upper hand, the reality is clearly different. Their battle for planet Earth is definitely lost we have won!


The energy for the final step in the breakthrough is now building up with protests by the people against governments. On a day no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the total extent of all lies will come to light and be seen by the masses.


They will discover that they have been grandiosely conned by their own rulers.


Trust your common sense, do your own research, and never listen to internet Truthtellers that have no idea what they are talking about, and most of the time are cabal sponsored!


The Purpose of Life is Consciousness

The Deep State’s mission to every government, always and everywhere, is to enable the few to exploit the many. The debt money system is a clever way to achieve this. The modern world of Industry, Trade and Investment, operates on win-win software. Only government with its battles, wars, tax levies, and ‘you can’t do that’ rules and prohibitions, continues to operate on prehistoric programming.


That is; pluck the population bare as much as possible, without them rebelling.


As long as the unconscious does not become conscious, it will control lives and you call it your destiny. – Carl Jung


If planet Earth introduces the new Matrix system, based on four main factors: Environment, Health, Food and Happiness, many jobs will be created to naturally restore and improve our world.


Use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.

Said Adolf Hitler


When people wake up and realise that the purpose of life is different from what it has been so far, with applied government policies, stripping citizens to the bone, is not even understood that these policies can ever have any positive effect!


Be happy with your common sense, forget about the corrupt government because it will be removed.


Some say money buys happiness, but money only buys material things.


Real wealth comes from within e.g. by using real money, making real things and providing services, which is opposite to debt.


This needs no further explanation. Everyone, accepts a gold coin as it is. With no backstory or balance sheet statement. This is how real money works: it closes transactions. You accept payment and the account is settled.


The Deep State that cleverly manipulates us and has enslaved us through the money system cares less and less whether or not we accept their carefully cultivated 5-senses 3D fake reality, which is pure illusion in this world theatre.


The slavers care less and less about the fact that in this theatre of illusion, the audience is discovering the holes of the disintegrating scenery that was once seen as real.


The house of cards is collapsing. As a result, more and more people see the strings that direct the government puppets, these are the supposedly elected politicians; the awake also now see how the puppeteers pull the strings, they are no longer hidden in the shadows as before.


Everything that comes to us, is at the right time and moment; this is Cosmic Intelligence directing all movements in the infinite Universe.


From a cloud in our atmosphere to the movement of the Galaxy, is a perfect structure, permanently ordering and harmonising. Otherwise, billions of planets and stars could not follow their orbits without colliding with each other.



Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, explains below, how humanity came to be on Earth.






When the soul’s ascension process is complete, consciousness will also mature within the right dimensional range. At this turning point, the soul will truly know who it is. The soul’s entire history will be revealed, from its first incarnation on planet Earth, and also long before that, when it was on other worlds, in other Star Realms.

You are not of this world; you came to this world. You are much more than you think you are. You are a seed from the Creator Source. And as such, you can also create the same things as the Creator.


From the logic in which a tree produces seeds, they spread in all directions and multiply, creating other identical trees and therefore even more trees from the same seeds.


It is no different at the origin of Creation in Source where everything is available. There is one single complete consciousness, which we can call God. He is not an entity as we believe or have been taught to believe. Rather, He is the Tree of Life, which produces light and this LIGHT reproduces itself across planets, stars, Galaxies, Universes, Multi versa and every form of life effected in every star sphere.


Creation never stops. When a Seed is created in this Source, Light spreads through it in different forms, but always in the same consciousness, forming a Monad. In turn, the Monad is divided into 12 Super souls, and each of them is also divided into 12, forming groups of 144, but still in the form of Super souls.


Because the Source Seed carries very potent atomic energy, it is also called the Divine Seed Atom. As a result, the Supersouls split into Souls in order to create on worlds far from the Galactic Central Suns, which are nothing but mirrors of the intense Light from the Cosmic Central Sun.


Finally, at the edge of these galaxies, the frequency is so low that even in the practical absence of Light, no Soul is needed to create there. So it splits into Fractals. Which makes you one of these Fractals.


The soul’s Fractal is a small part of the larger consciousness that constitutes your Monad. Remember that Source is The Consciousness, which creates everything, and which we meaningfully call God, and so nothing else could be more meaningful, in other words God means the sum of all consciousnesses, whether it is a Monad or its collective.


Planet Earth is actually a School for Souls. Being in the Orion Arm, at the edge of the Galaxy, its light is not very intense. This meant that Earth’s frequency was in a range known as Third Dimension.


So the soul fractals came here with a small part of their Monadic consciousness, enough to experience and create despite limitation imposed on the soul large.

As it begins its long journey in the near absence of Light and consciousness, the Fractal forgets who it is, where it came from and what it came here to do.


In each incarnation, the Fractal lives as if it were its only material life, because the lessons for it are different from previous incarnations. It lives under the conditions of a World of trials and reconciliations, in other words, subject to the Laws of Action and Reaction.


The reason why the Fractal sequentially incarnates and dis-incarnates is because of its need to evolve. While it incarnates, the Fractal has no memory of itself.


So, when it dis-incarnates, it goes to a higher Dimension, in other words, to the Fourth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension allows the Fractal to regain some of its consciousness, enough to remember past lives, to make a self-assessment of the evolution in question, and to know more about the near future. By creating a Soul Plan, this is the fastest way to adjust to ascension.


All your experiences as a Fractal are felt in your emotional body. This feeling registers the impressions that go with you as soul baggage, and at the same time they are transmitted in real time to all your higher soul versions, and eventually they also reach the Source directly, where everything is ONE.


Thus, all consciousnesses created at Source receive the knowledge experienced by other souls in the infinite Cosmos. This makes it possible to diversify and ceaselessly renew not only the knowledge, but also the input. This is the reason behind the statement that creation never ends.


You are a seed of the Source. And if the Source is God, you don’t need to outsource this connection. You have never been disconnected from it, even if you don’t know it. You are simply completing your apprenticeship, learning what it is like to create in the near absence of Light.

As a Divine Seed Atom, you are a Spark of Divine Light


And as such, with this spark of Light, you have come here to learn how to create in the Shadow, when you are still this faint little light.


All Fractals knew before they first incarnated in a World of Trials and Reconciliations that they would have all the support they needed. They knew that one day they would all be reintegrated into their higher versions of souls, and that many helpers would assist them on this journey, whether it was their higher selves or other souls from higher dimensions. This support is constant, but depends on each individual. Free will is always respected, in all circumstances.


If you are a seed, you definitely carry the DNA of your cosmic origin. From everything created in Source, you can co-create here, even if it is under different circumstances and at a modified frequency. There are some quotes attributed to Creator Mor, including this famous phrase:


“Go forth and multiply and create worlds, stars, galaxies and Universes”.


This confirms to us that as far as we allow, everything is available to us. Be open! Allow yourself to co-create. You can do much more than you think! You can multiply loaves and fishes! You can turn water into wine. You can heal others and yourself. You can replicate anything. You can turn Light into material things. You just don’t know how to do that yet, but you will learn that sooner than you think.


Start working on your new consciousness, because now the Light is intensifying and it will expand your consciousness quickly. We are at the end of the Planetary Transition.


You are the Seed from the Creator Source.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!