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The true history of mankind

The Pléiadiens often tell informative stories to take you to higher levels of consciousness.

This time they tell us the great story of the true past of humanity. There is a common story, but here at last is the true and complete story. To tell the truth and the full story is the reason why they came to Earth.

Many magnificent and advanced civilisations inhabited the Earth in prehistoric times. Most of these civilisations were humanoid, but not one of these ancient human races originated on Earth. Today, the wisdom keepers of every culture on Earth tell the same story about their ancestors who came to Earth from the stars.

Millions of years ago, small groups of 5D star people migrated to Earth. These first star travellers to Earth are known as the Pre-Adamites. They are imposing beings known as the Lemurians and Atlanteans from prehistoric times, advanced humanoid beings from the Pleiades and eventually from the Lyra star system.

These first humanoids to come to Earth were Earth’s original Terraformers. They introduced advanced humanoids, the ancestors of Erectus and Neanderthals, who were later evolved by the Anunnaki into modern Homo Sapiens.

These original advanced Terraformers and world planners left Earth millions of years ago at different times for different reasons and returned to their 5th dimension.



5th dimensional humanoid race

These creatures of the stars are a 5th dimensional humanoid race with advanced knowledge, skills and technology. They can live for tens of thousands of years in their physical bodies. The telomeres in their DNA never degrade, allowing body cells to copy and reproduce forever. They achieve longevity by drinking the Wine of Life, fused with their own stem cells, and eating the Bread of Life, white Monatomic gold powder cakes.


Some aliens helped genetically engineer the human race, while the Anunnaki later crippled human genetics by severing 10 of our 12 DNA strands, making humanity their slaves.


The severed strands have been described by mainstream scientists as junk DNA. So, in effect, we lost almost all, or at least most, of our abilities and were genetically re-tuned to produce more slaves, functioning and existing only on our two remaining strands of DNA.


When all of our 12 strands of DNA are finally restored, we have truly amazing abilities. We will once again be able to use 100% of our brains according to the original Divine design.


In contrast, at present the majority of people are only able to access and use twelve percent of their brains.


Certain, aliens would love to have our DNA with our creative and adaptive abilities. They envy us for the God Spark we all have, which makes us in spirit immortal. As the Bible says, we are made in the image of our Creator God. When Jesus performed miracles, He said “and you can do these things too”, suggesting that humanity could do these things before the Anunnaki enslaved us by severing 10 of our 12 DNA strands.


This is why the cabal put fluoride in our drinking water to calcify the pineal gland in the brain in order to destroy our psychic abilities. We have been living a lie, forced into a ‘belief system’.


When we learn the truth about our heritage, we move into a ‘Knowledge System’, set in motion by the coming revelations.


Inter-dimensional magic defying knowledge and science

Another question to be answered: how can extraterrestrials, and by the same token, physical spaceships, change shape, as has been observed many times by various spotter experts? These extraterrestrials seem to be using inter-dimensional magic that obviously defies our current knowledge and science. They can disappear before our very eyes, using interdimensional portals where they hide in parallel dimensions, undetectable to our eyes, like radio stations on different wavelengths.


The reactivation of twelve strands of DNA is possible once our planet passes through the photon belt. Question: what can we expect and how does it work?


These ten additional strands are said to have a higher purpose, to intercede the ability of multidimensional consciousness during the natural spiritual state. The ability, to awaken multidimensional consciousness and parapsychological abilities, as it leads to the development of a second neural network which is ethereal in nature.


This second neural network allows us to live in several dimensions at once. We can hear, see and communicate with others in these dimensions. 10 deactivated strands of DNA cause a feeling of isolation from Oneness and staying at a low level of consciousness, a low energy vibration.


DNA reactivation involves 9 successive levels, each requiring emotional cleansing and spiritual growth. Activation means turning on 44 DNA codes that were previously inactive. The process of gradually activating the DNA takes place on the etheric level, in the area of the human luminous body, specifically in the crown chakra.


As DNA is holographic, it can be altered, connected and activated even durin  g life.


The reactivation of the 12 strands of DNA takes place in three steps:


  1. Activation of the crown chakra. You will feel this as an itch or pressure in the crown chakra. It is not the same as an itchy scalp.
  2. Activation of the connection to the source, the higher self.
  3. Activating the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a universal translator, it receives and transmits from the Law as frequency thought forms, in a universal language.


