Our real history provides more information about where we have arrived and are going as humans than the so-promoted future which is fake, phony and false. FWC tries to educate readers with reliable historical facts. Without this knowledge, ascension is virtually impossible.


The Great Flood

Solar System

Earth is Only a Synonym for the Word Planet

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The Great Flood

About 13,000 years ago, the great flood occurred as a result of cosmic forces and the setting of the moon Fatta. At the same time, the tilt of the Earth’s axis changed. These events dramatically changed ocean and sea levels, as well as the geography of continents and climatic conditions on Earth.


According to ancient texts, the seas rose so much that the tidal wave orbited the earth three times. The same information is also given in the oldest Sumerian texts, which speak of three circulations of ocean water around the earth. When the waters receded and the agitated earth calmed down, the earth looked very different.


A permanent ice cap formed at the North Pole and the continents changed shape. Over time, the four peoples of the white races who lived on Hyperborea had to migrate to lower warmer places. Thus, the Praslans also reached across Asia and the area of what is now India, where much wisdom, writing and knowledge was passed on to local inhabitants, which are now known as the Vedas.


Our distant ancestors had much more accurate information about our solar system, and even the galaxy, than we have today.


The solar system

In particular, they knew the history and structure of our solar system very well. They knew the composition of our solar system, called Jari-Sun. Our planet was called Midgard-Earth. The only name left today is Earth. Other planets also had other names: Mercury – Earth Chors, Venus – Earth Merzana, Mars – Earth Orea, Jupiter – Earth Perun, Saturn – Earth Stribog, Asteroid Chiron – Earth Indra, Uranus – Earth Varuna, Neptune – Earth Niya and Earth Wiya for Pluto.


Between Mars and Jupiter, there used to be another big planet called Faeton, which was destroyed more than 153 thousand years ago. Now an asteroid belt has replaced it.


The Vedic, Old Slavic and Indian texts Mahabharata, Rig-Veda and Ramayana describe extraordinary ancient flying ships that look much like modern UFOs. Some resembled glowing orbs of light. Others resembled glowing orbs or were shaped like a glowing saucer. According to the texts of Vimanik Shastra, written in the 14th century BC, by Bharadwaj the Wise and discovered in the Indian temple in 1875, these vessels could move “in an instant”.


The ancient Slavic-Aryan runic chronicles show that a constant battle prevailed in our Universe between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness, which unfolded in the hellish, demonic world of today. In the distant past, many wars were fought in the Galaxy.


Our Midgard earth is right on the border separating the central part of the Galaxy, which is more conducive to life, than on the periphery, where natural resources and especially energy – inglia – are scarce. All these energy shortages are clearly visible on our planet: at the poles there is cold and ice, at the equator it is too hot and there are deserts, in the middle latitudes there are glaciers, which due to the precession of the Earth because of the tilt of the Earth’s axis, appeared periodically over a period of 25 920 years, forcing people and animals to constantly migrate to more favourable areas.


People have to stockpile food and firewood for winter and often “compete” to secure favourable abodes, for timber, oil, coal, gas. This struggle for resources has often ended in conflict and war. The ancient Vedas tell us that there are many worlds in the Universe, both at our vibrational level and at other levels, with very subtle differences. The transition of a living intelligent being from one world to a subtler world is possible only with the loss of the physical body and beyond that only through development of ever higher spirituality.


Earth is Only a Synonym for the Word Planet

According to the ancient Vedas, the ancestors of modern man of the White Race were the first to inhabit Earth; they were Aryan peoples of the Da’ari and the S’ari and Slavic peoples of the Sviatorus and Rasen. They came to planet Earth from the nearest four related galaxies in large and small spaceships called vimans and vajtmars.


At the time of the first settlers, Earth looked very different from today’s structure with continents. At the North Pole was a continent that our ancestors called “Daariya” (Hyperborea). The climate there was warm, as evidenced by the remains of ancient subtropical plants on islands in the Arctic Ocean; similar finds were also made in Antarctica.


