Issue 7/7


The term Judeo-Christian is used to conflate Christianity and Judaism, either in reference to the fact that Christianity is derived from Judaism, and or the fact that Christianity recognises Jewish writings as the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, based on facts that the two religions are supposed to share.



Divide and Conquer

When Christianity arrived in Slavic lands, it was an ideology very different from what Christ preached. The dark forces that controlled the material world gradually corrupted, distorted and annexed its teachings, just as they have done with all other religions of the world, and in the message of compassionate loving co-existence, the dark Chthonic force planted the seedlings of greed, selfishness, mutual division, great social inequality and endless power struggles.


Judeo-Christianity, and the pseudo-Christianity of the Catholic Church, through violent Christianisation around the world, killed millions of spiritually minded pagans who cherished true Christian ideals, unlike their “Christian spiritual teachers”.


They were given a choice:


  • either they gave up their ancestral faith,
  • or they put their heads on the chopping block and gave all their possessions to the church.


Thus, after carrying out the death penalty, all possessions were forfeited to the church. Practising “pagan customs”, such as visiting holy groves, these were cut down and burnt everywhere at the insistence of missionaries.


In this way, the church gradually spread fear, increased its political influence and amassed enormous wealth. They destroyed, killed and burned the purest creatures, because these were their real adversaries.


A contrarian, the mandated “servants” of the Church secretly sought, perverted and slavishly obedient people, so that they shared the same philosophy of life – “the end justifies the means”.


It should be mentioned that those who still associate their spiritual life with the ideology of Judeo-Christianity and listen to the hidden propaganda of the dark forces, despite everything the Catholic Church says about this, undermine themselves with a huge karmic burden accumulated by the Catholic Church over the centuries. In their ignorance, they associate themselves with hidden evil, in both cases whether practising “clergy” or “ordinary believers”.


The cosmic parasite slowly scarred the camaraderie of Vedic culture, with the help of man-made disasters and renegade traitors, gradually infiltrating the entire society with “parasitic” beliefs and control programmes introduced by so-called religions.


This introduced the destructive philosophy of:


“Divide and Rule”.


Under the implementation of monarchical ruling family lines on Earth, who became the disseminators of these interests to contribute to the disintegration of the originally united, ethical and spiritually highly developed Vedic society.


Initially, these forces targeted the centre of Europe to establish a base for their future subversive expansion. As part of a preconceived strategy, an empire was founded to which a Luxembourg family was “installed” at the head of this entity.


Charles IV became emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1355. However, this historic event was preceded by many events about which official history is deliberately silent.


In support of this plan, an apocalyptic catastrophe took place in 1342, viz. the Great Flood. All indications are that this deluge was caused by a cosmic parasite using advanced technology.


Its aim was to use the elements, in order to weaken the cohesion of the original state, for the benefit of the first phase that was the conquest of Central Europe.


This area was easier to occupy as a result of this “natural disaster”. When this period is properly analysed, it runs through opaque thickets of very sophisticated and consistent manipulations of our real history.


The truth about Cyril and Methodius

The Saints Cyril born Constantine, 826-869 and Methodius 815-885 were brothers, known as the “Apostles to the Slavs“.


It is necessary to ruin the manufactured myth of Cyril and Methodius, they are said to have brought us the written language. But this was exactly the opposite of what the manipulated history tells us. They did not create an alphabet for us, but unfortunately degraded the more perfect alphabetic system used before their arrival.


he original Old Slavic Buccaneer script had 49 characters and described not only the actual, linguistic essence of an expression, but also its figurative component.


Beyond that, these individual characters resonated with frequency vibrations and sounds that especially activated the last two chakras of the 9-chakra system, which are important for connection with our Spirit and development of higher consciousness.


The words of this language literally evoked images in the mind with resulting harmonising sound and also had a positive effect on health.


Cyril and Methodius were the first to start systematically erasing our original writing. In particular, they threw out all signs that could not be pronounced but had the ability to tune into the right higher frequencies. Today, even “official linguists” admit that our original language was much better than the one imposed on us by the oracles.


At first, they confused the indigenous ancient faith with a foreign religion – namely the Judeo-Christian faith. The preachers – missionaries – forced the Slavs to renounce their native gods in favour of a foreign God.


They simplified ancient Bukovica beyond recognition. They removed the most important letters, which were bearers of high spirituality, imagery, power of expression and a powerful means of connecting people to higher consciousness.


All this was done under the “noble” pretext of developing and “perfecting” speech. It had the same effect as treating headaches by lobotomy. This deprived the children of the Great Race of the ability to think figuratively and creatively and connect with their natural divinity.



The basis of Slavism is not the principle of the trinity, as with the Christians, but the principle of the Swastika: Body, Soul, Spirit and Consciousness, depicted as a harmonious unity by the symbol of the Swastika.


This symbol was also taken from the Slavs and made unrecognisable as the swastika used by the Nazis.


Many Slavic parents were murdered and the surviving children were given a new faith, the faith of the nation of Israel, which was planted in their heads. Reverence for our great Slavic ancestors became a serious crime and replaced by bowing to the idols of Israel, which became the great virtue.


To maximise people’s ignorance and oblivion, White became Black and Black was called White. Similarly, the Dark Forces gradually destroyed, burnt or hid all deeply rooted sources of the true information and higher sacred knowledge far underground.


This knowledge survived the Sumerian Library in Babylon, the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, the precious papyri in Memphis. The Etruscan Library in Rome, the Temple in Athens, the vast libraries of Yaroslavl’s the Wise and Ivan the Terrible.


They destroyed, burned, hid everything that might remind of the glorious history of the Slavs and their heritage. They succeeded in introducing the propaganda of soullessness and degrading the White Race by mixing their blood with other races, which was severely forbidden according to the Slavs’ beliefs.


Similarly, the dark forces in both the former Soviet Union and the US were controlled and led by the same parasitic power. In Slavic territory, Mixed marriages were encouraged with the aim of decimating the Slavic population, which is now also being pursued within the European Union.


Clearly, at the highest level, cabal figures all serve the same agenda and power.


Fortunately, not all the seeds of reason sown in the White Water have been lost. The Slavs have not been eradicated and absorbed into the grey mass of Christianity, nor into the red mass of USSR communism, nor even into the shapeless sauce of Western “market capitalism”.


The Veda has preserved for us the ancient doctrine – RACISM. This teaching speaks of the duty of every human RAS to preserve the heritage of their ancestors. It tells that it is impermissible to impose the ancestral teachings of one Race on another.


To impose the worldview of one human race on another is to impede their natural evolutionary development, which is a great offence from the standpoint of Cosmic Knowledge, and such disturbances come with a severe karmic punishment.


Karma is something so serious that even demons fear it. Through ignorance of man, evil is often done, and it is ignorance that is the gravest sin according to the Veda, as it is the cause of all other wrong decisions.


The good news is that humanity’s collective karma has already been fulfilled and the ancient knowledge is now returning to us and we have the opportunity to evolve to move forward to recover the true heritage of our ancestors.


To better understand how carelessness and false faith led humanity to the situation we live in today, this series of seven episodes, based on ancient historical facts, is worth pondering and re-reading.