The progress of activation on a person’s DNA can be seen by a photograph of their aura and by the state of their spiritual body in which stagnant emotional or other destructive energy disappears.


DNA activation has been projected as a spontaneous process that the entire planet is undergoing, including animals.


Our entire solar system and the Milky Way galaxy have now entered a highly charged part of the universe. We are in the photon belt (menseric radiation) with periods of intense light. We entered it in the late 1990s and will remain here for another 2,000 years. During this remarkable time, the energies of the Photon Belt are initiating a complete transformation of life on Earth.


Photon Light Energy has the ability to lift all life on Earth into a higher frequency dimension. Our body structures are slowly realigning to match these rising frequencies.


We are now moving from a three dimensional body – corresponding to the atomic frequency and spin of carbon – to a five dimensional or higher crystalline body, called Light body. One that corresponds to the atomic frequency and spin of crystal.


The bodies of animals, plants and everything on and in the earth, as well as our entire galaxy, are also going through the same process.


As the process of rebuilding the Light bodies continues, we will slowly begin to notice that we are becoming more conscious and multidimensional. When all 12 strands of DNA are finally fully activated, we will experience life in constant awareness of multidimensionality.


At this level of consciousness we would be able to live in the third dimension while maintaining our connections and relationships with beings in the higher realms. We will no longer be cut off from other dimensions as we are still today, but will operate in a state of compassion and unconditional love.


At present, most people have two active strands of DNA, represented by an intertwined double helix. Some individuals have already developed and integrated three or more extra strands of DNA, and a large number of new born children (Crystal Children) have many strands of DNA already active since their birth.

Each of the twelve strands of DNA represents one of the twelve aspects of multidimensional consciousness.


Three strands of DNA represent and govern the physical body, another three deal with the emotional body, further three deal with the mental body and the remaining three with the spiritual body.

All these aspects are represented in our body and have their own energy and nerve pathways. They are connected and nourished by the body’s endocrine system. These glands work in conjunction with the energy centres (chakras) in our body.


When all the nerve pathways work effectively with the chakra system, they provide access to the higher realms, leading to the knowledge of multidimensional consciousness.


Our DNA – upgrade

Many people who have had a near-death experience come back with three, four or even five strands of DNA. In Australia a man who had been dead for an hour and 45 minutes woke up in the morgue and when they examined him he had six strands of DNA.


Nothing they taught us is true, they told us nothing at all about who we really are. The body is the physical form that is the holographic imprint of the soul. When the soul joins the body at conception it creates a hologram and that is who we are.


We are remarkable spiritual beings stuck in a really evil system and everyone is beginning to realise this. We see a lot of contradictions now, we see what we don’t want, that’s one thing, but we have to work on what we do want, that’s our real work now.


  • If you don’t want a new world order,
  • if you don’t want a medical mafia,
  • if you don’t want a global government,
  • if you don’t want any of that


then you have to decide what you want and you have to start focusing on that because you are the powerful creators. You really are.


We can’t create dimensions but we can create realities. You should know that you can create whatever you want. We have been abused by our ignorance and enslaved by a belief system that has limited our thinking.


If you take away all the technology that we use on the planet today and just focus on the psychology of civilisation, we are stuck in most cases at the level of the Middle Ages, which is the way we think, the way we treat each other, the way we see each other.


We are governed by governmental structures and other kinds of structures that control and manipulate humanity. All of this is done deliberately and intentionally to keep us down, to keep us oppressed, to keep us divided.


So those of you who follow the Schumann Resonance know that for 10,000 years it was 7.85 MHz and now the new norm is 23 to 28 MHz and it is not uncommon for it to peak above 200 MHz . Whereas, 40 MHz the entry norm is for the 5th Dimension.


And whenever that peak occurs, our DNA, which acts as an antenna, begins to expand, then it contracts again, but whenever it reaches that peak, we learn to hold more light within us. And the more light and frequency we can hold, the more pressure is put on our DNA and that expands as well.


So everybody, whether you realise it or not, you are ascending, even if you don’t believe it, your body is ascending because the Earth is ascending. The Earth is expanding, open out, it is not collapsing, it is growing to support more people. The Earth is not finished with us, we are not its enemies, we are not a virus, a virus is a parasitic alien being to the Earth.


Note: Many healthy new born children today are already being prepared for the 5D world, another well-kept secret.



To be continued

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Many will ask when? If the protests of farmers, truckers, citizens, taxi drivers and others active today continue to manifest worldwide, the breakthrough will come at the end of this March.