The first settlers gave our planet its name – Midgard. The term used today – “Earth” is just a synonym for the word “planet”. Our sun had the name “Jarilo”.


The first landing on Midgard Earth took place about 460,000 years ago. They were Da’Aryans from the Tara (Polaris) star system of the constellation Little Bear. Their land was called “Rai” and a part in Hyperborea (Daaria) was named after them. The Da’Aryans had grey eyes and light brown or almost whitish hair and had blood type 1. Their height initially ranged from 175 cm to 290 cm. Their descendants include Siberian Russians, Germans from the northwest, Danes, Dutch, Flemish, Latvians and Lithuanians.


According to ancient texts, green-eyed X’Aryans arrived on Midgard-Earth 272,000 years ago from the constellation Orion, from their ancestral home, Earth-Troara. They settled on the northern landmass and called it “h’Arra”. They had blood group 1 and their height ranged from 180 cm to 260 cm. Their hair was light brown. Their descendants are: the East Russians, the Northeast Prussians, the Scandinavians (Finns, Swedes), the Anglo-Saxons, the Normans, the Gauls, the Icelanders (Belovod Russians).


From the constellation Great Bear came 212,000 years ago the Slavic peoples of Svyatorus, who also called themselves “Sva-Ga”, as well as the area they inhabited in Hyperborea. Their home is in the solar system Arcoln on Rutta Earth. Their height ranged from 155 to 199 cm and they had blood group 1 or 2. Their hair colour varied from white to light brown. The colour of their eyes varied from sky colour to bright blue. The following peoples belong to this genus: North Russians, White Russians, Borussians, East Prussians, Serbs, Croats, Irish, Scots, Assyrians, Macedonians.


The last, who arrived in Midgard lands 186,000 years ago, were the Slavic clans of Rases, who settled in a part of Hyperborea, opposite the Land of Swaga, formerly occupied by the Svyatorus, who were called “Tule” because their eyes were fiery (“Tul” is old “Fire”). They came from the Sun-Dazhdbog system of Ingard-land. from the constellation Leo. This star is known in modern astronomy as Beta Leo or Denebola.


Their height ranged from 165 cm to 185 cm. Their eyes were fiery brown and their hair was dark brown. They included: the Italians, Etruscans (Russians), Dacians (Moldavians), Samaritans, Syrians, Thracians, Franks, Goths, Albanians, and Avars.


Studies of ancient documents have shown that our ancestors came to Midgard Earth from at least two places because life on their Earth had been destroyed. This applies to the X’Aryan tribe of Troara and the Svyatorus of Rutta.


According to ancient sources, on these planets, only 15-metre-thick ashes of fires remained as a result of cosmic wars. The Da’Aryans were also migrants and their ship, which was damaged, was forced to land on our planet because they were closest to Earth at the time of the accident.


It gets even more exciting, continuation in part 3



For your consideration

Judge for yourself, are such structures possible for a civilisation that recently emerged from the Stone Age? As we were being told!


This ancient Temple in India is truly one of the wonders of the world. The entire temple is carved from top to bottom from massive basalt rock.


Archaeologists have confirmed that over 400,000 tonnes of rock had to be carved and removed for the construction of this temple alone, presumably using simple hammers and chisels for the purpose of perfect precision. It is an absolute work of art.


Even with our modern technology, this Kailasa temple is extremely difficult to recreate. It is one of the most mysterious places on earth that turns mainstream history on its head!


Start asking questions! Remember that the mudslides of less than 500 years ago deliberately destroyed many cultural and architectural wonders because we are not allowed to know our past history, we were deliberately put back into prehistoric times after first disconnecting ten of our twelve DNA strands!!!


World’s largest Hindu temple: this could only happen in India

Travelling through the 10-kilometre-long corridors of Ranganatha swamy temple in Tamil Nadu, among towering Gobelins and spectacular Sculptures, you will find more than 600 ancient inscriptions carved on the walls. Take a deep dive into the rich cultural heritage of this huge temple that has been a centre of worship for centuries.